Horticulture Promotion Scheme in Mizoram

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The program aims to assist farmers in Mizoram with horticulture initiatives by providing financial support for nursery development, seed production, infrastructure, and crop expansion. Details include cost norms and assistance patterns for various horticultural activities.

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  1. T. Liankunga, A.D.H.O, Kolasib Horticulture Division

  2. Horticulture promotion atan Sorkar-in Scheme/ Programme/ Mission hrang hrang a siam a, chumi tihlawhtling tur chuan Department hrang hrang bakah Board hrang hrang a siam bawk a, chutichung chuan kan State (Mizoram) hian kan tawng sang lutuk lovin, heng scheme hrang hrang te pawh hi kan chhawr tangkai tawh lovin a hriat a, chuvangin ngaihtuahna thar leh thinlung thar pua theih tawp chhuaha tanlak a pawimawh hle a ni Horticulture-a hmasawnna thlen tur hian thiamna, finna, taimakna, thawhrimna a pawimawh rualin sum leh pai tel lovin bul tan a har thin. Sum leh pai kan mamawh te dap chhuak turin Sorkar-in Scheme/ Programme/ Loan kan hman tangkai theih tur a duan te tarlan kan tum ang a, chipchiar taka tarlan erawh tun atan chuan a theih loh mai thei, mahse a kalphung tlangpui kan tarlang ang a, chumi atang chuan a bawhzui dan tur chu kan hre chhawm mai turah ngai ila a tha ang e.

  3. He Mission atang hian farmers te hnenah tanpuina kan pe thei a, a tlangpui thuin a chanve (50% of the estimated cost) Sorkar-in a tum a, 50% dang leh chu farmers ten an tum tura ngaih a ni. He mission atang hian programme tam tak ruahman a ni a, chung atanga tanpuina pek theih dan chu hetiang hi a ni.

  4. S/n Particulars Cost Norms Pattern of Assistance A Production of planting materials 1. Hi-Tech Nursery (4 ha Rs. 100 lakhs Rs. 40 lakhs (40%) credit linked back ended subsidy Rs. 7.5 lakhs (50%) %) credit linked back ended subsidy Rs. 5 lakhs (50%) 2. Small Nursery (1 ha) Rs. 15 lakhs 3. meet accredit ion norms 4. Setting up of new Tissue Culture Units 5. Seed production for vegetables and spices a) Open pollinated b) Hybrid seeds Upgrading Nursery Infrastructure to Rs. 10 lakhs (4 ha) Rs. 250 lakhs Rs. 100 lakhs (40%) credit linked back ended subsidy Rs. 35,000/ha Rs. 1.50 lakhs per ha Rs. 200 lakhs 50% limited to 5ha (Rs. 87,500) 50% limited to 5ha (Rs. 3.75 lakhs) 6. processing, packing storage of seeds etc. of seeds meant for use as seed material for cultivation of horticultural crops) Seed Infrastructure (handling, Rs. 100 lakhs (50%) credit linked backended subsidy

  5. B Area Expansion of fruit crops (max. 4ha per beneficiary) a) Integrated package with drip irrigation Rs. 1 lakh to 5.5 lakhs/ha based on crops Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,25,000/ha based on crops Rs. 50,000 per ha for hybrid only 50 % for 2-3 yrs for the cost of planting materials, drip material, INM/IPM Rs. 50,000 2,75,000 50 % for 2-3 yrs for the cost of planting materials, INM/IPM Rs. 30,000 62,500 50% Rs. 25,000 b) Without Integration C Area expansion of Vegetables (max 2 ha per beneficiary) a) Production Unit Rs. 20 lakhs per unit 40% credit-linked back ended subsidy Rs. 10 lakhs 40% credit-linked back ended subsidy Rs. 7.5 lakhs 40% credit-linked back ended subsidy Rs. 10 lakhs b) Spawn making unit Rs. 15 lakhs per unit c) Compost making unit Rs. 20 lakh per unit D Area expansion of flowers (max 2 ha per beneficiary) a) Cut flowers b) Bulbous flowers c) Loose flowers Area expansion of loose flowers a) Seed & Rhizomatic Spices b) Perennial Spices Rs. 1.0 lakh/ha Rs. 1.5 lakh/ha Rs. 0.4 lakh/ha 50% Rs. 50,000 50% Rs. 75,000 50% Rs. 20,000 E Rs. 0.3 lakh/ha Rs. 0.5 lakh/ha 50% Rs. 15,000 50% Rs. 25,000

