How to Consolidate EasyChair Accounts

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Learn how to merge two EasyChair accounts and consolidate them into one for the AMS Annual & WMC Conferences. Follow the steps outlined to ensure a smooth transition and avoid having duplicate accounts. Images included for visual guidance.

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  1. How to Consolidate EasyChair Accounts AMS Annual & WMC Conferences

  2. A Few Notes on Account Consolidation We ll show you how to consolidate two EasyChair accounts. You should not have two EasyChair accounts. You should set your EasyChair account with the same credentials as your AMS account.

  3. Merging Two Accounts into One (;a=102 34348) If you have two EasyChair accounts you can merge them into a single account. To this end, follow Other->My Account->Merge Accounts. But before doing this you should clearly understand what happens. Suppose that use have two accounts: Acc1 with the main email address e1 and alternative email addresses alt1; Acc2 with the main email address e2 and alternative email addresses alt2, and want to merge them into a single account. Suppose that you log in as Acc1 and request to merge Acc2 into it. The following things will happen: All personal information, such as name, address etc. from Acc2 will be deleted. For example, if you had different names on the two accounts, only the name from Acc1 will be used. The main email address e2 and all alternative email addresses alt2 of the second account will be added to the alternative email addresses of Acc1. All other information will be added to the first account. For example, Acc1 will have access to all programme committees in which Acc2 has been involved.

  4. Log into EasyChair

  5. Account Consolidation If you click EasyChair on the toolbar, you will be taken to the My EasyChair page. Select Account information and updates.

  6. Account Consolidation On the My Account page, click on Merge accounts in the top right-hand corner. You arrived at My Account from clicking Account information and updates.

  7. Account Consolidation On the Account Merge page, enter the necessary information and click Merge Accounts. You arrived at Account Merge by clicking on Merge Accounts.

  8. Account Consolidation Confirmation This page confirms you have merged your 2 accounts and provides information on what personal information is now in your account.


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