Migration of Agricultural Colleges

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ASATI presents a virtual presentation to the Portfolio Committee of Higher Education, Science, and Technology on the migration of agricultural colleges by November 6, 2023.

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Migration of Agricultural Colleges

PowerPoint presentation about 'Migration of Agricultural Colleges'. This presentation describes the topic on ASATI presents a virtual presentation to the Portfolio Committee of Higher Education, Science, and Technology on the migration of agricultural colleges by November 6, 2023.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. ASATI PRESENTATION MIGRATION OF AGRICULTURAL COLLEGES Presented virtually to Portfolio Committee of Higher Education, Science and Technology By 6 November 2023 Mmara Duba(President) ZukisaTshotyana(Secretary)

  2. BACKGROUND OF ASATI Association of Students of Agricultural Training Institutes (ASATI) is a student body which represent all 11 Agricultural colleges The executive of ASATI consist of 6 members The next slide provide the list of 11 Agricultural colleges

  3. CONT Cedara College of Agriculture KZN Elsenburg College WC Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Training Institution-EC Glen Agricultural College -FS Grootfontein Agricultural College EC Madzivhandile College of Agriculture LP Owen Sithole College of Agriculture Potchefstroom Agricultural College LP Taung Agricultural College -NW Tompi Seleke College of Agriculture LP Tsolo Agriculture and Rural Development Institute -EC

  4. OVERVIEW ANC 53RDNational Conference Resolutions( Mangaung 2012): Page 75 subheading On Higher Education Colleges it says: All Agricultural Colleges must be immediately transferred to the Department of Higher Education and incorporated fully into the post school system. Cabinet Statement Virtual cabinet meeting of Wednesday, 9 September 2020 under the heading Agricultural colleges read as follow The agricultural college which are currently under the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development - provide programmes that are aligned to higher education qualification which include skills training and vocational programmes

  5. CURRENT FUNDING Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (DARLLD) through National Skills Fund AGRISETA HWSETA FPMSETA

  6. CHALLENGES Poor infrastructure Internet connectivity Limited access to bursaries Shortage of transport Shortage of books in our library

  7. WHY DHET It will improve access to resources in general( NFSAS which will provide students with the following: The affordability of education, career-focused education, industry-relevant curriculum, practical hands-on training, and flexible study options

  8. PROPOSED WAY FORWARD Migration of agricultural colleges should be effected as a matter of urgency as it is long overdue. DALRRD have promised to finalise migration with no luck we therefore request the committee to assist us in prioritising the matter so that all the plans are implemented to students of all agricultural colleges. The committee should make sure that the issue of migration is in DHET Annual Performance Plan with clear milestones. The committee should call DALRRD and DHET to account about progress to date and their plan s going forward. It is our wish to see migration happening in the next academic year so that student from disadvantage background can have access to quality education and also improve their wellbeing.

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