Exciting Updates in Business and Administration Education for 2023-2024

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Explore the latest developments in Business and Administration education, including new SVQs, Foundation Apprenticeships, and upcoming IT/Digital units. Learners can benefit from customized pathways and additional learning opportunities, enhancing their skills and knowledge in a business environment. Stay informed and take advantage of the resources provided to excel in the field.

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  1. Connections Network Event SVQ Business and Administration 2ndOctober 2023

  2. New SVQs (Start date 01.12.22) SVQ Business and Administration SCQF level 5 GT9J 22 SVQ Business and Administration SCQF level 6 GT9H 23 New Foundation Apprenticeship (Start date 01.08.23) Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills GV1M 46 - Develop Self and Improve Own Performance in a Business Environment J6WV 04 - Communicate in a Business Environment J6WX 04 - Collaborate and Provide Support in a Business Environment J6X4 04 - Design and Produce Documents J6X0 04 + NPA Business Skills GR3P 46 + WBC Unit J4YL 04

  3. Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills For learners completing a Foundation Apprenticeship in 2023-24 only: Learners starting a Foundation Apprenticeship in June 2023 who will complete in a single year, or current learners who are already entered on a two-year delivery model, can either: use optional Customised units or pathways if required, or o use the original framework. o These are one-year arrangements that will be closely monitored. All entries for Customised components of their Foundation Apprenticeship by 1 December 2023. No entries should be made for learners on these arrangements after that date.

  4. New IT / Digital Units SVQs in B&A To be added to existing IT options early 2024 IT Digital Marketing Send and Receive Emails Customise Email Settings Create and Edit Digital Documents Create formulae and charts in spreadsheets Create and update spreadsheets with data Find and store digital information Use digital communications Maintain health, safety and well-being when working with digital technology Carry Out and Analyse Research Collect and Analyse Marketing Research Data Create and Update Web Pages Create Enhanced Digital Presentations Create Digital Images Create Digital Media Assets Produce Enhanced Digital Media Assets Undertake Digital Skills Learning and Development Activities

  5. Useful links SVQ Business and Administration webpage https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/74741.html Understanding Standards https://www.understandingstandards.org.uk/Subjects/SVQ/BusinessAndAdministration SQA Business-subjects Blog https://blogs.sqa.org.uk/businessadminfinance/

  6. SVQ Business and Administration Network 2023 Discussion