Committees and Working Groups

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Explore diverse committees, sub-committees, and working groups focusing on investment strategies, sustainability, market integrity, and more. Stay informed with high-level industry insights and initiatives in the financial sector.

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  1. Committees and Working Groups January 2023

  2. THE IA BOARD HIGH LEVEL COMMITTEES The IA Advisory Council Investment Committee Investment Funds Committee The IA Business Forum Nominations & Governance Remuneration Finance, Audit & Risk Strategic Business & Risk Committee Trade & Investment Committee Stewardship Committee Corporate Affairs Committee Investment20/20 Steering Committee 2

  3. Investment & Capital Markets High Level Committee Committees Sub Committees Working Groups, Taskforces & Forums HIGH LEVEL COMMITTEE Next Generation Investment Committee Investment Committee Buy-Side Trading Committee Fixed Income Traders Committee Investment Operations Committee Sustainability and Responsible Investment Committee ETF Derivatives Committee Fixed Income Committee FX Private Markets Committee Committee Committee COMMITTEES SUB Private Markets Standards, Terms & Definitions Working Group IOC Trade & Transaction Reporting Sub- Committee EMIR Refit Working Group - PAUSED IOC Securities Post Trade Sub Committee IOC Derivatives Post Trade Sub Committee UMR Working Group CSDR Taskforce Infrastructure Investment Forum SFDR LIBOR Transition Working Group WORKING GROUPS & FORUMS Research Working Group Climate Change Working Group Impact Investing Working Group Green Gilts Working Group Market Data Working Group Implementation Forum EFAMA External Committees: London Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee FXJSC Operations Sub-Committee Bank of England Money Markets Committee ICE LIBOR Oversight Committee Risk Free Rate Working Group BSI Committee IST12 - Financial Services ANNA-DSB Product Committee ANNA-DSB Technology Advisory Committee Sustainable Finance Standards Strategic Advisory Group (the British Standards Institution) BSI Steering Group for Sustainable Investment Management Policy Available Specification (PAS) Global FX Buy-Side Outreach Working Group TISA Responsible and Sustainable Investment Committee Trading, Trade Reporting and Market Infrastructures Standing Committee Stewardship, Market Integrity and ESG Investment Standing Committee Trade & Transaction Reporting Taskforce European Funds Classification Forum (EFCF), ETF Taskforce Social Impact Taskforce TCFD TCFD Reporting Template Working Group TCFD Working Group - PAUSED Net Zero Forum Implementation Forum 2 The Investment Association Committee Structure November 2020 3

  4. 4 Policy, Strategy and Innovation HighLevelCommittee Committees WorkingGroups&Forums Discussion Groups Investment Funds Committee Product Development and Regulations Committee DFM, Private Client & Wealth Management Committee Investment Fund Operations Committee Consumer Duty Forum Products and Services / Price and value Working Group DC Pensions Committee Independent ACD Roundtable Distributor Engagement & Proxy Voting Working Group PRI Reporting Modules subgroup Consumer Understanding / Consumer Support Working Group Retirement Income Market Working Group Direct 2 Fund Legal Working Group SFDR Implementation Forum Fund Liquidity Management Working Group LTAF Working Group Funds Accounting Forum Value Assessment Working Group Monitoring, Reporting and Governance WG Accountancy Firms Working Group Legacy Arrangements Working Group Fund Liquidity Measurement Working Group MiFID II Product Governance for Manufacturers Working Group Funds Investment Risk Group LGPS Pools Forum CIS SORP Working Party Dormant Assets Technical Group Direct 2 Fund Working Group Swing Pricing Working Group LTAF Implementation Forum Strategy Forum UK Funds Discussion Group 4

  5. Business: Risk & Resilience Consumer Understanding / Consumer Support Working Group Strategic Business & Risk Committee Products and Services / Price and value Working Group Monitoring, Reporting and Governance WG Consumer Duty Forum Taxation Strategy Group Cyber Resilience Committee Financial Crime Committee Operational Resilience Committee Business & Enterprise Risk Committee Legal Technology Forum Prudential Committee VAT Tax Committee Committee Committee IFR Working Group OECD OECD Threat Intelligence WG Digitalisation WG Pillar II Digitalisation WG Pillar I Model IMA Working Group Third Parties WG Brand Cloning WG OPS Forum UK Fund Regime: Tax Treaty and WHT WG UK Fund Regime: Tax Inefficiencies WG IFR FSCS Working Group Remuneration Subgroup High Level Committee Committees Working Groups & Forums Discussion Groups Tax SMF24 Roundtable Cyber Resilience Discussion Group Compliance Discussion Group Financial Crime Discussion Group Discussion Group 5

  6. Market Insights & Fund Sectors High Level Committee Committees Working Groups & Forums Market Insights & Fund Sectors IA Sectors Committee Market Insight Derivatives Working Group Advisory Group to IA Sectors 6

  7. Culture, Talent & Inclusion High Level Committee Committees Working Groups & Forums Culture, Talent & Inclusion Investment20/20 HR Committee 7

  8. HIGH LEVEL COMMITTEE Market Advisory Groups High Priority Markets China Trade & Investment Committee India South Korea Japan Australia & New Zealand LatAm US Switzerland Singapore Hong Kong 8

  9. Stewardship & Corporate Governance High Level Committee Committees Working Groups & Forums Stewardship Committee Remuneration & Share Schemes Sub Committee Company Reporting & Auditing Group Sub Committee Fixed Income Stewardship Reporting Working Group Requisitioned Resolutions Working Group Stewardship Reporting Working Group 9

  10. Corporate Affairs High Level Committee Committees Working Groups & Forums Corporate Affairs Committee International & European Policy Committee Advocacy Committee Communications Committee Internal Comms Working Group (Covid) Scottish Working Group 10

  11. Engine Advisory Panel Investment 2020 Steering Committee 11