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The Archer Football Program is committed to providing the necessary support for players to excel academically, athletically, and personally. Our mission is to prepare students to graduate high school with excellent grades and test scores, while also reaching their full athletic potential. Through a culture of excellence and character-building, we aim to prepare our players for success on and off the field. Join us in our pursuit of a State Championship in 2023! #MAKEEMBELIEVE

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  2. Archer Football

  3. Archer Football Mission Statement Academics We will provide the proper support for each player to become a successful student and help them graduate high school with excellent grades and test scores that will allow them to go to college to earn a degree. Athletics We will help each player reach their full athletic potential through strength training, speed & agility, and conditioning. We will prepare our players fundamentally to have the opportunity to win a championship. Character We will create a culture for all players to be successful. We will set a standard of excellence in everything we do. Our player s involvement in the program will help them learn how to be a champion on and off the field. We will prepare our players to understand the importance of being selfless and always doing the right thing. Future Our program will impact our players in a positive way and teach them the value of hard work, dedication, and discipline. Every player will leave Archer fully prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead.

  4. #MAKEEMBELIEVE As we enter the 2023 football season it is important that we all make a commitment to continue to the standard for the Archer Football Program. There is a big difference between being INTERESTED and being COMMITTED. I am excited about the culture we have established here at Archer with the returning football team that is young and hungry to pursue a State Championship in 2023. We are scheduled to be apart of the prime-time televised Corky Kell Classic in the schedule of games to start the season. Playing the schedule, we play draws attention to our players and creates great exposure to college coaches. I am committed to building a nationally recognized program here at Archer, and to reach that goal it will take an incredible amount of work and dedication from everyone. Now it s time to set the standard and bring a Championship to Archer High School. I am excited for the 2023 football season and the future of our football program. It s a great day to be a Tiger!

  5. Building a championship program My core belief in building a winning program is to establish a team that is willing to compete harder than any of its opponents. I believe that we can accomplish this by improving the program in every phase. The process is where we define our team and determine who is committed to building a championship outcome. The process is my vision, belief, and philosophy in building a championship program.

  6. Archer Weight Program Dec 23

  7. FOOTBALL WEIGHT TRAINING CLASS All 9thgraders take 1st period weight training All 9thgraders sign up for Health/Personal Fitness course this summer 10-12thgrade takes 3rdperiod weight training

  8. The Coaching Staff Essential to have coaches who are visible and accessible to students in the school Coaches in the building are capable of building trusting relationships. Assist to promote and recruit Archer High School Students for the football program. Encourage players for retention, and readily available to address players who are struggling (personal situation, academics). Communication with other teachers to ensure academic excellence.

  9. The Coaching Staff Varsity Offense Offensive Coordinator/ Wide Receivers David Fleming Quarterbacks Dante Williams Offensive Line Duvall Braxton Running Backs - TBD Slot Receivers - TBD Tight Ends & Tackles Chandler Evans Support coaches Video Coordinator Equipment Coordinator Academic Coach College relations/Social media director Varsity Defense Defensive Coordinator / Safety Ryan Douglas Inside Linebackers Bryce Smith Outside Linebackers Nick Brown Cornerbacks TBD Rush ends TBD Defensive Line Sebastian Rice 9thGrade Staff Head Coach Keith Jannett Offensive Coordinator Connor Simms Defensive Coordinator Brian Wolfe Assistant Coach TBD

  10. Trainers & Protocol Chris Johnson Leanna Scoggin

  11. Rank One https://www.rankone.com/tutorials/Parent%20tutorial%20with%20an%20account.pdf DragonFly information WILL NOT / DOES NOT roll over to Rank One. All athletes / parents MUST complete online forms in Rank One and upload a valid sports physical.

  12. What Happens when My Child is Injured? Injuries that require removal from practice due to severity: An on-field evaluation performed Best available care provided either on field or in the Athletic Training Room Parents contacted: explanation of injury, action taken, and whether or not referral to M.D. recommended. Which Doctor should I go to: We strongly suggest that you see Nathan Jove M.D. 2400 Wisteria Dr. S.W. Suite A: Snellville, GA 30078 (770-985- 9330) Any doctor that is not in our Sports Medicine Circle is prohibited from conveying medical information due to HIPAA without a consent formed signed. Furthermore, Verbal clearance from a Doctor is not enough: written release will be required.

  13. Concussion Protocol Each Athlete their Freshman and Junior year will take the computer based IMPACT test to establish a concussion baseline. When a concussion is suspected the athlete is removed from practice and a SCAT 3 assessment is performed. If the athlete fails the test: Parents are contacted, Coaches are informed, and Administration is notified. Do s and Don ts Do s: allow plenty of rest, Dark Room, BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, Toast, School modification, Fish Oil. Don ts: anything with a screen, wake up every hour while sleeping, no unnecessary stimuli

  14. CHANGING THE CULTURE OF THE PROGRAM Building the program correctly will create a culture of importance and will create an atmosphere that attracts players within the Archer High School District. Building a successful football program will impact and influence the entire school, coaches, players, faculty, student body, and community that support Archer High School.

