Prevent Identity Theft: Tips and Actions

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Understand identity theft, learn how to protect against it by safeguarding your information and spotting signs early on, and know the steps to take if it happens to you. Start a conversation and report any fraud promptly. Get informed at

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  2. Identity Theft

  3. What is identity theft, and how can it hurt you? Someone uses your personal or financial information without your permission to buy things with your credit cards open new accounts (credit cards, loans) to get medical care using your benefits

  4. How to protect against identity theft Protect your Social Security number Shred documents before discarding Use strong passwords online

  5. How to spot identity theft Read account statements and bills Read explanations of medical benefits Keep track of bills and mail

  6. How to spot identity theft Get and review your credit reports Go to Or call 1-877-322-8228

  7. What to do if identity theft happens Contact business where charges were made or accounts were opened. Place a fraud alert on your credit reports Get your credit reports Report at and get a personalized recovery plan.

  8. Start a conversation Share what you know, your strategies and ideas Get more information at

  9. Report it 1-877-FTC-HELP

  10. Thank you! Questions?