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Prepare for IEEE SERVICES 2023. Learn how to log in, find sessions, and participate in plenary sessions, both in person and remotely. Access support and event details easily.

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  1. IEEE SERVICES 2023 IEEE WORLD CONGRESS ON SERVICES CHICAGO, ILLINOIS USA JULY 2-8, 2023 Plenary Session Presenter Guide Plenary Session Presenter Guide IEEE SERVICES 2023 IEEE SERVICES 2023

  2. Contents Before the conference: General 1. How to log in to Underline 2. Getting around the Underline site (Where is my session taking place?) 3. How will plenary sessions run? During the conference: Oral sessions 1. Plenary Session: Presenter_In-person 2. Plenary Session Presenter_Remote

  3. How to log in to Underline An email with a password-creating link will be distributed by Underline to all Registered IEEE SERVICES 2023 attendees to make it easy for first-time users of Underline to create the password for their respective accounts (named by email address used when you registered!). When you are logged into your Underline account, please follow this link to the IEEE SERVICES 2023 Conference event page: . If you did not receive an invitation, please first check your spam folder, and/or any similar folders that are not your main inbox (such as social, or promotions, junk folder ) and look for an email by Underline Please DO NOT try to create an account on your own, as that will return an error message. Underline has already prepared your account and ticket for the event. ( If you are still unable to find it, please contact our support team at: In case your Underline account has not been authorized to access the IEEE SERVICES 2023 Conference event, please report the issue by emailing

  4. Getting around the Underline site Sidebar Icon Indicates date, time, venue All tracks button (top right corner) to search by track Schedule Session descriptions contain date, time and physical and virtual location of all plenary sessions Use the search box (top right corner) to search by sessions Plenary Sessions Session descriptions contain date, time and physical and virtual location Sessions Helpdesk Includes links to video tutorials, instructions etc. Please visit our HELP DESK first to familiarize yourself with the Event page before the conference If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please use the Request a meeting button and our Support Team will reply.

  5. How will plenary sessions run? If you are presenting remotely: To join plenary sessions remotely, use the link you have received from Underline To ask question to speakers, remote attendees will use use the Q&A tab on the right side of the screen - questions will be read to you by the session chair

  6. Plenary Session Presenter_In-person Please come at least 30 min before the session starts to meet the Underline team, to familiarize yourself with A/V equipment is and test out your presentation slides

  7. Plenary Session Presenter_Remote 30 minutes before the session start: Join the Main stage (Streamyard) using the link you have received in a calendar invite If you have any questions, the Underline staff will greet you and answer your questions If you have slides, you can share them in full screen mode only. If you wish to see your notes, you need to have a separate screen You will not see the participants nor their questions The chair is responsible for forwarding the participants questions to you, and you will reply orally

  8. For any additional questions, please contact the Underline support at Enjoy the conference! The IEEE SERVICES 2023 & the Underline Teams


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