  6. F Area expansion of Cashew on Cocoa (max 4 ha per beneficiary) a) Integrated with drip irrigation Rs. 1.0 lakh/ha 50% for 3yrs for the cost of planting material, drip and INM/IPM Rs. 50,000 50% for 3yrs for the cost of planting material and INM/IPM Rs. 25,000 b) Without Integration Rs. 0.5 lakh/ha G Creation of Water Sources a) Community Water Tank Rs. 25 lakh/unit 100% for group of farmers b) Individual Water Tank Rs. 1.80 lakh per unit 50% Rs. 90,000 H Protected cultivation (max 4,000 Sqm per beneficiary) a) Fou & pad system Greenhouse Rs. 1610 to Rs 1898 per Sqm based on size of area (500-4000) Rs. 970 to Rs 1219 per Sqm based on size of area 50% Rs. 805 - Rs. 949 b) Tubular structure greenhouse 50% Rs. 485 - Rs. 609 c) Wooden structure greenhouse Rs. 621/Sqm 50% Rs. 310 d) Bamboo structure greenhouse Rs. 518/Sqm 50% Rs. 259 e) Tubular structure shadenet house Rs. 816/Sqm 50% Rs. 408

  7. I Cost of planting materials and cultivation in poly houses a) High value vegetables (Tomato/Capsixum etc) Rs. 140/Sqm 50% Rs. 70 b) Orchid and Anthurium Rs. 700/Sqm 50% Rs. 350 c) Carnation & Gerbera Rs. 610/Sqm 50% Rs. 305 d) Rose and Lilium Rs. 426/Sqm 50% Rs. 213 J Horticulture Mechanization a) Tractor (upto 20hp) Rs. 3 lakh/unit Rs. 1.00 lakh (Max) b) Power tiller (below 8BHP) Rs. 1 lakh/unit Rs. 0.5 lakh (50%) c) Power Tiller (above 8BHP) Rs. 1.5 lakh/unit Rs. 0.75 lakh (50%) d) Self-propelled horticulture machinery Rs. 2.5 lakh/unit Rs. 1.25 lakh (50%) e) Plant protection equipments Rs. 1200 to Rs. 20,000 based on equipments 50% Rs. 600 Rs. 10,000 MIDH hnuaia programme/scheme hrang hrang hmang hian Horticulture lama tui thalai/farmer ten eizawnna bul kan tan theih ngei ka beisei.

  8. He scheme hi chu State Sorkar-in Agriculture/ Horticulture programme tana budget a dah doletna leh a tlakchham lai phuhruksak tumna a nih avangin a kal reng thei dawn em sawi theih a ni lova, tanpuina pek theih dan pawh MIDH norms zulzuia kalpui a ni. He mission hnuaiah hian thlai tuipekna lam kalpui a ni a. tangkai taka hman dan ngaihtuah a pawimawh hle a ni. State Matching Share ngai a ni a, hetiangin, Gov t of India - Farmer State 50% 40% 10% - -

  9. Coconut Board Cashew Board Tea Board Spices Board National Horticulture Board etc. dan leh financial assistance pek dan hrang theuh an nei a, chipchiar in sawi lo mai ila, chutih rual erawh chuan NHB Scheme/ Programme kalpui dan leh kan hlawkpui theih dan tur tlangpui tarlan tum ila kan tangkaipui ngei ka beisei. Heng Board hrang hrang te hian programme kalpui

