Transformation for an Unscripted Future

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DCU's organizational purpose, strategic pillars, guiding philosophy, drivers, and prioritized actions. It aims to pioneer a transformative student experience, advance research reputation and impact, enhance local and international engagement, and optimize organizational resilience and readiness.

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  1. DCU Strategy 2023-2028 Transformation for an Unscripted Future

  2. Draft Strategy Map Our Organisational Purpose Our Strategic Pillars Our Guiding Philosophy Our Drivers Our Prioritised Actions Pioneer a Transformative Student Experience Mission: Collective Leadership To transform lives and societies People Value and Develop our Staff Community Innovation, Creativity & Enterprise (ICE) Elaborated in overall & Component Strategies Values: Focus Student Focused, Open, Inclusive, Collegial, Collaborative, Ambitious Advance our Research Reputation & Impact Sustainable Development Impact Enhance Local and International Engagement Vision: Agility & Horizon Scanning To be a leading innovative European University distinguished by the quality of the DCU experience, and the impact of our teaching and research on society, working with our stakeholders on issues of global concern Optimise Organisational Resilience & Readiness 2

  3. Draft Strategic Pillars & Goals 2023 2028 Enhance Local and International Engagement Optimise Organisational Resilience and Readiness Advance our Research Reputation & Impact Pioneer a Transformative Experience Value and Develop our Staff Comunity Our Strategic Pillars Optimise our organisational structures, skillsets, business intelligence and campus development plans Grow the impact of our partnerships across communities and enterprise, nationally & internationally Strengthen staff culture & community, and enhance our capabilities and performance Develop our research outputs, impact and doctoral community Develop our curriculum, distinctive learning experience, services, supports and opportunities Our Strategic Goals Collective Leadership Innovation, Creativity & Enterprise (ICE) Our Drivers Sustainable Development Agility & Horizon Scanning 3

  4. Draft Pillars & Priorities 2023 - 2028 Enhance Local and International Engagement Pioneer a Transformative Student Experience Advance Our Research Reputation and Impact Value and Develop Our Staff Community Optimise Organisational Resilience & Readiness Our Strategic Pillars 1. Excellence - continuing to innovate our curriculum and teaching with a focus on excellence. 1. Our DCU - Renew Our DCU Plan to enhance our staff culture, community and campus experience where staff & students connect & thrive 1. Intensity publishing a quantity & quality of peer- reviewed research equivalent to our European peers 1. Organisational structures Ensure organisational structures align for strategic delivery 1. Focussed Ensure visibility of our local and regional engagement for greater impact 2. Flexibility - in provision, pathways, access and curriculum to address the diversity of learner needs and emerging system priorities 2. Talent Development - Support talent development, succession planning and staff capabilities & performance linking with PR 2. Impact developing the influence of our work in international academic debates and its social and economic impacts 2. Digital Transformation Adopt IT-supported lean processes and business intelligence-based decision making 2. Partnership - Be a partner of choice in enterprise / industry engagement, through focussed and aligned partnerships 3. Inclusion deliver on our equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) priorities, including on our commitment to the Athena Swan Charter, and ensure that everyone has a voice, can flourish and feels that they belong, in the context of building Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) capability 3. Student Experience Providing an outstanding student experience and community: engagement opportunities, resources, supports, facilities and environment. Our 3. Doctoral Community Increasing the scale of our doctoral student community & the level of peer-reviewed publications based on their work 3. Capabilities- Identify and build capabilities (People, and Infrastructure) to ensure organisational resilience 3. International - Deliver a University-wide, business intelligence based Internationalisation Plan, to ensure appropriate and strategic international activity Strategic Priorities 4. Scenario Planning To assess risks and opportunities 4. Student-focused Academic Services transforming how students experience academic services. Enabling flexible, innovative curricula supported by new systems and services. 4. Support & Communication Build an effective, cross- university research support and communications programme 4. Service further enhance the service we provide o our stakeholders with a view to improving the stakeholder experience 4. Alumni - Expand our Alumni offering and reach to deepen and sustain our alumni relationships Collective Leadership Our Drivers Innovation, Creativity & Enterprise (ICE) Sustainable Development Agility & Horizon Scanning 4

  5. This will be filled out for each pillar. Still at draft stage. To be agreed by mid March Baselines (If Applicable) Pillar Priorities SMG Owner Year 1 KPIs/Indicators Delivery Component Strategy 1 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Pillar : 2 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 3 1 2 3 4 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5

  6. Constituent Strategies T&L Strategy (includes VPAA) Finance Strategy HR Strategy COO Strategy (includes ISS Strategy, DCU Alpha, Campus Companies..) Research Strategy (includes Invent, Centres..) Engagement Strategy (includes Alumni strategy, Student Recruitment strategy, International..) Faculty Strategies 5 Deputy President (includes Sports Strategy, Library Strategy, Student Support & Development Strategy, Communications & Marketing Strategy) DCU Trust Strategy important to consider where this will contribute 6

  7. Strategy Development Process 2nd Draft of Updated Strategy Engagement Pillar Working Groups Flesh out specific actions & targets Web Site Developed and Populated Draft to Governing Authority for Approval April 26th 2023 Governing Authority Faculties and Units Town Halls Fuse Executive IAB Students Others (Awareness raising, communication) Draft Strategy Agreed Mission, Vision, Values, Pillars, Priorities Complete Draft Strategy Agreed Goals, Actions, KPIs Final Strategy for Publication 7


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