Curriculum Reform update – DELs and principals

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Stay updated on the latest changes and timelines for curriculum reform in NSW schools. Get information on the revised schedule and implementation plans.

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  1. Curriculum Reform update DELs and principals Term 2, Week 3, 2023

  2. Acknowledgement of Country The NSW Department of Education acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands and waters on which we teach and learn. We pay respect to Elders past, present and future, for they hold the memories, culture, traditions and hopes of First Nations peoples. We celebrate First Nations peoples cultural and spiritual connection to Country. Their evolving traditions of art, music, dance and storytelling have inspired our learning and continue to enrich and guide our work. Growth created by Anabella Hazell Year 9 from Blaxland High School on Ngurra Country of the Dharug and Gundungurra peoples, as part of 2022 Schools Reconciliation Challenge

  3. NESA Curriculum Reform Schedule Release Changes to the Curriculum Reform Timeline Changes to the Curriculum Reform Timeline have been announced. For the most up to date information check NESA s Curriculum Reform timeline webpage. Key information from the announcement is outlined below. Feedback from teachers and advisory groups was that the current curriculum reform schedule is unworkable. A strategic rollout will mean teachers have adequate time to consult and get to know the new syllabuses and the time to implement them well. The NSW Government will prioritise the syllabuses that are core learning in Term 3. This includes: Consulting on four mandatory K to 6 syllabuses: Creative Arts, Human Society and its Environment, Personal Development Health and Physical Education (PDHPE), Science and Technology; Consulting on four mandatory 7 to 10 syllabuses: Geography, History, PDHPE, Visual Arts; Releasing the new 11 to 12 Health and Movement Science syllabus in term 3 and extend implementation to 2025 for examination in the 2026 Higher School Certificate. A full reform timeline will be redeveloped and published by NESA. 3

  4. NESA Curriculum Reform Schedule Release -FAQs Are the English and mathematics 3-10 syllabuses still being implemented in Term 1, 2024? The changes to the curriculum reform schedule will not affect the implementation of English 3-10 and mathematics 3-10 syllabuses in Term 1, 2024. In the NESA media release, it states that delaying the implementation of a wider range of syllabuses should provide teachers more time to ensure the new Maths and English curriculum across years 3 to 10 are ready for full implementation Day 1, Term 1, 2024. My syllabus has been released and scheduled for implementation in 2024, do the NESA changes affect the timelines? All syllabuses which have been released and are scheduled for implementation in 2024 are proceeding as planned. This includes the following syllabuses: English 3-10 Computing Technology Life Skills 11-12 Mathematics 3-10 Software Engineering 11-12 Aboriginal Languages K-10 Enterprise Computing 11-12 Classical Languages K-10 Geography 11-12 Modern Languages K-10 Geography Life Skills 11-12 Computing Technology 7-10 4

  5. NESA Curriculum Reform Schedule Release FAQs Is there a schedule for the release of other syllabuses? The department is working closely with NESA to update the syllabus implementation schedule. The new schedule will be staggered, with core subjects available first and all new syllabuses delivered to teachers by 2027. The changes to the schedule will give teachersmore time to consult on syllabuses, engage in professional learning and prepare for teaching syllabuses with their classes. Be assured we remain committed to giving schools at least one year of planning and preparation time once they receive a finalsyllabus before implementation needs to occur. More information will be provided in the coming weeks. When will schools need to implement new syllabuses? The department is working closely with NESA to update the syllabus implementation schedule. Once the schedule has been redeveloped, it will be published on the NSW Curriculum Reform website. The updated schedule will outline when new syllabuses need to be implemented. 5

  6. Primary curriculum update Primary teacher resources available on the curriculum webpage: Updated advice for Reporting to parents to include K-2 examples for English and mathematics English and mathematics K-2 component of the K-10 syllabuses remaining units ES1, S1 and multi age published Week 7 Full suite of English and mathematics K-2 microlearning English and mathematics 3-6 component of the K-10 syllabuses S2, S3 and multi age scope sequences published Week 7 Successful schools for Rounds 1 and 2 'Collaborative Partnership Schools' project notified. Initial briefing sessions for Principals and leaders will happen Week 4 (Round 1) and Week 9 (Round 2) 6

  7. Secondary curriculum update New resources are available for secondary teachers on the curriculum webpage: English 7-10 programs of learning, teacher resources and support TAS Computing Technology 7-10 teacher resources and support TAS Enterprise Computing 11-12 teacher resources and support Modern Languages K-10 teacher resources and support Mathematics 7-10 units of learning, teacher resources and support Stage 6 Geography - Microlearning Geography 11-12 available live in MyPL Department approved electives additional iSTEM resources, Critical Thinking resources and Psychology resources. Regular statewide staffroom events for the new syllabuses are available for teachers and leaders. Further resources will be made available for secondary teachers during term 2. 7