  10. Overall Ceiling in Project Mode with Add-on Components/acre (Rs) 6 1,25,000.00 1,70,000.00 1,25,000.00 1,50,000.00 2,00,000.00 1,75,000.00 1,75,000.00 1,75,000.00 1,75,000.00 1,50,000.00 3,20,000.00 3,55,000.00 1,25,000.00 1,75,000.00 1,75,000.00 2,20,000.00 1,50,000.00 1,65,000.00 No of Plants Per Acre (Nos) Cost of Planting Materials/acre (Rs) Plant Spacing (Metre) S/n Crops 1 1 2 3 4 5 Aonla 6x6 3x3 2x2 1.8x1.8 3x3 4x4 6x6 4x5 6x6 2.5x2.5 4x4 1.8x1.8 6x6 1x2 6x6 4x4 10x10 4.5x4.5 112 444 1000 1234 444 222 112 200 112 640 250 110 112 2000 112 250 40 197 4,003 15,984 10,000 20,984 15,998 7,992 4,003 7,200 4,003 25,600 3,750 16,662 3,336 60,000 2,780 6,250 2,000 6,580 2 3 4 Banana (Sucker) Banana (TC) Lime/Lemon 5 Mandarin/Orange 6 7 8 Sweet Orange Custard Apple Grapes 9 Guava 10 Kiwi 11 Litchi

  11. 12 Mango 10x10 25.x2.5 1.8x1.8 1.5x1.5 4x4 3x2 3x2.5 2.5x2.5 5x5 3x3 0.6x0.30 0.6x0.3 0.225x0.6x0.9 3.5x3.5 2.5x2.5 0.9x0.45 0.5x1.00 8x6 7x6 10x10 5x5 4x3 40 640 1110 1777 250 666 533 640 200 444 18000 18000 21200 326 640 9876 8000 85 95 40 160 266 1,800 28,800 16,662 26,664 5,000 13,328 18,662 22,400 6,000 13,332 54,000 72,000 84,800 13,056 25,600 49,382 40,000 5,740 6,650 2,000 6,400 10,656 1,50,000.00 2,00,000.00 1,25,000.00 1,50,000.00 2,50,000.00 2,70,000.00 1,50,000.00 1,50,000.00 1,25,000.00 1,50,000.00 2,00,000.00 2,25,000.00 22,000.00 1,25,000.00 1,50,000.00 2,00,000.00 1,75,000.00 2,00,000.00 1,50,000.00 1,25,000.00 1,85,000.00 1,85,000.00 13 Papaya 14 Passionfruit 15 Peach 16 Pear 17 18 Pineapple (sucker) Pineapple (TC) 19 Plum 20 Strawberry 21 22 23 24 Cashewnut Coconut Tamarind Pomegranate NB: 1. Minimum area of the project is 2 ha (5 acres) 2. Maximum limit of assistance per project is Rs. 37.50 lakh in NE & Hilly Areas

  12. Cost of Poly house with drip & fogger system/acre (Rs in lakh) 3 33.76 33.76 Cost ceiling per acre with add-on components in project mode (Rs in lakh) 5 70.00 60.00 Cost of S/n Crops cultivation/acre (Rs. in lakh) 1 1 2 2 4 Anthurium and Orchid Rose, Lilium and Chrysanthemum Carnation and Gerbera Hi-Value Vegetables under Poly houses Hi-Value Vegetables under Shade Net 28.00 17.04 3 4 33.76 33.76 24.40 5.60 66.00 47.00 5 28.40 5.60 40.00 NB: 1. Cost of Tubular Structure Poly house will be 15% more in hilly areas 2. Minimum area of project is 2,500 Sqm. 3. Maximum limit of assistance is Rs. 56.00 lakhs

  13. S/n 1 1 Items 2 Description 3 Admissible Cost 4 Cost of Land Admissible only if newly but not before one year from date of sanction of loan Includes cost of land leveling, digging of pits, fencing, gates etc. Includes cost of planting materials, cost of inputs Includes mainlines, valve, regulator, filter etc. Actual or 10% of eligible project cost subject to maximum of Rs. 50,000 per acre Actual or 10% of eligible project cost subject to maximum of Rs. 50,000 per acre As per MIDH Cost Norms 2 Land Development 3 Cultivation Expenses Drip System with internal pipelines 4 i) Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 based on plant density ii) Sprinkler Rs. 15,000 per acre

