Digitising the Circular Economy

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The digitisation of the circular economy and the urgent need to reconsider resource consumption to avoid waste and create a sustainable future.

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  1. Digitising the Circular Economy Nov 2023

  2. By 2030, we will require two planets worth of natural resources. Resource demand will be more than double by 2060. From 90 billion tonnes to 190 billion tonnes. The world must reconsider how we consume natural resources to avoid wasting valuable materials in landfills.

  3. ASPIRE, the Solution. Co2 avoidance (ISO 14044, 14067, 21930) Create new supply chains Reduce costs with disposal & storage. Automated notifications on needed resources ESG Alignment and reporting Over 200 commodity types

  4. How ASPIRE Works. D a t a D a t a O u t c o m e s O u t c o m e s Collect Collect Data Data Process Process Data Data Regulatory Compliance (ISO 14044, 14067, 21930) Resource Upload Algorithm Match Improve data transfer and business models Connect & Exchange Landfill Diversion Recycling Market

  5. Business Case Study Business/ Organisation Characteristics: 1,361 Employees 104 Staff onboarded 346 Value, Supply Chain & Contractors Onboarded

  6. 1.4 Business Model ASPIRE Business Model (SaaS) Business/ Organization Subscriptions Annually Customizations/ Modifications ASPIRE + Service Support Service Smart Scope 3 Carbon Calculator QAR 3800 QAR 45K per day for 12 months day rate QAR 1.2k - $2k. QAR 635 - 30K. Premium QAR 114K - 304K p/a QAR 12.5K per day 12.45mil 20k 622.5 0.5% share of the Qatar target market Average revenue by paying customers Amount of customers needed to break even

  7. Market Size & ESG Alignment Moving to a Circular Economy provides multiple benefits, including climate, other ESG paybacks, and additional revenue from the same resources. 55bil ( Q A R ) 2.49bil ( Q A R ) 12.45mil ( Q A R ) In investments announced in Smart Cities initiatives in 2022 The price of the Qatar waste management market by 2026 0.5% share of the Qatar target market Fortune Business Insights Sustainability 2022, 14(15), 8991; https://doi.org/10.3390/su14158991

  8. ESG Impact

  9. MENA Movements ASPIRE- Arabic

  10. Expansion Opportunities Hong Kong Netherlands Singapore United States MENA Australia MENA Presence in Market Negotiation Status NEXT MARKET

  11. Competitors in the Circular Economy The main players operating in the Circular Economy are divided into four clusters based on their business models and services offered. MATCHMAKING SERVICE / PLATFORM MATERIAL / PRODUCT DIRECTORY PROCUREMENT SYSTEM BUY & SELL MARKETPLACE PAYMENT GATEWAY GEO-LOCATION TRACE ISO VARIATION ON CO2 AVOIDANCE AUS FED GOV Circular Economy Marketplace Report

  12. Technology Development/ Milestones 2022 Q1 2023 Q2 2023 Escrow Payments* Payment Gateway* Travel to GCC for partner opportunities.* Salesforce Enterprise API integration.* Finalise market entry plan for Qatar expansion.* Currently here Cypress Automated Testing* ASPIRE+* Q3 2023 Q4 23 - Q1 24 Sign partners finalise funding. Add Blockchain & Tokenisation to ASPIRE (POC) Qatar partnered. *Completed

  13. Business Traction $2.35mil of Savings and Earnings through the Platform

  14. User Traction 30,015 exchanges 3000 users 66.7% growth (vs 2022) +30.0% growth (vs 2021) +66.7% growth (vs 2020)

  15. The Team 55 years of industry expertise Non-Executive Advisory Board 125 years of industry expertise Nils Barry Partnerships, Business Development Manager Cameron McKenzie CEO Dr. Sarah King Circular Economy Expert Shane Power G2B BDM Luke Lalor Risk & Insurance Tom Palmieri Accounting & Finance Geoff Gourley Social Innovator, Impact Investor Angela Stubbs G2B BDM Huxley Peckham AI/ Blockchain & Business Development Manager Tuyen Nguyen Technical Lead

  16. Investment and Use of Proceeds $1.5M Technology new features for the platform. $3.0M USD $1.5M For operations expenses FUNDRAISING FOR THE NEXT 36 MONTHS The operations funding will support: Embedding a flagship customer in Qatar Qatar expansion Platform readiness Marketing Activities

  17. THANK YOU Cameron McKenzie CEO CHECK OUT ASPIRE HERE camm@aspiresme.com +61 417 212 2 40 CONTACT ME HERE


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