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Discover hidden revenue streams, detect piracy risks, and gain insights into SAM to enhance profitability and customer relationships. Learn how to leverage licensing compliance and protect your investments. Uncover new business opportunities and establish a positive engagement model with customers.

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  1. Well show you the money! - find hidden revenue from existing customers! Renee Gamble Director License Compliance and SAM

  2. 3,900 $1.9bn

  3. Piracy??? Under licensing Counterfeit Mislicensing Misversioning

  4. Protecting Your Bottom Line Education Engineering Enforcement

  5. Are your customers at risk?

  6. What is SAM?

  7. Benefits to the Customer Avoid Unplanned Costs Avoid Risk Manage Technological Change Save Money Greater understanding of MS Licensing

  8. How do we do SAM at MS?

  9. A Balanced Equation Avoid future non- compliance Customers paying for Microsoft IP Adoption of SAM Education programme Identify counterfeits Generate incremental revenue + sustainable growth Revenue SAM Customers valuing their investment in Microsoft Establish positive relationships with customers CPE

  10. Engagement Model Customer Mid Market & SMB Enterprise Corporate Accounts Approach Direct SAM Direct SAM TeleSAM TeleSAM MS SAM Engagement Manager MS SAM Engagement Manager MS TeleSAM Engagement Leads Lead Accordo SAM Partner iComply + SmartPath Partner Leverage SAM Partner KPMG

  11. Benefits to You! Receive Repeat Business Uncover New Business Trusted advisor to your customers Improve Profitability

  12. Get Started Talk to customers about compliance from Day 1 Persist when you don t get the full picture Onus is on the customer Have the conversation every 6 months Use licensing and compliance as your value-add Use your licensing knowledge to drive solution selling Sell inventory & SAM tools to help customers

  13. Go After the Opportunity Microsoft TeleSAM can Position You as a Trusted Advisor Provide the Necessary Pressure for Complacent Customers Provide a Baseline for You to Sell More

  14. Common SMB Pitfalls

  15. Final Checklist Help your customers understand their licensing responsibilities Know the common pitfalls and target opportunities Leverage MS resources and tools Attain the MPN SAM Competency Maximise the opportunity with MS Financing, GGWA, Open Value

  16. THANK YOU R enee G amble Director Licensing, Compliance and SAM Microsoft Pty Ltd DID: 61 2 9870 2126 Mobile: 0459 157 121 Email: R enee G amble


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