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Economic update provides a closer look at the Q3 2023 data released in October 2023, highlighting the performance of stock market indicators, asset classes, and other key economic trends.

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  1. Economic Update A Closer Look at Q3 2023 Data Released October 2023

  2. Economic Update A Closer Look at Q3 2023 Data Released October 2023

  3. Market Data Charts and Tables Highlighting the Performance of Stock Market Indicators and Asset Classes over the Latest Quarter

  4. Key Stock Market Index Performance

  5. US Stock Sector Performance

  6. Asset Class Performance Trailing Periods

  7. Asset Class Performance Quarter by Quarter

  8. Performance of Diversified Portfolios

  9. Bonds & Interest Rates Collection of Data Summarizing Moves in the Fixed Income Markets over the Last Quarter

  10. Interest Rate Summary

  11. Macroeconomic Data Leading and Lagging Economic Data and Trends from Key Economic Reports Published Recently

  12. Leading Indicator Data and Trends

  13. US Trade Balance

  14. US Housing Market Data

  15. US Dollar Strength

  16. Charts of the Moment Visuals Depicting Trends that are Impacting the Markets and Investments

  17. S&P 500 Performance: S&P 7 vs. S&P 493 YTD

  18. Yield Curve ? ? Recession Probability

  19. Charge It!

  20. Is More Pain at the Pump Inbound?

  21. Employment: Are Workers Finally Getting Ahead?

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