9th Grade Session

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Direct and indirect services to 9th-grade students, including individual student planning, advisement, small group sessions, and consultation and referrals. It aims to support achievement and promote success in academics and social skills.

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  1. 9thGrade Session

  2. What does a counselor do? Direct Services *Individual Student Planning & Advisement~ credits/graduation/promotion *Small group sessions~ study tips, peer pressure, conflict resolution, social skills and engagements *Individual sessions Indirect Services *Consultation, Collaboration, and Referrals~ support achievement (college tours, working with teachers, utilizing community organizations)

  3. What is Block Scheduling? What is Block Scheduling? 4 Classes (credits) 1 4 Classes (credits) 1st st Semester 4 Classes (credits) 2 4 Classes (credits) 2nd Semester nd Semester Semester Attendance: Up to 5 Days Unexcused Absences More than 5 will receive FA as a grade = F no credit Will have to make up hours to receive credit or fail the course. Total= 8 Classes (credits) In one year Total= 8 Classes (credits) In one year Instead of 7 credits per year Instead of 7 credits per year

  4. SC Graduation Requirements Subject Area English Mathematics Science Social Studies (History) US History US Government Economics Other Social Studies Computer Science PE/JROTC World Language OR Career & Tech Elective Personal Finance Electives Total Number of Credits 4 4 3 (4 highly recommended) 3 1 .5 .5 1 1 1 1 1 6 24 * *For entry to 4 year schools, you need to take a Fine Art credit and 2-3 credits in foreign language.

  5. STAT E PROMOTION STANDARDS Freshman: Student has successfully completed 8th grade Sophomore: Student has earned 6 credits including 1 in English and 1 in Math Junior: Student has earned 12 credits including 2 in English, 2 in Math, and 1 in Science Senior: Student has earned 18 credits including 3 in English, 3 in Math, and 2 in Science

  6. *Prepare~DO NOT procrastinate & wait until the last minute! *Ask questions & ask for help when needed *Take breaks *Review class notes daily *Make study cards or jot notes while studying *Eliminate distractions *Have a daily & regular study routine *Read over previous notes 3x, write them over 2x, say it out loud 1x Study tips

  7. Study tips: Based on your learning style Visual: ~Sit in the front of the classroom so you can take notes off the board ~Translate your notes into charts, diagrams and lists ~Use color coding to your advantage ~Study for tests with flashcards Auditory: ~Read aloud when possible ~Join a study group in order to discuss ideas with other students ~When using flashcards, give responses out loud ~Utilize videos for listening

  8. Study tips: Based on your learning style Try the assessment! Kinesthetic ~Study in blocks of time with frequent breaks ~Trace words with your fingers as you study ~Use flashcards, games or activities to study ~Toss a ball around while you re thinking https://www.how-to-study.com/learning- style-assessment/

  9. Must take 7 qualifying AICE courses and pass the AICE exams with a score of E or above to qualify for the AICE Diploma letter of intent required AICE Cambridge Diploma & Courses Any student may take AICE courses regardless of pursuit of AICE Diploma Score an C or higher on an AICE exam=College Readiness status May earn college credit An E on an exam is equivalent to a 3 on an AP exam

  10. Agriculture/Animal Science Automotive Technology Culinary Arts Early Childhood Education Health Science Hospitality and Tourism Management Marketing Mgmt/Marketing Comm Operations Management PLTW Engineering Teacher Academy Career Internship AHS CATE Programs Complete a CATE program and earn an industry certification OR complete an apprenticeship/internship to achieve Career Ready status

  11. Career and Technology Center

  12. You can find us on AHS website. Click on Academics then Counseling IGP Registration is now available

  13. AHS Activities & Athletics Aiken High School Activities Page Aiken High School Athletics

  14. Are you ready? Goal Do you know what you need? -Information Where are you going? -Career/College YouScience results are available for all 9thgraders who took it on October 18th

  15. Some Great Websites for you to Explore: SAT www.sat.collegeboard.org ACT www.actstudent.org www.scdiscus.org - Research careers, certifications, practice test, etc. www.sccis.intocareers.org - Wonderful career exploration site Username - aikenhigh Password - hornets YouScience.com You can access through Clever Type YouScience in search bar Click Career

  16. AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL Class of 2027 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW REMEMBER TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR CAREER SERVICES REMEMBER TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR CAREER SERVICES PROGRAM AT AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL: PROGRAM AT AIKEN HIGH SCHOOL: Job Shadowing applications are taken most of the school year. See To be eligible, you must passing all subjects; have no substantial write-ups; You may job shadow twice each school year (absences for this purpose are excused). Start building your Academic Resume, for future scholarships. Take advantage of any volunteer or community service opportunities. Get involved with clubs or start a club, build leadership skills. Clean up your social media. See Ms. Dorman Ms. Dorman

  17. Counselor Caseloads Lead Counselor, Ms. Stapleton jstapleton@acpsd.net Counseling Department 9thand 10th A-J, Ms. Hammonds jhammonds@acpsd.net 9thand 10th K-Z, Ms. Angeles fangeles@acpsd.net 11thand 12th A-J, Ms. McBride tmcbride@acpsd.net 11th and 12th K-Z, Ms. Fanning yfanning@acpsd.net Career Specialist: Ms. Dorman ndorman@acpsd.net

  18. Schedule your IGP appointment! Make sure a parent can attend by phone, face to face or virtually. Book online. Link to IGP Sign-up Webpage below:


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