Strengthening Cooperative Exports for Sustainable Growth

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National Cooperative Exports Ltd. (NCEL) supports cooperative sector exports, leveraging government schemes, to benefit farmers and promote economic entities. The organization focuses on statutory approvals, structure with prominent promoters, and specialized export activities. Popular

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  2. INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION National Cooperative Exports Ltd (NCEL) National Cooperative Exports Ltd (NCEL) Multi Multi- -state state Cooperative Cooperative Society Society -NCEL is registered under MSCS , Act 2002. National National Cooperative Cooperative - Included in Schedule II of MSCS, Act 2002. F Follow ollow Cooperative Cooperative Principle Principle i.e. V Voluntary & O Open M Membership; D Democratic M Member C Control; M Member s E Economic P Participation; A Autonomy and I Independence; E Education, T Training and I Information; C Cooperation a amongst C Cooperatives; and C Concern f for C Community. Umbrella Umbrella Organization Organization for cooperative sector exports. Support Support of of Ministry Ministry of of Co Co- -operation, operation, Dept Dept of of Commerce Commerce and and Ministry Ministry of of External External Affairs Affairs through their schemes and agencies in India and abroad including overseas missions. Activities Activities like aggregation, purchase, certification, testing, branding and marketing and Exports. 2

  3. VISION : SAHAKAR SE SAMRIDDHI VISION : SAHAKAR SE SAMRIDDHI PROGRESS THRU CO PROGRESS THRU CO- -OP OP Leverage Leverage strength create sustainable institutional mechanism for exports from cooperative sector. Transform Transform cooperative societies to them into vibrant economic entities. Whole Whole of of the the government government approach approach in providing benefit of schemes of Ministries / Departments . Maximum Maximum benefits benefits to the farmers by fetching best price for their produce through exports and passing on highest share of consumer rupee to producers. strength of 8.54 Lakh Cooperatives and their 29 Cr members to 3

  4. STATUTORY / LEGAL APPROVALS STATUTORY / LEGAL APPROVALS Approved Approved by Union Cabinet on 11.01.2023. Registered Registered under MSCS Act 2002 on 25.01.2023. Included Included in schedule II of MSCS Act 2002 on 21.03.2023. Bank Account / GST / IEC Code/ PAN Card available available. 4

  5. STRUCTURE STRUCTURE PROMOTERS PROMOTERS : (Four Large co-op and Govt corporation) GCMMF GCMMF (AMUL AMUL) - Gujarat Coop Milk Marketing Federation IFFCO IFFCO Indian Farmers Fertilizer Coop KRIBHCO KRIBHCO Krishak Bharti Coop NAFED NAFED - National Agricultural Coop Marketing Federation of India Ltd. NCDC NCDC National Coop Development Corporation 5

  6. STRUCTURE STRUCTURE Registered Office: NEW DELHI. Authorized share capital : 2000 Cr. 6

  7. Activities of NCEL Activities of NCEL NCEL will be specialised Export Agency to address the challenges and handhold cooperatives : To facilitate facilitate market positioning of cooperative products; To create create export infrastructure and Logistic support; To enhance enhance product quality & standardization; To comply comply requisite certifications; To undertake undertake international/national market research; To provide provide consultancy services on export related matters; To act as act as knowledge repository on cooperative exports; and To fetch fetch better prices for cooperative products/services by EXPORTS EXPORTS of Co-op Produce & provide max share of consumer rupee to producer by 7

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