Digital Transformation Initiatives in Palestine: Enabel's Perspective

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Explore Enabel's impactful programs in Palestine focusing on digital transformation at the organizational level. Initiatives include empowering youth, transforming the TVET sector, leading the digital economy, and implementing a comprehensive D4D strategy. The roadmap outlines strategic pillars such as digital rights, cybersecurity, innovation, and infrastructure to drive Palestine towards a digitally empowered future.

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  1. Digital Transformation Programs on Organizational Level in Palestine Enabel Perspective

  2. EMPOWERED YOUTH IN A GREEN PALESTINE Pillar 1: Youth Empowrement Pillar 2: Green Palestine Climate actions Green Waste Skills, Education & Learning Green Economy Protection & Civic Engagement Municipalitie s management and Energy Employment & Entrepre- neurship Targeting 27,000 children and youth in the West Bank (incl. EJ) & Gaza 609,662 beneficiaries in West-Bank 1,021,535 beneficiaries in Gaza 38.1m 25.7m

  3. Transformation of the TVET Sector E-TVET Platform TVET training using VR E-learning

  4. Enabel Leading TEI- Digital Economy Team Europe Initiative: Five main components where EDPs coordinate their programming: Trade Green Economy Digital Economy Entrepreneurship Socio-economic resilience

  5. Digital Economy Component Institutional/Policy Digital Divide Business competitiveness

  6. Enabel D4D Strategy Three (3) strategic objectives Ensure human rights are respected in the cyber space Empower governmental bodies in their digital leadership skills Enhance women entrepreneurs in the digital economy Five (5) enablers Digital infrastructure and last mile connectivity Digital services Digital rights, cybersecurity and data protection Digital skills Digital economy: entrepreneurship & Innovation Principles and values Inclusion, human-centric, climate, innovation

  7. Digital Transformation Roadmap Strategic Pillars/Enablers Pillar 1 Digital Pillar 3 Digital Rights, Cyber Security, Data Protection and Privacy Pillar 5 Digital Economy, Innovation & entrepreneurship Infrastructure and Connectivity Pillar 2 Pillar 4 Digital Skills Digital Services & Policies