Ethics in Marketing, Finance and HR

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Explore ethical dilemmas in marketing, analyzing product development, pricing strategies, distribution practices, and promotions. Learn about unethical marketing practices to avoid. Enhance your understanding of advertising principles and responsible business behavior.

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  2. ETHICS IN MARKETING Ethical issues related to the marketing mix Unethical marketing practices Ethical dilemmas in marketing Ethics in Advertising Types of unethical ads

  3. Ethical issues related to the marketing mix Product Development of new products Encourage materialism Performance and safety Poor design Lack of quality Packaging (copying, lays) Counterfeiting Expired products

  4. Ethical issues related to the marketing mix Price Psychological pricing Discriminatory pricing Price rigging Price fixing Price wars Price skimming Price gouging Predatory pricing

  5. Ethical issues related to the marketing mix Place Premium for shelf space Grey market Hoarding Monopoly outlets Delay in delivery of goods

  6. Ethical issues related to the marketing mix Promotion Deception Invasiveness Unethical sales promotion Unethical advertising

  7. Unethical marketing practices False, exaggerated, unverified claims Distortion of facts Concealing dark sides or side effects Bad mouthing rivals Using women in advertising Using fear Plagiarism Exploitation Demeaning references to age, sex, religion or race Spamming

  8. Ethical dilemmas in marketing Invasion of privacy Spamming Public bashing Dishonesty and distortion Distorted endorsements Misuse of contests Opportunism

  9. Basic principals OF ADVERTISING Decency Honesty Social Responsibility Truthful presentation Comparisons Imitation Safety and health Avoidance of Harm Environmental behavior

  10. WAYS OF UNETHICAL ADVERTISING Surrogate advertisement Puffery Exaggeration Weasel claims Subliminal ads Unverified claims Women stereotyping Women used as sex symbols for promoting products Comparative advertisements Use of children in advertising

  11. Ethical issues in HR Labour costs Selection of employees Training of employees Placement of employees Performance appraisal Horn Halo Central tendency Leniency Strictness Bias Promotion of employees Transfers Compensation to employees Terminations

  12. Ethical issues in HR Downsizing Working conditions Welfare facilities Working hours Sexual harassment

  13. Ethical leadership Ethical leadership is leadership that is directed by respect for ethical beliefs and values and for the dignity and rights of others. It is related to concepts such as trust, honesty, consideration, charisma and fairness

  14. Characteristics of ethical leadership Good listener People s person Fairness Integrity Confidentiality No tolerance for ethical violations Service motive Dignity and respectfulness

  15. Characteristics of ethical leadership Justice Respect for others Honesty Humane Focus on team building Value driven Lead by example Encourages

  16. Importance of ethical leadership Act as role models in organisation and community Builds trust Bring credibility and respect for self and organisation Leads to collaborations Creates good climate within the organisation Right way to go Can afford self respect

  17. Ethics in finance Scope of ethics in finance Ethics of finance manager Ethics in taxation Corporate crime Major corporate scams in India Role of SEBI in ensuring corporate governance Cadbury committee report