Skill Development Initiatives Of Mission Youth

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J&K Government's initiatives to provide skill development training in emerging sectors, creating job opportunities and improving standards of living. Key sectors include manufacturing, tourism, education, healthcare, IT, and agriculture.

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  1. Skill Development Initiatives Of Mission Youth J&K Government

  2. Immediate Need for Skill development Low skills perpetuate poverty and inequality. When done right, skills development can reduce un- and underemployment, increase productivity, and improve standards of living. Helping people develop and update their skills makes economic sense. In the case of Jammu and Kashmir where unemployment is on the higher side, skill development initiatives can be instrumental in imparting training to young men and women. These initiatives can provide new opportunities and avenues and accelerate the creation of more jobs. The government of Jammu and Kashmir Intends to impart training in the emerging sectors and the Focus sectors of the Valley identified by the departments in both Jammu and Kashmir divisions

  3. Investment Trends over the next 1-5 Years (as of July 2021) S No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Focus Sectors No of MoUs 569 49 49 38 33 30 22 21 14 12 11 4 1 1 Amount (in Crore) 14867 1121 1939 3073 897 5880 3604 130.2 349.5 493.8 1795 259.5 35 1 34444.85 Manufacturing Ago & Food Processing Tourism Education & Skill Development Horticulture & Post harvest Management Infrastructure and Real Estate Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Services IT & ITeS Milk Wool Poultry Hydropower and Renewable Energy Film Tourism Handicrafts & Handlooms Agriculture & Mulberry Production for Silk D 14 Total of MOU 854 ata Source: Industries And Commerce Department

  4. Manpower Requirements in next 1-5 Years Skilled workers Semi-Skilled Workers Sector Total 90,258 1,16,333 Trade (Retail & Wholesale) 26,075 39,422 59,769 Tourism & Hospitality 20,347 26,846 40,269 Manufacturing 13,423 24,510 34,314 Construction 9,804 7,107 27,008 Education, Health and Other Services 19,901 6,702 20,105 Real Estate & Professional Services 13,403 7,602 12,827 Power, Electricity, Water Supply etc. 5,225 6,622 9,381 Logistics & Transportation 2,759 2,928 8,785 Banking Financial Services and Insurance 5,856 3,928 5,892 Agriculture 1,964 1,616 4,849 Communication / IT& ITES 3,233 1,21,148 2,16,138 3,37,287

  5. Job roles in priority sectors Sector-wise Job roles in demand Sector Job Roles ( Short-Term Courses) Retail Sales Trainee/Associate, Individual Sales Professional (RPL) Trade (Wholesale & Retail)* Dairy Worker, General/Non-farm, Fruit & Vegetable Processor/ Food Processing machine operator, Food Processing quality checker, Soil Testing & Crop Technician, Nursery & Orchard Management Technician, IOT Technician (Smart Agriculture), Floriculturist, Seed Grower/Quality Seed Grower STT: Dairy farming entrepreneur (STT), aquaculture worker Entrepreneur (STT) Agro & Food Processing Front Office Assistant, Tourist Guide, Catering & Hospitality Assistant STT: Travel Coordinator/Consultant, Event Management Assistant Tourism & Hospitality General Fitter, Machine Operator & Repair, Junior Mechanic Engine, Welder, Mechanic Agricultural Machinery Technician Manufacturing Civil Engineering Assistant, STT: Supervisor Maintenance (Infrastructure Equipment) Construction/Real Estate & Infrastructure Several Short-Term courses have been suggested to ensure optimum utilisation of equipment & faculty Source: Insights from IDIs & FGDs with key stakeholders and NSDC Skill Gap Report J&K (2013) & Sector-wise Skill Requirement Report Only Short Term Courses CTS - Craftsman Training Scheme; STT short-term trainings

  6. Skill Development-Endeavour to Empower STT: Under Short term training Mission Youth Envisions to Impart training in New age skilling courses of the Duration between 3-6 Months. Finishing School Model: Mission Youth envisions to cater 10,000 youth through Institution Collaboration Programme in J&K ShortTermTraining FinishingSchool Industry4.0 courses Aims to make youth ready by 15 selected courses by experts Industry 4.0 Courses: Experts have identified 15 courses and training will be imparted to candidates under University Collaboration Programme Aims to make our graduates employable by imparting necessary soft skills, employability skills, leadership and critical Thinking Skilling of 10,000 youth In Short tern Training Programme 4000 students will be trained on these courses April 2023 6

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