Automated Detail Planning for Shipyard Operations with Engineering Data

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Increase shipyard planning efficiencies from design to the shop floor by leveraging information from 3D design models to support advanced procurement, resource planning, and detailed shop floor control.

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Automated Detail Planning for Shipyard Operations with Engineering Data

PowerPoint presentation about 'Automated Detail Planning for Shipyard Operations with Engineering Data'. This presentation describes the topic on Increase shipyard planning efficiencies from design to the shop floor by leveraging information from 3D design models to support advanced procurement, resource planning, and detailed shop floor control.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. Automated Detail Planning and Integrated Shipyard Ops with Engineering Data TEAM: ShipConstructor Software USA, Inc. (SSIUSA) (Prime) Austal USA, Inc. GD Bath Iron Works HII Ingalls Shipbuilding Fincantieri Marinette Marine Floorganise March 2023 ALL PANEL MEETING CHARLESTON SC 1

  2. What is the Project really about Yard specific knowledge s Increasing the efficiencies of shipyard planning, down to the shop floor using the information from the 3D design model to support earlier procurement, planning, resource (equipment, shops, personnel, etc..) planning in advance of the design actually being finished Project controls Detail planning Shop floor control 4- 6 week plans Equipment Drawings Hours/progress Dashboards/KPI s 2


  4. FOUR MAJOR CAUSES FOR DAILY FIRE FIGHTING ON THE DECK PLATE Disconnected IT-systems Operational silos Fire fighting Timeliness of insights No learning cycles 4


  6. FIVE MAIN SOLUTIONS TO DEVELOP PREDICTABILITY AND PRODUCTIVITY Yard specific value streams Product based planning and scheduling Shipyard-MES / PLM Process- and project control frameworks combined Front-end loading 6

  7. Shipyard integration project plan and work packages SHIPYARD SHIPYARD- -MES MES project and/or detail planning value streams/ smart templates shop floor control load views per shop / team CAD / PLM Functional view Production breakdown view Drawings / metadata INTEGRATION Legacy systems Excel sheets Isolated platforms standards/norms/KPI s time and attendance progress / hrs-to-go work pack / materials / drawings ERP / MRP ERP / MRP Purchase orders (buy) Shop orders (make) Purchasing Engineering Operations / production 7

  8. END-TO-END PROJECT CONTROLS DETAIL DESIGN INITIAL DESIGN PROJECT START FUNCTIONAL DESIGN PRODUCTION CHANGES A. SHIP CONTRACT AND SCOPE General arrangement Equipment - / master document list Budgets and milestones D. CAD/PLM PLATFORM - - - - - - Production engineering (MBOM) Part metadata (weight, size et c) Production status view in 3D C. OPERATIONS CONTROL - MBOM for work package creation - Metadata for scheduling, budgeting - Resource load views, issue tracking, time consumed, progress made - Instant earned value and s-curves B. PROJECT PLAN + DETAIL PLAN - Estimation, calculation, capacity, location, planning and scheduling - 90% of all operational dependencies are recognized in this early stage 9


  10. END-TO-END PROJECT CONTROLS Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 World class performance L 1 Level 1 Shipyard holistic control Intelligent planning and control Key: Look ahead & beyond LEVEL 3 Key: incorporate novelties through continuous improvement culture A paperless shop floor integrated control from deck plate to portfolio level and process to supply chain Key: Key: optimize processes holistically Key: engage and reflect beyond your team and today automate manual efforts Accountability Accountability Set Set Deflate Deflate buffers buffers Overall Overall chain chain Culture and Culture and novelties novelties foundation foundation RA-PROJECT SCOPE 11

  11. 13

  12. Automated Detail Planning and Instant Earned Value Control Business Technologies Panel PROJECT INFORMATION Prime/Lead: SSIUSA OBJECTIVE This project aims to automate the detail planning process coordinated with the project plan through a direct integration with engineering data, which allows for automated sequencing, budgeting, scheduling, resource allocation, and Earned Value Management System (EVMS) control. Integrating a 3D engineering design model allows metadata at the part level to drive the automated planning algorithm to support planning, shop floor control, EVMS, and ERP systems. Team Members: Floorganise, Austal USA, Philly Shipyard PSI, Fincantieri Marinette Marine Duration: 12 Months DELIVERABLES/BENEFITS/ROI A documented process for utilizing automated detailed planning at the lowest possible component level from the 3D design model minimizing manual data entry The focus supports specific processes as identified by the shipyards which will provide the greatest value A comparison of current vs the project to validate results Workshops, tech transfer events, and training document / materials for implementation FINANCIAL Program Funds: Cost Share: $150K $ 71K 14

  13. Automated Detail Planning and integrated yard operations through PLM Project Lead Organization: SSI Project Team members: Austal, FMM, BIW, HII, Floorganise Concept/Idea Benefits/Justification - 80% of all operations/work packs are scheduled directly from Shipcon PLM -100% of all progress is recognized from operations to the project lvl each week -100% Operational lvl deviations or issues are instantly recognized / approved by AM/PM -Cut back on hours waiting, searching and walking with <50%* -Cut back on manual efforts from production planners, work preparation and estimators resulting in ~ 1 FTE per 175.000 production hours* -In first-of-class projects 90% of all operational relations and dependencies are recognized explicitly from the early BOM using the yard value stream Issue:Project planning tools are broadly applied to production and lack a high level of integrated granularity. Multiple department-focused legacy systems attempt to track various levels of planning but lack integrated mechanisms for other shipyard systems. Proposed Solution(s): Use timelines, phases and intermediate products (blocks/systems/spaces) from the project plan to automatically trigger tactical level events and operational level processes through shipyard-MES F2P using the 3D production design model to track progress and direct shop floor processes with digital work packages. * Based on experiences from current users / depend on current maturity levels Project Approach Cost/Images/Relevant Information Project Estimated Cost: $ 593k Project Estimated Cost Share: $ 755k (56%) Project Estimated Duration: 24 months High level Statement of Work Identify for leading shipyards a specific block to plan/track through distinctive phases Apply detailed planning and production control for this selected block and associated spaces and systems (scope <20 categories/<1.000 parts) Identify shipyard processes, value stream, norms, standards and data interface req Provide data exchange mechanism with Shipcon PLM and F2P using this block data Metric(s) of Success Installation of COTS software solution from Floorganise Data exchange between ShipConstructor and Shipyard-MES Floor2Plan Positive results of automated detail planning vs. baseline 15


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