  15. Players Everyone in the program has a Role, Responsibility, and Opportunity to directly impact the success of the team. I believe the process of winning is directly correlated to the character of the team. As a coach I will work to shrink the gap between the top and bottom level performers. The goal is for every player to be fully invested in the process. Role their job or position ; ownership Responsibility to the school, family, program, and community. Opportunity a chance every day to make an impact.

  16. Archer Varsity Football Attendance Policy *You are expected to be on time and attend all practices and team functions* First missed practice/function= Make up conditioning and reminder Second missed practice/function= Make up conditioning, reminder, and call home to parents Third missed practice/function= May be released from team Organize your priorities 1. 2. 3. Family School Football -There is no reason to fall behind in school. -A 2.0 GPA is a very reasonable requirement -If you can t stay organized and on task you may lose the privilege of being on this team. - A missed practice during the week for any reason may prevent you from participating in that week s contest. -Excused missed practice= Family emergency, medical, prior approval from Head Coach. -Unexcused missed practice= dentist appointment, finishing homework, baby-sitting, detentions. *If your parents hold you out of practice because you were not accountable to their rules (chores, disrespectful, etc); the penalty will be doubled and the second time you will be removed from the team. Tear off and return I have read and understand, and agree to the attendance policy Printed Name______________________________ Date_____________ Player Signature___________________ Parent Signature________________

  17. Winning is a habit Watch your thoughts they become your beliefs Watch your beliefs they become your words Watch your words they become your actions Watch your actions they become your habits Watch your habits they become your Character. - Vince Lombardi Winning

  18. Summer workouts will continue through June and July with the exception of two dead weeks (May 29-June 2, and July 3 July 9). Skilled players will have many opportunities to participate in 7vs.7 tournaments and camps throughout the summer. Linemen will also have opportunities to attend camps. 2023 Football - Off Season Schedule February February 1st- Signing day Celebration in Commons 2023 Offseason Schedule Feb 22 & 23: 2022 Football Registration for all grades 9-12 will be held in the Archer theater from 6:30pm-8pm. Parents are expected to attend with their son at Registration. March March 7: 8thgrade Youth workouts begin and will run Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:00pm. Must have uploaded physical and / Rank One to participate. $50 dollar Weight room maintenance fee (1 time) Red DAWN begins every Friday 5:45am! Double good popcorn fundraiser on 13th goal $500 / per player Leadership council has been appointed and presents with their selected team every Tuesday!

  19. 2023 Leadership Council Insert graphic

  20. April April 10: Power Hour lift after school 2:30-3:30pm M-W-F April 11: GFL Clinics begin every Tuesday and Thursday from 6- 7:30pm at the Field House. April Tiger Cards- Goal is to sell 3,000 cards. April 28: Tiger Card Phone a Thon and Pizza Night 6pm-7pm Archer Theater April 30: Equipment Pick Up Day at Archer Field House 2pm May May 1: Equipment Pick up day at Archer Field house 1pm May 3-May 18: Spring ball (spring game on the May 18th) May 18: Spring Game vs Collins Hill Eagles @ Archer May 20: Tiger Blitz, card sales end (cook out) May 29-June 3: First GHSA Dead Week.

  21. Equipment Pick up Day April 30th@ Field House 2pm How do get my equipment? 50% of Player dues MUST be paid 100% completely registered PLAYER WILL NOT RECIEVE EQUIPMENT IF THE ABOVE CRITERIA ISN T MET

  22. 2023 Spring Game Insert graphic

  23. SUMMER Summer workouts will continue through June and July with the exception of dead week (July 4- July 8). Skilled players will have many opportunities to participate in 7vs7 tournaments and camps throughout the summer. Linemen will also have opportunities to attend camps. From a planning and/or transportation perspective for players that are not of driving age, please consider carpooling with like position players. In many cases, skilled players may leave practice and head to a tournament and/or linemen may stay after to do additional lifting.

  24. June June 5: Summer workouts begin Monday-Thursday 7:00-11:30am. June 12 & 19: JV 7v7 vs Dacula June 12 Text a thon fundraiser June 13 : Corky Kell - GT 7v7 Tournament June 20: UGA 7v7 & Lineman camp June 23-24: Archer 7v7 Tournament June 27: Lassiter 7v7 Tournament June 26-29: Last week of June workouts Monday-Thursday 7:30-11am. June 29: Team padded camp at Central Gwinnett High School July July 3-7: Dead Week July 10: First Week back from summer break, resume regular workouts. July 18-19: North Gwinnett padded camp. July TBD: Friday light nights youth camp 6-9pm @ Archer High School July 22: Media Day (Team pictures, and seniors travel to local sponsors) July 23: Taste of Archer tickets issued out July 24-July 28: Mandatory acclamation period (All players must attend all 5 days)

