Mastering Communication Skills: Essential Techniques

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Enhance your communication skills through understanding types of communication, practicing the POP technique, and using verbal and nonverbal cues effectively. Improve your ability to convey messages clearly and make a positive impact.

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  1. Communication Skills

  2. Communawhat? Say what? Rolling Your Eyes Talking Back Posting Something You Shouldn t

  3. Activity: Color Words

  4. Objectives 2. Practice Your Communication Skills. 1. Understand types of Communication. 3. Demonstrate understanding of POP.

  5. Unit 1 Types of Communication

  6. Nonverbal Communication Body Language What are they saying?

  7. First Impressions Happen instantly and last a lifetime!

  8. Written Communication Boss Friend

  9. Verbal Communication When you talk to someone. Can say the same thing different ways.

  10. How You Communicate Matters 93% left to interpret in written communication Something important call or meet

  11. POP To keep words from popping out of your mouth use the POP Technique! P Prepare what you are going to say. O Own what you say. P Proceed with what you say.

  12. How Would You Respond? Activity: POP

  13. Unit 2 Tools to Communicate

  14. Open-ended Questions Questions or statements are a good way to learn more. Review your results with me. What do you think? How can we work this out?

  15. Closed-ended Questions Give you short answers. Is Dale or Marc on your team? Is Sarah coming to the movie? Can you meet on Monday?

  16. Be a Good Listener Make good eye contact. Nod your head. Ask questions.

  17. Activity: What Can You Remember?

  18. Unit 3 Communication Works

  19. Activity: Snow Way

  20. Top 5 Communication Tips 2. Be clear in what you say. Don t exaggerate and make sure you have the facts right. 1. Decide if you should talk in person, on the phone, or with a text. 3. Be a good listener.

  21. Top 5 Communication Tips 4. Adjust your responses to the way the other person is feeling. Are they happy, sad, upset, or mad? 5. Do what you say you are going to do!

  22. Summary 2. Practice Your Communication Skills. 1. Understand types of Communication. 3. Demonstrate understanding of POP.


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