Innovating for Tomorrow: Company Profile 2023

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Unveil pioneering strategies, cutting-edge products, and growth milestones in our latest Company Profile for 2023. Discover how we're pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and shaping the future in today's dynamic market landscape.

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  2. COMPANY ABOUT US OUR MISSION IS CLEAR: Helping you to improve and grow by fully exploiting the opportunities of digital evolution, providing you with innovation, technology consultancy, global support and advanced end-to-end ICT solutions that can reinvent your future.. We are a company at the forefront of digital innovation and we are pleased to guide you towards technological excellence. In over 25 years of experience, we have witnessed an extraordinary evolution of technology, which has radically transformed the way companies operate and relate to the world around us. We pursue the talent and the ambition of those who want to be part of digital transformation, we want to create the conditions for everyone to be successful. Every day we work hard to make our company better for our customers and our employees, offering them the opportunities to improve their skills and pursue their aspirations. OUR VALUES: Competence Innovation Frankness Global Support Inclusiveness and Diversity


  4. COMPANY INNOVAWAY + BITSOLUTION INNOVAWAY + ARCHIDATA INNOVAWAY CONSULTING INNOVAWAY + P&A SOLUTION N.C.C. CESAWEB INNOVAWAY Innovaway buys 30% Bit Solution out, becoming its sole shareholder. It is a part of the Company specialized in Integrated Management Systems for Public Administrations Specialized in design and implementation of complex IT solutions Innovway aquired 50% of P&A Solutions Srl, specialized in SAP NCC srl was born in Naples,The company was specialized in Service Desk services. A new Brand was born: INNOVAWAY: One group more solution. The company was born in Naples. It was specialized in BPO services 1998 2002 2007 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2022 INNOVAWAY + BLACK PEAK TECHNOLOGIES INNOVAWAY + OLISISTEM INNOVAWAY + CIREM INNOVAWAY + BITSOLUTION CESAWEB + N.C.C. + INNOVA + SYNERGIA ICT CESAWEB + INNOVA INNOVAWAY ALBANIA Innovaway buys 70% of Black Peak Technologies out A business branch specialized in IT consultancy services in the Banking and Insurance sectors Innovaway rents a business branch specialized in consultancy and System Integrator services for PAs and SMEs Innovaway buys 70% of BitSolution out, specialized in IOT solutions Cesaweb Spa buys 100% of Innovaway Srl out,. To welcome International markets demands They merge into a single business reality.

  5. NUMBERS + 60 mln Turnover 2023

  6. OUR OFFER SMART DATA MANAGEMENT ADVANCED ASSISTANCE SERVICES CLOUD MIGRATION AND GOVERNANCE The amount of data produced daily by heterogeneous sources and systems offers specific challenge which consists in becoming capable of exploiting the intrinsic value of their information assets The decision to move even partially data and workloads to the cloud represents a series of undoubted advantages, but requires specific technical, economic and organizational evaluations We guide companies towards digital transformation with technology improving our customers, stakeholders and all users experiences

  7. OUR OFFER ADVANCED ASSISTANCE SERVICES B.P.O. DIGITAL EXPERIENCE SERVICE MANAGEMENT Services for the management of contact with your added value activity, in a traditional digital environment, including administrative activity for the entire process management Consulting Software Development Software Test Automation & AI R&D Service: Service Desk Service: On-site (IMAC, etc) Service: Managed Service

  8. OUR OFFER CLOUD MIGRATION & GOVERNANCE End-to-end partner for cloud migration & management thanks to the combination of know-how and technological partnerships for the definition and execution of the cloud strategy Source to Target Assessment Transition & Transformation Outsourcing Collection in AS IS (IAAS,SSAS,PAAS) Operations Strategy definition Designing Cost Optimitation Select technological solutions Planning Defining Scenarios Contract Management one stop shop Implementation Defining decisional elements Cost model

  9. OUR OFFER SMART DATA MANAGEMENT Innovaway is able to cover all phases of the "data" life cycle with technologies, skills and specialist services, in the context of an "end to end" operational chain and adopting state-of-the-art standards and solutions for each task. We support our customers: Creation Affianchiamo i nostri Clienti on how to guide one's evolution from a "data-driven" perspective Collection and enrichment Dissemination su come propria ottica guidare evoluzione data-driven , of the Data Strategy la in Data on the definition sulla definizione della Data Strategy on the need to adopt a structured Data Governance framework. sulla necessit di adottare un framework strutturato di Data Governance. Storage and Protection Elaboration

