Prismatic Compass Survey: A Comprehensive Guide

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A prismatic compass is a vital tool in surveying, used to determine bearings, traverse lines, and included angles. This guide covers the principles of compass surveying, the components needed, and the method of compass traversing. Detailed images showcase the prismatic compass, its stand, measuring tape, ranging rod, ground pin, and plumbing bob.

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  1. Prismatic Compass Survey Sem-II

  2. A prismatic compass is a navigation and surveying instrument which is extensively used to find out the bearing of the traversing and included angles between them, waypoints (an endpoint of the lcourse) and direction.Compass surveying is a type of surveying in which the directions of surveying lines are determined with a magnetic compass, and the length of the surveying lines are measured with a tape or chain or laser range finder. The compass is generally used to run a traverse line. The compass calculates bearings of lines with respect to magnetic needle. The included angles can then be calculated using suitable formulas in case of clockwise and anti-clockwise traverse respectively. For each survey line in the traverse, surveyors take two bearings that is fore bearing and back bearing which should exactly differ by 180 if local attraction is negligible. The name Prismatic compass is given to it because it essentially consists of a prism which is used for taking observations more accurately.

  3. Travarse Method Compass traversing In this method, the fore and back bearings of the traverse legs are measured by prismatic compass and the sides of the traverse by chain or tape. Then the observed bearings are verified and necessary corrections for local attraction are applied.

  4. Things need for prismatic compass survey Prismatic Compass Prismatic Compass Stand Measuring Tape Ranging Rod Ground Pin Plumbing Bob

  5. Prismatic Comapss & Stand

  6. Parts of Prismatic Compass

  7. Ranging Rod

  8. Measuring Tape

  9. Ground Pin

  10. Plumbing Bob



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