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Martyn's Law Initiative is led by Service Managers Marc Eyre and John Newcombe, focusing on assurance, licensing, and community safety. Their dedication aims to enhance security and ensure compliance in public spaces through proactive measures.

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  1. Martyn's Law Marc Eyre, Service Manager for Assurance John Newcombe, Service Manager for Licencing & Community Safety

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  3. Martyn's Law Key Points Regulated with powers of inspection and enforcement; Two levels of qualifying premises those with public capacity of between 100 and 800 people, and those exceeding 800 ( enhanced premises ); Requirement to identify and train a responsible person for qualifying premises, registered with the regulator; Security plans to be updated for enhanced premises and qualifying public events; Powers of the regulator to issue contravention and restriction notes; Powers of the regulator to issue appropriate and proportionate penalties for non-compliance

  4. Who will be in scope? Premises and events must be accessible to the public. Premises must be used for a purpose listed in the Bill (e.g. entertainment and leisure, retail, food and drink). Have a capacity of 100 or more individuals. Premises may be a building or outdoor locations which have a readily identifiable physical boundary and access by express permission. Provision is made in the Bill for temporary events such as festivals that have express permission to enter and a capacity of 800 or more individuals.

  5. Standard Tier Between 100 and 800 capacity; The Government will launch a consultation Strike the right balance between public protection and avoiding undue burdens on smaller premises Enhanced Tier Premises and events with a capacity of 800 or more individuals, (live music premises or events, theatres etc); Corporate bodies appoint an individual as designated responsible person; Responsible person to notify the regulator of the premises / event; Take reasonably practicable measures to reduce the risk of terrorist attack; Have and maintain a risk assessment of the terrorism risk and security document (provided to the regulator);

  6. What type of premises / events? Shops; Places selling food or drink; Nightclubs; Premises or events providing entertainment, such as a play / film / live music / dance / recorded music / sporting event Sports grounds; Recreation , exercise or leisure; Libraries / museums / galleries; Exhibition halls / conference centres; Visitor attractions; Hotels / hostels; Places of worship; Healthcare; Bus / train stations; Education provision, including childcare

  7. Further information : Martyn s Law Factsheet - Home Office in the media ( Contacts: Service Manager for Assurance Service Manager for Licensing & Community Safety Community Resilience Liaison Officer


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