Make the Most of the Moodle Mobile App

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Discover 5 tips to improve user experience: reduce onboarding friction, create a welcoming feel, simplify interface, optimize courses for mobile, and support users. Enhance with Pro & Premium plans for push notifications, site branding, and QR login.

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  1. Make the Most of the Moodle Mobile App Presented by Juan Leyva, Head of Mobile Solutions

  2. 5 tips to improve your users experience with the app 1. Reduce onboarding friction 2. Make your users feel at home 3. Simplify the user interface 4. Make your courses mobile-friendly 5. Support your students and teachers

  3. Pro and Premium plans Push notifications device limits Site finder QR code login Branding tool Unlimited features Premium plan free if hosted by Moodle Certified Partner, or MoodleCloud.

  4. 1. Reduce onboarding friction

  5. Site finder Sign-up for a Pro or Premium plan to include your site in Moodle site listing. Your users will be able to find your site just by name. You can even use your own image/logo for your site.

  6. QR login Sign-up for a Pro or Premium plan to allow your users to log in using QR codes. Your users profile will display a single use QR code to help them to log in without remembering your site URL and credentials.

  7. 2. Make your users feel at home

  8. Branding tool Premium sites are able to use the Basic Branding tool available at Admins can easily style their sites to match your organisation identity and include custom CSS.

  9. Custom menu items Easily add your custom pages to the mobile application. Available at Site administration > Mobile app features. More information here: p_guide_for_admins

  10. Custom strings You don t have teachers you have educators , do not worry, you can customise any language string in the app. More information here: p_guide_for_admins

  11. 3. Simplify the user interface

  12. Disable features You can remove from the app all those advanced features or options that you don t really use (or you don t want to provide via the app). Apart from Moodle features such as blogs, tags, etc you can also disable certain blocks, course modules and mobile-specific functionality. More information here: p_guide_for_admins

  13. 4. Make your courses mobile-friendly

  14. Content Avoid SCORM when possible, use modern tools such as H5P that adapts better Use Page or Book instead of PDF documents Adapt text-formatting to small screens Avoid non mobile-friendly formats such as docx when possible Check Digital Literacy at

  15. Media Is the image really required? Crop images to show area of interest Use online tools to optimise your videos and images Not all video formats are supported by Android/iOS Youtube, Vimeo work ok but they don t work offline More information here: obile-friendly_courses

  16. 5. Support your students and teachers

  17. ownloading-and-setting-up-the-moodle- mobile-app Help guidelines 15/mod_resource/content/1/Moodle%20Mo bile%20App%20Guide.pdf There are different ways to support your students and teachers: Quick and short-guides about how to log in Explanatory images with the main options Train your teachers about how to adapt their courses to mobile devices p/43495/block_html/content/Tutorial%20M obile%20%281%29.pdf

  18. Juan Leyva E: W: