The Carlisle Indian Industrial School

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The history and purpose of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, from its establishment in 1879 to its closure in 1918. Discover its impact on Native American students and the assimilation policies of the time.

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  1. The Carlisle Indian Industrial School 1879-1918

  2. Richard Pratt 2 Richard Pratt in 1901

  3. The Carlisle School Sioux boys as they arrived at the Indian Training School at Carlisle Barracks October 5, 1897 3

  4. The Carlisle School 4 Class photo from 1900

  5. The Carlisle School 5 Group of Carlisle School students in 1890

  6. The Carlisle School 6 The Carlisle football team, 1899

  7. The Carlisle School 7 The Carlisle band, 1901

  8. The Carlisle School 8 Ironing Class, 1901

  9. The Carlisle School 9 Laundry Class, 1901

  10. The Carlisle School Teacher observing students as they read, between 1901 and 1903 10

  11. The Carlisle School 11 Graduating class of 1906

  12. Central Historical Question What was the purpose of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School?


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