  10. THE ORGANIZATION Technical Competence Center Digital Workflow Digital Workspace Cyber Resilience Smart Data Governance R&D Infrastructure & Hybrid Cloud Remote Service Digital Experience B.P.O . Delivery Center Market Competence Center Healthcare Welfare Retail Insurance

  11. DELIVERY CENTER Digital Experience MISSION SKILLS STAFFING REFERENCES HEALTHCARE INSIEL, ISS (ADT), Ministry of Health, AIFA (DXC), Open Source Platforms (Engineering) Follow customers along the Digital Experience path starting from the conception of software solutions up to their operational management. AGILE SOFTWARE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT DISTRIBUTED DELIVERY TEAMS Architects/PM Senior developers Developers Testing specialists Solutioning Development Integration Quality Assurance PAC SBN (ADT), ISTAT (ADT, DXC), Ministry of Justice(Almaviva), Revenue Agencye (DXC), Ministry of Education(ADT) Social security INPS (Almaviva) KEY ASSET GROWTH RATE + 50% YOY Our support extends across the entire value chain with respect to the Customer s digital business initiatives : Big Data e-Analytics Microservices architectures Cloud Based Development RPA PAL IFEL Campania, Regione Toscana (ADT), Comune di Roma (ADT), Provincia di Roma (ADT) Solution Design / Sizing Solution development Continous Integration Program/Project Management Continous Testing Continous Deploy Post-go live operations Service desk QA FACTORY HEADQUARTERS Testing Automation Performance testing Functional testing Integration testing Testing as a service Rome Milan Naples Turin Benevento Tirana Sofia Finance Banca d Italia (ADT) Industry OCTO (ADT)

  12. TECHNOLOGY COMPETENCE CENTER Digital Workflow MISSION SKILLS STAFFING REFERENCES We support the Customer on the digital path and manage the workflow by simplifying the management of IT services through implementation and the personalization of the Internet's evolution with ServiceNow, SMAX, ISM9 and Remedy and integrating the business performance of our Customer with IT strategy . AGILE SOFTWARE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT DISTRIBUTED DELIVERY TEAMS Retail: Percassi Group Prenatal Retail Group Rinascente Unes Coin Pianoforte Group Venchi Artsana Solutioning Development Integration Quality Assurance Architects/PM Data scientist Senior developers Developers Testing specialists GROWTH RATE + 50% YOY KEY ASSET Transportation : ITA Airways We provide our support for managing the flow of IT- related work, generating human resources and clients in the following areas: Solutions architectures Accademy PAL: In.Te.Sa. Ausino Regione Campania (DXC) HEADQUARTERS Naples Tirana Sofia Rome QA FACTORY Testing Automation Performance testing Functional testing Integration testing Testing as a service Information Technology Service Management IT Operations Management IT Business Management Customer Service Management HR Service Delivery Security Operations

  13. DELIVERY CENTER Remote Services MISSION SKILLS STAFFING REFERENCES DISTRIBUTED DELIVERY TEAMS Service account Supervisor Service desk expert Service desk agent Our remote services allow us to offer multilingual support to our Customer'stff and their users Pupa, Prenatal, Fendi, Rinascente, UNES, Telepass, Stella Mc Cartney, Deda.Cloud, Pianoforte, Dedagroup, Prysmian, EI Towers, Board, OCTO (HPE), Barilla (Deloitte, Accenture), Modis Kyndryl, Kiko, Luxottica, VF, Loropiana, Bombardier, WPP, IPZS, Alitalia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Intesa Sanpaolo Vita/Assicura, InBiz, Fideuram, Reale Mutua, ENI, IN.TE.SA, Monte dei Paschi, Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Snaitech, Rhiag, DXC, Ausino, IRCCS Pascale, Exprivia, Guerrato, Fastweb, Toremar, KPMG, ITA Airways, Prenatal, Venchi (NPO) Multilanguage Service Desk H24 L1 L2 Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) IMAC/UAR Activity HW Support Sistemic Service Desk L1 Service Desk L1 SAP ECC Sistemic and Network Monitoring GROWTH RATE Retail: >200 employees Finance: >400 employees Industry:> 150 employees Our skills range go from service desk to software development in both technical and business areas; we boast particular differentiating experiences in retail and finance sectors. Patch management Stock and staging We apply the processes defined by the reference best practices and supported by innovative and advanced automation tools. HEADQUARTERS Rome Milan Naples Turin Benevento Tirana Sofia Advanced BPO Customization and developments on ServiceNow platform We support the customer from the design phase throughout the entire project process with a one stop shop perspective. The service delivery method guarantees business continuity and operational flexibility in compliance with the contractual SLAs.

