Puerto Rico Registered Apprenticeship Program Success

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Explore the development and impact of the Puerto Rico Registered Apprenticeship Program from 2018 to 2023, including key initiatives, statistics, and partnerships. Learn how the program has grown and supported a wide range of apprentices in various industries.

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  2. OUR BEGINNINGS OUR BEGINNINGS In 2018, Puerto Rico started a joint venture with the U.S. Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration- Office of Apprenticeship (USDOL-ETA-OA), Region 1 Boston, to state an Office of Apprenticeship on the island. This office operates within the Workforce Development Program (PDL for the acronym in Spanish) of the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce. The PR Office of Apprenticeship has 1 Apprenticeship Lead and 2 Apprenticeship & Training Reps in training. The apprenticeship team provide technical assistance in the development of RAPs to employer s, non-profit organizations, a diverse training institutions to any possible stakeholder that comply to be a registered sponsor.

  3. PR Apprenticeship Team are PR Apprenticeship Team are Charles Mc Neil, Regional Deputy Director, State Director Mcneil.charles@dol.gov Christine Carreras-Amadeo, Apprenticeship Program Lead Christine.carreras@ddec.pr.gov Jessica Salda a-Torres, Apprenticeship and Training Representative Jessica.saldana@ddec.pr.gov Ivonne J. Santiago-Burgos, Apprenticeship and Training Representative Ivonne.santiago@ddevc.pr.gov

  4. Whats happened between 2018 to 2023 What s happened between 2018 to 2023 Seven Apprenticeship Accelerators events Three rounds of Apprenticeship workshops for 15 local boards One MOU with the PR Department of Education (PRDoE) to develop pre-apprenticeship initiatives One MOU with PRDoE and ASORE (non-profit) to develop pre-apprenticeship in culinary arts and restaurant management Over $15MM granted of WIOA funds for OJL and Related Instruction One Apprenticeship State Expansion grant Results: Total of RAP s: 27 Active Apprentices: 1,461 Apprentices with RAP credentials: 129


  6. WHITE HOUSE FOCUS INDUSTRIES Construction Healthcare Transportation Critical Supply Chain Hospitality Energy Advanced Manufacturing 6

  7. Registered Apprenticeship Programs in Puerto Rico by Economic Sectors Registered Apprenticeship Programs in Puerto Rico by Economic Sectors Construction Technology Supply Chain Transportation Agriculture 1. PR Laborer s Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee 2. West, LLC 3. T & O Project Management 4. IUPAT International Union of Painters and Allied Trades DC 9 - Puerto Rico 5. LCSWL, LLC 6. Netwave Construction, Corp 1. APPLICA, INC. 2. 7 Eagle Group Caribe 3. Red Venture Coqui, LLC 1. Amphenol Advanced Sensors (tech/logistic) 2. Dulzura Borincana (food) 3. Coopervision (medical device) 4. Bethel Yuut (textile) 5. Hamilton Sundstrand (aerospace) 6. Hardwick Tactical (textile) 7. Kandor Manufacturing, Inc. (textile) 8. Nypro (medical device) 9. PR Industries for the Blind (textile) 10. Guidant (medical device) 11. PRIMEX/Gasc Industrial (supply chain) 1. Sonnell Truck 2. Lufthanza Technics Agro Tropical Energy Education Services Entertainment LUMA Energy Asociaci n de Servicios a la Ni ez Asociaci n de Restaurantes (ASORE) PR Film Academy

  8. Registered Occupations by Industry Registered Occupations by Industry IT & TRANSPORTATION CONSTRUCTION MANUFACTURING OTHERS Construction Craft Laborer (0661 TB) Home Performance Laborer Residential, Revised (2004 TB) DIE SETTER (Forging) (0121 TB) IT ENERGY Electromechanical Technician (0167 CB) Application Developer (1129 CB) LINE REPAIRER (0284 TB) RESIDENTIAL CARPENTER SPECIALIST (0564 HY) INDUSTRIAL MACHINIST SYSTEM TECHNICIAN (1037 TB) IT Lab Technician (3011 CB) MANAGEMENT INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING TECHNICIAN (2031 TB) Photocomposing PerforatMA (0285 TB) Restaurant Manager (0593 CB) Industrial Manufacturing Technician (2031 CB) Digital Marketer (2077 CB) OFFICE MANAGER/ADMIN SERVICES (1033 TB) Industrial Sewing Machine Operator (2058 TB) Cyber Security Support Technician (2050 CB) ENTERTAINMENT IT Lab Technician (3011 CB) SCRIPT SUPERVISOR (0445 CB) Transportation MACHINE OPERATOR I (0511 TB) Diesel Mechanic (0124 TB) Screen Writer (0445 TB) MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR (0958 TB) Airframe Mechanic (1044 TB) FOOD Mechanical Engineering Technician (0777 CB) COOK (Any Ind) (0090 TB) PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIST (1027 CB) Tool and Die Maker (0586 CB)

  9. WORKFORCE WORKFORCE COLLABORATORS The Puerto Rico Office of Apprenticeship works with the following partners: Puerto Rico Department of Labor Wagner Peyser Voc-Rehab Administration Workforce Development Local Boards American Job Centers Puerto Rico Department of Education Career Technical Education (Carl D. Perkins) Postsecondary colleges and technical schools Agencies serving veterans

  10. COMING SOON SPONSORS Planet Solar (Clean Energy) Trip Hotel at PR Cardiovascular Hospital (Hospitality/Medical Tourism) RV Aluminum (Steel Manufacturing) Fuller Group (Cleaning and Disinfection Services) El Conquistador Resort (Hospitality)

