Comparative Education and its Scope

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The discipline of Comparative Education, its scope, and its impact on educational systems worldwide. Analyze different perspectives, geographical units, ideologies, themes, and historical development.

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  2. Comparative Education is a discipline in the social sciences which entails the scrutiny and evaluation of different educational systems, such as those in various countries. Professionals in this area of endeavour are absorbed in advancing evocative terminologies worldwide, enhancing educational structures and producing a context to which the success and effectively of education programs and initiatives can be assessed. and guidelines for education Comparative Education Comparative Education- - meaning meaning

  3. Adeyinka the concept: A study of two or more education system. A study of how the philosophy, aim, objectives, culture and educational system of one country develop and its impact on that particular country. A study of how the development of education in the past times happened across the different regions and its impact on these particular countries in the context of development of education. A study of different schools to assess their administrative process in order to control or implementing government policies at different levels of education system. Adeyinka (1994) gives the following definitions of the concept: (1994) gives the following definitions of

  4. There are five perspectives which clarifies the scope of comparative education, these are: 1. The subject matter and content: this consist of important contents of educational system such as structure, aim / goals, curriculum, policies etc. 2. Geographical units of study: it encompasses intra, international and national aspects and its impact on educational development. 3. Ideological scope:It s a detail comparison of different educational systems on the basis of social, economic and political ideologies. For example communism, capitalism, free economy or capitalist economy etc. The Scope of Comparative Education: The Scope of Comparative Education:

  5. 4. Thematic scope; this scope focuses on educational themes of various systems and compare them more than one geographical unit. Free education at primary and secondary level, universal primary education, education for all theme of UNESCO. 5. The historical or spatial scope; this deals with the study of the historical development of the discipline from the earliest (pre-historic) phase known as the period of Travelers Tales to the modern phase known as the period of social science perspectives The Scope of Comparative Education The Scope of Comparative Education

  6. References: comparative -scope comparative- -education.html. scope- -of of- - education.html. urricula/Documents/2011 2012/Education/CompEdu_Sept13.pdf urricula/Documents/2011- - 2012/Education/CompEdu_Sept13.pdf


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