  8. Latest news from NESA Primary and Secondary NESA has recently updated teaching resources to support new syllabuses. These include: English K-10 resources text requirements and model texts Geography Stage 6 resources - sample scope and sequences and examination materials TAS Stage 6 resources - course specification for Enterprise Computing and Software Engineering. NESA has released professional learning courses to support new syllabuses. These include courses for: Mathematics 7-10 Computing Technology 7-10 Classical and Modern Languages K-10 Aboriginal Languages K-10 8

  9. Curriculum implementation Curriculum Planning and Programming, Assessing and Reporting (CPPAR) Policy The Policy and Policy Standards are being reviewed, in line with the Curriculum Reform Program (CRP), to ensure better support for schools, teachers, students and parents to plan for and understand students' learning and progress. Workshops will occur throughout Term 2 and will be facilitated by educators from Curriculum and Reform. Participants will include principals, teachers and middle leaders from diverse contexts across the state. Participants will be selected from schools that submitted a Voice of Schools' expression of interest. The purpose of these workshops will be to identify areas of improvement, while still ensuring that the CPPAR Policy aligns with the CRP, other DoE policies, and NESA and legislative requirements. 9

  10. Leading effective curriculum implementation Middle leader professional learning Module 2, Planning for change is NESA accredited PD and was held in Week 2, Term 2. If you missed the session, the recording can be accessed in the LECI Teams space. Complete this short form for access. 1301 members in the LECI Teams space Next up: 'Meet the experts' session with Dr Simon Breakspear Monday 22 May, 3.45 - 4.45pm (Term 2, Week 5) Module 3 Curriculum and the teaching and learning cycle Monday 5 June, 3:45pm 4:45pm (Term 2, Week 7) Tuesday 6 June, 3:45pm 4:45pm (Term 2, Week 7) 10

  11. Literacy and numeracy update The Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions and PLAN2 Support available Additional features were released in PLAN2 ready for Term 2 which include improved observation sources filter allowing monitoring across all subject areas. Join the PLAN2 Bitesize Team for ongoing professional learning and support with PLAN2. Sessions are held every Monday from 3:30-4:00. Session topics for this term will include: creating Areas of focus for the new curriculum creating high school subject classes and custom groups using DoE Areas of focus templates measuring progress using the progressions Visit the Literacy Statewide staffroomor the Numeracy Statewide staffroomto engage with live and recorded professional learning sessions, resources and advice. For more information on the update to v3, visit the department s Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions webpage and About PLAN2 webpage. 11

  12. Strategic Delivery: Local Curriculum Advisor Support Access local support to implement the new K-2 English and Mathematics syllabuses and have your questions answered. Networks or communities of schools, teachers and school leaders Short workshops available, request one or more as needed Online or face-to-face by request More topics released each term Mathematics - Using the new syllabus to plan, program and assess lessons. Resources available to increase teacher understanding and skills to meet student needs. Local support sessions English Using the new syllabus to effectively teach understanding and responding to literature . How to select texts to teach connected content that reflects the latest research. Contextualising the sample units - Identifying strategies and opportunities to contextualise the mathematics and English K-2 sample units for your student needs (available Week 4 Term 2). Topics developed in response to identified state-wide needs. Speak with your Director, Speak with your local Learning, Email or or Educational Leadership Teaching and Leading Coordinator

  13. Strategic Delivery: Curriculum Implementation Professional Learning Semester 2 The professional learning focuses on improving student learning outcomes by embedding high impact teaching and assessment strategies using an evaluative inquiry cycle to implement the new K-2 English and Mathematics syllabuses. Fourteen hours of professional learning for teachers and curriculum leaders implementing the new syllabuses To maximise impact, send at least one teacher and one leader (where possible) to all 3 sessions Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 State-wide online full day facilitated professional learning 2 hour afternoon workshop in local offices face-to-face or online State-wide online full day facilitated professional learning or scan me Register your interest in attending Curriculum Implementation Professional Learning

  14. School Leadership Institute Principal Professional Learning Term 2 Principal Leadership Learning opportunities The SLI Principal Leadership Learning (PLL) acknowledges the pivotal role of principals as lead learners in their school communities. Accessed via the Principal Leadership Hub or SLI website, both the PLL Program and PLL Resource provide dynamic, evidence-based professional learning opportunities for all NSW principals. In Term 2, the SLI are proud to present our Insights Series offerings with Keynote Edition 2 and Immersion Edition 1 Insight Series Immersion Edition 1 : Dr Paige Williams Becoming AntiFragile - School Leadership in a Decade of Disruption In this inaugural multi-session edition, we will explore how moving beyond resilience and understanding what it means to be anti-fragile, can make it easier to navigate uncertainty and helps us to be more effective in our leadership. Insight Series Keynote Edition 2 : Michael Fullan This Keynote Edition is your opportunity to join Michael Fullan in launching his latest work, The Principal 2.0 3 Keys to Maximising Impact and how this relates to contemporary leadership. 17th May, 2023 9:30-11:00am Our programs continue to support Principals at all stages of their careers, with exciting opportunities to engage with key educational experts including Dr Steve Munby, Viviane Robinson and Matt Church. or scan me Register for these opportunities on the SLI s Principal Leadership Hub


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