  11. Number of Registration Program s name ASE Grant WIOA Funds OJL RI NOTES 2017-PR-725 Lufthansa Technik, Puerto Rico $- $- $- $- 2019-PR-72267 PR Laborers JATC $- $- $- $- 2019-PR-73975 ASORE - National Rest. Assoc. Educational Foundation - $- $- $- $- 2020-PR-74446 Puerto Rico Industries for the Blind $35,922.00 $821,348.00 $821,348.00 $35,922.00ASE RI 2020-PR-74458 Hamilton Sundstrand - Puerto Rico Hardwick Tactical Corporation (Gov Reserve Funds) Hardwick Tactical (Local Funds) Guidant Puerto Rico, B.V.- Proyecto 2 Guidant Proyecto 1 (PY 2020) $75,000.00 $39,180.00 $3,577,617.97 $553,430.33 $3,461,250.22 $583,430.00 $191,367.75ASE RI $9,180.00ASE RI y OJL 2020-PR-75795 Manat -Dorado Local Area granted funds ASE RI ASE RI &OJL $32,781.47 $27,835.81 $3,760,892.96 $174,365.35 $3,617,308.00 $191,500.00 $143,504.96 $10,701.16 2020-PR-78276 2021-PR-102797 T & O Project Management Group, LLC $11,203.94 $825,596.06 $705,200.00 $131,600.00ASE RI 2021-PR-80590 NYPRO of Puerto Rico, INC. $135,318.74 2,820,667.76 2,955,986.50 $- 0.00 2021-PR-80993 Int. Assoc. Bridge Struct. Orn. Reinf. Ironworkers, $- $- $- $- 2021-PR-81301 Asociacion de Servicios a la Ninez $- $- $- $- Funds request under review by WDP 2021-PR-81669 Puerto Rico Manufacturing Extension, Inc (PRiMEX) $- $- $- $- Caguas-Guayama Local Area granted funds 2021-PR-81783 IUPAT Int l Union of Painters and Allied Trades DC 9 PR $- $- $- $- 2021-PR-88015 Dulzura Borincana, Inc. $28,163.25 $409,680.00 $409,680.00 $28,163.25ASE RI 2021-PR-88390 Puerto Rico Film Academy, Inc. $- 0.00 $483,325.96 $424,576.80 $58,748.16 2021-PR-93870 7 Eagle Group Caribe $- $- $- $- 2021-PR-93875 CooperVisionManufacturing Puerto Rico $100,000.00 $5,608,040.00 $5,708,040.00 $- 0.00ASE OJL 2022-PR-103926 LUMA Energy, Puerto Rico $- $- $- $- No funds requested at this time 2022-PR-111471 BETHEL YUUT, LLC $- $- $- $- Manat -Dorado Local Area granted funds 2022-PR-111485 WEST LLC $- $- $- $- Funds request under review by WDP 2022-PR-112852 KANDOR MANUFACTURING, INC. $- $- $- $- Funds request under review by WDP 2022-PR-114265 LCSW, LLC $- $- $- $- 2022-PR-114326 Amphenol Advanced Sensors - Puerto Rico $- $- $- $- Funds request under review by Northwestern Local Area 2023-PR-115917 Netwave Construction Corporation $- $- $- $- 2023-PR-117401 Sonnell Truck Center $- $- $- $- Funds request under review by Bayamon-ComerioLA 2023-PR-117402 APPLICA, Inc. $- $- $- $- Funds request under review by WDP 2023-PR-117433 Red Ventures Coqui LLC. $- $- $- $- Funds request under review by San Juan Local Area

  12. INVESTED FUNDS IN RAP UNTIL 04/2023 INVESTED FUNDS IN RAP UNTIL 04/2023 ASE Grants WIOA FUNDS Funds Invested in OJL Funds Invested in Related Instruction $457,569.40 $18,995,917.78 $18,126,923.98 $539,737.96 TOTALS

  13. CHALLENGES CHALLENGES The organizational culture in PR does not see labor unions as facilitating agents. The employers do not give way to any initiative involving the unions' participation. Many occupations in the construction industry are not regulated by the state. Therefore, credentials or licenses are optional to work on the projects. Employers and workers prefer a short-term education with little investment in this field. Post-secondary institutions need robust direct job placement programs for their students. The possibilities of establishing recurring agreements with employers are limited.

  14. WHERE ARE WE GOING? WHERE ARE WE GOING? Continue the expansion of registered apprenticeships in advanced manufacturing (supply chain), information technology, construction, health care, hospitality, energy, and transportation. Increase workforce development partnerships to use resources effectively. Engage in systems-building initiatives that further the interests of expanding registered apprenticeships in targeted industries. Support the efforts of the workforce system as they develop and expand apprenticeships in Puerto Rico. Advocate for equity and inclusion within the PR apprenticeship system. A new public policy for DEIA is under State Board review for approval

  15. Efforts to engage Educational Institutions Efforts to engage Educational Institutions The Apprenticeship staff has met with several Post Secondary Schools on many occasions to register them as sponsors; however, the meetings and long hours of discussions have not produced any sponsor of this kind. Why have these institutions not been fully involved? The need for a sponsor or a co-sponsor Issues with their board of members Many don t have updated curricula to satisfy the industry s needs. Institutions that have spoken University of PR: R o Piedras, Carolina, and Bayamon Campuses, Huertas College, EDIC University, ICPR College, Mech Tech, Colegio Universitario de San Juan (a municipality institution of San Juan), and NUC University One involved: Polytechnic University of PR

  16. Department of Economic Development and Commerce Workforce Development Program 355 FD Roosevelt Ave. San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918 787-754-5504 apprenticeshippr@ddec.pr.gov@ddec.pr.gov