Regulatory Readiness

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Explore steps and tools for efficient regulatory enrollment. Learn about IRB reliance agreements, central document repository, and electronic delegation processes for quick approval.

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Regulatory Readiness

PowerPoint presentation about 'Regulatory Readiness'. This presentation describes the topic on Explore steps and tools for efficient regulatory enrollment. Learn about IRB reliance agreements, central document repository, and electronic delegation processes for quick approval.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. Regulatory Readiness Carol Van Huysen 1

  2. Goals for Today Provide guidance for navigating the required regulatory processes and be released to enroll as quickly and efficiently as possible Steps and order to take them Tools and helpful links 2

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  4. Site IRB cedes to Advarra Reliance agreements exist between site IRB and Advarra Site does not have direct contact with Advarra 4

  5. P-ICECAP Website 5

  6. P-ICECAP regulatory database serves as the central repository for all regulatory documents IRB Approvals and other essential documents will be available via the database Automated emails will be sent for expired, expiring, and missing documents 6

  7. Regulatory Document Approval Parameters User Management Completing the eDOA (electronic Delegation of Authority) Page 2-3 Regulatory Documents People Regulatory Document Collection Page 3-5 Site Regulatory Document Collection Page 6-10 Central IRB (CIRB) Tables Step 1: SITE Overview Page 11-13 Step 2: Site Regulatory Inspection History Page 13 Step 3: Initial Site Submission - P-ICECAP Database Page 14-35 7

  8. Electronic Delegation of Authority Log The eDOA must be completed by the Primary Study Coordinator Obtain a UM Friends Account See Getting Started on website Request a WebDCU database login at Enter the research team on the eDOA in WebDCU using the detailed instructions in the Regulatory Parameters document. 8

  9. Regulatory Document Approval Parameters People Document: Specific to an individual study team member 9

  10. Regulatory People Documents Needed for Startup All Team Members Role Dependent Human Subjects Protection CV Good Clinical Practice Medical License Protocol Training Data Training Regulatory Training Investigator Agreement **Reminder: Please upload all documents as PDFs in WebDCU 10

  11. Regulatory Document Approval Parameters Site Document: Applies to an individual site 11

  12. Regulatory Site Documents Needed for Startup FWA for Institution HSP Requirements Attestation of Training Conflict of Interest Ceding Request to Local IRB Ceding Acknowledgement IRB Approval from Advarra * IRB Approved Consent Form * * Populated by database by Advarra 12

  13. A word about consents.. The approved Informed Consent Form cannot be modified Required site specific language may be added in the black box section of the approved ICF Provide the language in a Word document to the CCC 13

  14. Regulatory Document Approval Parameters Complete CIRB Tables Responses in these WebDCU tables enables the CCC to complete and submit your IRB application for you Site Overview - SIREN Database Site Regulatory Inspection History - SIREN Database Initial Site Submission in P-ICECAP database under CIRB 14

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  16. Complete All Required Training Protocol Training: Required for all study team members IM Meeting counts! Data training: Required for team members responsible for data entry Regulatory Document Management Training: Required for Primary Study Coordinators or Regulatory Coordinators if applicable Training modules will soon be on the Education and Training tab of the website 16

  17. Readiness Checklist and Call Complete checklist to confirm readiness List names of site participants who will attend Respond to all questions in logistics section Email completed checklist prior to the call Request CCC schedule a readiness call 17

  18. Ongoing Site Management Be Proactive! It is the responsibility of each Hub/Site to maintain regulatory compliance, inclusive of site documents and people documents, throughout the duration of the trial Documents approaching expiration should be reconciled prior to the expiration date Study team personnel who are out of regulatory compliance should not participate in any trial related activities 18

  19. Review of Next Steps 1. Request ceding from IRB 2. Submit eDOA 3. Complete the cIRB tables 4. Follow-up on contract if necessary 5. Start training - frequent reminders to team! 6. Work on orderset 7. Forward site specific language for ICF 8. Upload Site and People documents as received 9. Schedule a readiness call 19

  20. Tracking Readiness in WebDCU Site Readiness Report View Progress in the P-ICECAP database under Site Management > Readiness Report 20

  21. Join weekly office hours for answers to your questions, or contact us Carol Van Huysen Moni Weber 21

  22. Questions 22


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