  14. DELIVERY CENTER Technologies e, Consulting MISSION SKILLS STAFFING REFERENCES We support customers in developing a clear IT strategy in synergy with an innovative vision of their business, having their "customers" as a fundamental point of reference. We support them in their digitalization process through the integration of IT solutions and the transformation of processes. ARICHETETURE Analysis and definition of the overall architecture in terms of: corporate perspective (business) information perspective (data) application perspective (processes) technological perspective (infrastructure) PAC: Ministry of the Interior(Almaviva) DISTRIBUTED DELIVERY TEAMS Senior advisor Program manager Data Specialist Process Specialist Senior Consultant Previdenziali: INAIL PAL: Soresa (DXC, KPMG), Comune di Napoli PROCESSES Analysis of application systems and associated business processes Operational Model of services (organization and processes) Data Strategy, Data Governance and transition towards Data Driven organization HEADQUARTERS Rome Milan Naples Turin Benevento Tirana Sofia Finance: CNP Assurance We help them creating VALUE by rationalizing their architectures and identifying the most effective ways to optimize costs. INFRASTRUTTURE Definition and management of technological infrastructures Efficiency of services Optimization of economics Transition and implementation towards virtual and cloud We take care of organizations optimizing their technological infrastructures and production processes, according to their expected compliance.

  15. TECHNOLOGY COMPETENCE CENTER IOT & Cybersecurity MISSION SKILLS STAFFING REFERENCES PAL: Vesuvius National Park Authority, Municipality of Monte di Procida, Municipality of Santa Maria a Vico, Municipality of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Municipality of Forio d Ischia, Municipality of Ottaviano, Municipality of Massafra, Comune di Cisternino THE TEAM Innovaway guides companies on their Digital Transformation journey, implementing solutions and platforms to accelerate the process of adopting IoT technologies, with a particular focus on Cybersecurity aspects. ACTIVITIES Project Managers Solution Architects Technical Specialists Design of IoT solutions on Premise and Cloud Cloud- Way IoT platform for remote monitoring and control Design of HW/SW solutions for Homeland Security Cloud Oriented PAC: Ministry of the Interior, VV.FF. HEADQUARTERS For this purpose, the Cloud-Way IoT platform was designed to provide services to Smart Cities, and provides advanced remote monitoring and control features. Rom Milan Naples SERVIZI: S.A.P.NA SpA REFERENCE TECHNOLOGIES TELCO PARTNER: Fastweb, TIM, Wind3, Ericsson RealTime Application, OO, WEBSERVICES, Android, Java, B4X RAD, MS-Sql DB, NoSql DB, Remote webservices DB, API, MQTT, NodeRed, ONVIF, VAPIX, A.I, Deep Learning, Lora. The Cloud-Native video surveillance solution, through the use of A.I. technologies offers real- time anomaly detection, proactive notifications and intelligent search, and it is integrated with a wide range of sensors. INDUSTRY: Silgan White Cup Italia SrL

  16. TECHNOLOGY COMPETENCE CENTER Digital Workspace MISSION SKILLS STAFFING REFERENCES Novara Local Health Authority Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano DISTRIBUTED DELIVERY TEAMS Desktop Engineering Systems Architect IT Project Manager IT Product Support IT Service Desks IT Field Services We are experts in solutions for the management of all company devices and the use of UEM platforms. The concept of Digital Workspace and, with it, the phygital environment paradigm, halfway between physical and digital space, today represent the new standard for evaluating the effective productivity of workplaces oriented towards collaboration and comparison with the product and methodology support. We have a full management of all operating systems of the different softwares (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android...), with the focus on Factory to End User. HEADQUARTERS CC DW s mission is to support our customers in order to help them to improve their business using the opportunities offered by digital evolution by making use of specialists in the sector. Naples Rome Milan Turin Bari Benevento Tirana Sofia SW Distribution and Device always updated thanks to connectivity across the entire internet and not just on the local network, with the possibility of creating application catalogs dedicated to a single OS but also to specific work groups