  14. 5 Irrigation infrastructure excluding micro- irrigation Irrigation infrastructure like tube well, open well, water harvesting structure, water tank etc. if newly created with loan component i) Rs. 50,000 per acre for open field condition Rs. 4,00,000 per project in protected cultivation iii) Component wise cost norms as under a) Tube well up to Rs. 2.50 lakhs b) Rs. 100/- per cum for water harvesting structure with use of 300 micron plastic films or RCC lining c) 30% less for non-lined ponds/tanks d) Rs. 150/- per running metre from source of irrigation to production unit Tractor, Power Tiller, Plastic mulch laying machine, self protected horticulture machine, other tools & equipments. (Rates as per actual) ii) 6 Horticulture Mechanization i) Power/Hydraulic operated machine/ tools including small farm tractor with rotavator/ equipment etc. Machineries identified by NHB ii)

  15. 7 Civil infrastructure Includes functional pack house/ on farm collection unit and labour quarters i) a) i) Functional pack house Rs. 4.00 lakhs (9mx6m) Labour quarters/ store room @ Rs. 20,000/- per acre max up to Rs. 3.00 lakhs Rs. 60,000/- per unit for permanent structure and Rs. 10,000/- for HDPE Vermibed per No. Rs. 4,000/- per acre 8 Vermicompost Unit Permanent structure and HDPE Vermibed 9 Certification for Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) Support System for Grapes Plastic Mulching Bed preparation cost in the cases requiring soil replacement - 10 Permanent Structure made up of MS angle and stainless steel wire - Protected cultivation projects in cases involving removal and replacement of top soil by red soil or cultivation is done on media/pots/ concrete bed Rs. 1,50,000/- per acre 11 12 Rs. 14,729/- per acre for hilly areas Rs. 100/- per Sqm

  16. National Horticulture Board (NHB) hnuaia scheme hrang hrangah 50% subsidy hmu turin Bank Loan lak a ngai a, chubakah Joint Inspection Team (Bank, NHB leh State Hort/Agri Department aiawh) in an endik a, an recommend hnuah Poject Approval Committee in an approve a ngai. Subsidy dilna chu prescribed Form hmangin thehluh theih a ni a, dilna thehluh ruala chawingai (fee) pawh hetiang hi a ni. Rs. 10.00 lakhs hnuai project tan Rs. 10.00 - 20.00 lakhs project tan Rs. 20.00 - 50.00 lakhs project tan Rs. 50.00 lakhs chunglam project tan Rs. 50.00 lakhs project chin chu NHB Regional Office, Guwahati-ah thehluh tur a ni a, Rs. 50.00 lakhs chunglam project erawh chu NHB Head Office, Gurgaon-ah thehluh tur a ni thung. Heng fee chawi ngaite hi dilna thehluh rualin Bank Draft-a thawn nghal tur a ni a, Project Report leh Bank Consent letter thil tel bawk tur a ni. Dilna hi Bank Loan lak hmaa thehluh tur a ni. - - - - Rs. 1,000.00 Rs. 2,000.00 Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 10,000.00 NHB Project Approval Committee-in an recommend hnuah chauh Bank loan hi lak tur a tha. Bank-in 50% Term Loan an sanction hnuah full subsidy NHB-in a release anga, chu chu Subsidy Reserve Fund Account-ah dah a ni ang. Project thawh zawh hunah Joint Inspection Team-in an en leh phawt anga, tha tawka an ngaih chuan subsidy hi promoter Account-ah Bank- in a transfer ang.

  17. 1. 2. 3. 4. Bank-ah Account hawn phawt a ngai Project Report siam tur Project chu hlawkna pechhuak thei a ni tur a ni Dahkham (Mortgage) a ngai a, chu chu loan lak tur aia sang value nei a nih a ngai. Loan lak hi a hlauhawm em? Loan lak hi mi taima leh rinawmte tan a hlauhawm loh Mi zawmthaw leh thatchhia, project-in a tum kawng ni lova, kawng danga hman tum te tan chuan chhiatvekna thlen thei a ni. Mifing leh remhria apiangin mahni sum neih hmang lovin loan hmangin hausakna kawng an zawh thin. 5. 6. 7. 8.


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