The Fascinating World of Seeds: Shapes, Sizes, and Survival Strategies

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Seeds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. They have different ways of dispersal, such as through wind, animals, water, or even explosions. The seed coat plays a crucial role in protecting the seed. Understanding the diversity and survival strategies of seeds gives us insight into the wonders of nature.

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  1. What are seeds??

  2. Parts of a seed - seed coat Why do seeds have a seed coat? Why do seeds have a seed coat?

  3. Why are seeds so different?? Shape Size Colour Texture

  4. By wind Maple seed Spins like a helicopter

  5. By wind Dandelion seed Is fluffy to be carried away

  6. By animals or humans Blackberries Birds or animals eat fleshy fruits and the seeds are passed away with their droppings

  7. By animals or humans Rambutan fruit Sticks to the fur of animals and is carried away

  8. By water Coconut Has a lot of food and water which help it survive its long journey

  9. By water Pong pong seed Very light and can float to be carried away by ocean currents

  10. By explosion Okra seeds They spread their seed by exploding .

  11. By explosion Himalayan balsam seeds They explode when touched and shoot out up to 7m

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