  17. TECHNOLOGY COMPETENCE CENTER IOT & Cybersecurity MISSION SKILLS STAFFING REFERENCES Finance: Consob, Monte dei Paschi di Siena ACTIVITIES THE TEAM Project Managers Solution Architects Technical Specialists The choice to move even partially the data and workloads to the cloud represents a series of undoubted advantages, but requires a series of specific technical, economic and organizational assessments to guarantee the full success of the project. Design, creation and management of HW/SW platforms in a Data Center or distributed environment PA: Aria Workflow migration from on premise to Cloud and Cloud to Cloud Telco e, Media: SKY Creation and Deployment of Cloud Native environments The IHC Competence Center supports the Customer on this path as an end-to-end partner for cloud integration, making its skills and partnerships available for the definition and execution of the cloud strategy, through subsequent steps that follow the industry best practices, ranging from Data Center components to Cloud Native ones within a hybrid model. Automotive: Lamborghini Development, deployment and management of microservices HEADQUARTERS Rom Milan Naples Turin Benevento Tirana Sofia REFERENCE TECHNOLOGIES VMWare, Nutanix, Oracle, AWS, Azure, RedHat, Kubernetes, Docker.

  18. TECHNOLOGY COMPETENCE CENTER Digital Workspace MISSION SKILSS STAFFING REFERENCES Innovaway's SDG Competence Center was born with the aim of supporting the digital transition Data-Driven putting to provision of high added value services and solutions. APPLICATION ENVIROMENTS Strategy e,- Architecture Requirement e,- Process Big Data e,- Analytics Data Governance e,- Operations CAPABILITIES THE TEAM Data Architects Advisory Consultants Enterprise Architects Business Analysts Data Scientists Data Specialists INAIL (KPMG, HSPI) Ministero dell Interno (Almaviva, Almawave) Carpisa MIUR SMART Data HEADQUARTERS Our Team is made up of specialists with qualified professionalism and transversal skills in the world of Data Governance and Analytics. Rome Milan Naples Turin Benevento Tirana Sofia IT Advisory and Technology Data Analytics IT Software Factory IT Infrastructures By adopting our best practices and methodologies, we range from the definition of Data Strategy, to Data Architecture up to the end user experience, increasing value through Artificial Intelligence solutions.




  22. CONTACTS ROME HEADQUARTER Viale Ostiense 131/L copro D 7 piano 00154 Roma (RM) T/Ph: +39 06 5474060 F: +39 06 5474069 NAPLES HEADQUARTER ADMINISTRATIVE AND OPERATING HQ Via Adriano snc- Centro Polifunzionale di Soccavo 80126 Napoli (NA) T/Ph: +39 081 0346101 MILAN HEADQUARTER Via Mecenate, 90 20138 Milano (MI) T/Ph: +39 02 45374501 ALBANIA OFFICES Rr Jordan Misja Pallatet Gener 2, Objekti D kt 1, ap.1 1001 Tirane, Albania T/Ph: +355 44509012 F: +355 44509011 Bulevardi Zogu I, H. 2, Ap. 3 1001 Tirana, Albania LEGAL HQEADQUARTER Via G. Porzio, 4 Centro Direzionale di Napoli Is. G1 80143 Napoli (NA) TURIN HEADQUARTER Corso Giulio Cesare, 268 10154 Torino (TO) BARI HEADQUARTER Via Guido De Ruggiero, 62/64/66 70125 Bari (BA) Societ con unico azionista. Societ soggetta all attivit di direzione e coordinamento della G&G Holding s.r.l. CTANZARO HEADQUARTER Localit Campo Zona Industriale snc 88040 Settingiano (CZ) T/Ph: +39 09611910480 INNOVAWAY BULGARIA Sofia, Petra Street, primo piano ap. 2 17 Distretto di Oborishte Bulgaria CONTCTS BENEVENTO HEADQUARTER Zona Z2 Agglomerato IND. DI Ponte Valentino - BEN HUB SNC 82100 Benevento INNOVAWAY THE NETHERLANDS Millenium Tower Weena 690 Rotterdam 3012 CN