  25. CONDITIONING TEST Starting July 31stour players who have made 90% of team activities will begin in my mandatory conditioning test. Each player will be required to perform 6 timed 200-yard sprints with a 1 min rest. The players who do not have 90% attendance will not be allowed to participate in the test and will begin a 2-week acclamation period with a conditioning test at the end of the 2ndweek. Below are the requirements for conditioningtest by positions. Offensive lineman 250+ must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 42 seconds Offensive lineman 250 and less must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 40 seconds Defensive lineman 250+ must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 40 seconds Defensive lineman 250 and less must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 38 seconds Linebackers and TE s must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 36 seconds Quarterbacks and Kickers must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 34 seconds Defensive backs must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 32 seconds Wide receivers must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 32 seconds Running backs must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 32 seconds 9thgrade lineman must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 42 seconds 9thgrade skilled players must make 6 timed 200 s with a 1-minute rest in under 36 seconds

  26. Booster Club A booster club is a vital part of any program. The title booster club defines its roll for our program. It is to boost our program or help us with the needs that our budget cannot provide. I believe it is important for the Head Football Coach to be an active member and always involved in the booster club.

  27. Role Head Coach Name Dante Williams Bryan Small Chadwick Alexander Allison Clark Michelle Hamby Shernita Spense Contact Info Dante.R.Williams@gcpsk12.org Booster Club Board of Directors President Vice President president@archertdclub.com vicepresident@archertdclub.com Secretary Treasurer secretary@archertdclub.com treasurer@archertdclub.com Registrar/Website registrar@archertdclub.com Events Chair / Moms Club Member at Large Member at Large Jennifer Do teammom@archertdclub.com

  28. PARENT INFORMATION Parent Involvement It takes an involved community and parents to make a successful program. We are reliant upon YOU to get involved to help make the Archer football program a Championship football team. As part of your commitment to making the Tigers successful, each family is required to serve a minimum of 2 volunteer spots during the regular season. Varsity parents are asked to serve during the JV/Freshman games on Thursday nights. There are various jobs including grilling, working in the concession stand, directing parking, chain gang, etc. JV and Freshman parents are asked to serve during the Varsity games on Friday nights. This could include grilling, working in the concession stand, chain gang, press box, etc.

  29. Interaction with Parents 48 Hour rule Use preventable measures to solve problems before asking for meeting. Protocol for setting up meetings I am always available and willing to listen Understand that I will not negotiate on what position a player plays, and how much playing time.

  30. Uniforms Player equipment Weight room Field equipment Speed and training equipment Video equipment- Sky Coach Improved website, Links to social media Equipment and Facilities

  31. Daily Nutrition Provide our players with immediate quality Nutrition everyday Peanut butter sandwich & cup of chocolate milk Everyday after weight training football class Provide our players with quick snack before practice Chips Crackers Bar Ask that parents & families donate it will not go to waste TRUST ME!!! Chips, cracker, cookies, bars, popsicle Tuesday!

  32. Fundraising Opportunities One of the ways that the team earns money is through several fundraisers that occur throughout the year. They include: 1) Popcorn sale Winter (March) 2) Tiger cards Spring (April) 3) Text-A-Thon Early Summer (June) 4) Taste of Archer Late Summer (July) 5) Popcorn sale Fall (August)

  33. Sponsorship Incentives Sponsorships will be allowed to count / supplement towards player dues! 4 Sponsorship levels offered Fence, Big Board, Gameday Fieldhouse, Scoreboard However, these sponsors cannot already be on the list already obtained by Archer TD Football, corp. 5013c Please see list of sponsorships on our website!

  34. Registration ArcherTigersFootball.com 9thgrade player fees-$600 Varsity/JV player fees-$800 Payment plans available See calendar Incentives - pay dues in full/upfront March 3rd $50 discount ($550 / $750) Equipment pick up on April 30th 50% player dues up-to-date 100% registered on the website

  35. 8thGrade Workouts

  36. Outfitting an Archer Football Player Shoulder Pads-$450 Helmet-$400 Helmet Reconditioning-$80 Mouth Piece-$3 Game Jersey-$225 Helmet Decals-$12 Practice Jersey-$17 Practice Pants-$20 Game Pants-$130 Belts-$15 Knee Pads-$10 Workout Tee & Shorts-$30 Total Value: $1,392.00 Looking Good.........Priceless!

  37. New Edition Nike Elite Uniforms! Same cut worn by Bama, UGA, Clemson, Ohio State

  38. New Edition Pro Gear shoulder pads at Archer!

  39. Social Media Twitter - @ArcherTigersFB Facebook Archer High School Touchdown Club Instagram Archertigerfb Remind 9thgrade parents = @22ahs9fb / Varsity & JV parents = @22ahsvjvfb Website www.archertigersfootball.com

  40. Closing dante.r.williams@gcpsk12.org Tiger Town, I can't express how excited I am to be the Head Football Coach for this Tiger football program. I look forward to working and growing with our student-athletes, parents & families, and the Archer community to build upon the successes already experienced on the field and in the classroom. To lead these student-athletes for this program is a privilege of a lifetime, which I am incredible grateful for. The future is bright, and I'm looking forward to accomplishing great things with everyone involved in the Archer family! Thank you for your support, Coach Williams #MAKETHEMBELIEVE