Community Engagement and Patient-cantered Care

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Explore the importance of meaningful community engagement in eye care services, focusing on understanding community needs, social behavior change, and accountability to improve service uptake and impact. Learn how to empower communities for better eye healthcare outcomes.

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  1. Community Engagement and Patient-cantered Care Sumrana Yasmin Deputy Technical Director: Eye Health, Sightsavers

  2. Community engagement Health systems strengthening Universal health coverage Identifying challenges Meaningful engagement of communities Design and planning Implementation monitoring and impact Advocacy

  3. Health system strengthening (HSS) Universal Health Coverage - integration of eye care into UHC and delivering integrated people-centred eye care for ALL Equitable Access HSS framework - Service delivery, health workforce, health information systems, essential medicines, financing, leadership/governance, quality of care, technology and innovation Demand-side financing - empower communities by increasing their purchasing power; effective use of resources and improved efficiency of service providers

  4. Meaningful community engagement Understand community needs - engage with communities to understand needs; plan and deliver eye care services accordingly; improved uptake of services; ownership Maximise Impact Social behavior change - increase the demand for eye health services and encourage communities to seek eye care; invest more in health promotion and education Accountability - be accountable to communities, and empower them to hold eye care stakeholders accountable

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