Understanding PAFs in Docusign: Examples, Do's and Don'ts

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PAFs (Personnel Action Forms) play a crucial role in notifying departments of employee updates and changes. This comprehensive guide explores the importance of PAFs, reasons for creating them, and how to populate a PAF by answering key questions. It also delves into the breakdown of the Employee Information Section and explains the concept of termination in university settings. Additionally, it sheds light on concurrent approval and when it is required in cases of dual employment. PAFs are vital for various actions like rehires, status changes, leaves of absence, and terminations. Gain insights into best practices and guidelines for managing PAFs effectively in Docusign.

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  1. DOCUSIGN PAF TRAINING PAF examples, the do's and don'ts, & question directory

  2. What is a PAF? PAF stands for Personnel Action Form. PAFs are necessary as they help notify departments of any updates/changes pertaining to an employee. PAFs are created in Docusign for a variety of reasons: Rehires (Student Workers, GAs, Adjunct Faculty) Change in status/revision (salary increase/replacement, change in index/account code, update in working title, transferring departments, etc. ) Additional work on top of primary position (overloads) Leave of Absence/Sabbaticals Terminations Etc. The Personnel Action Form can be found here.

  3. Answering questions to populate the PAF: Will this PAF need to be approved by the Provost? Yes, if it is an Academic PAF No, it it s not Academic related. Will any portion of the salary on this PAF be funded by a grant? Typically, this is known by the department, but another way to tell is if the index starts with a 2. Is this PAF for a graduate assistant (GA)? Once these questions have been answered, the proper PAF will be populated based on the answers provided.

  4. Breakdown of Employee Information Section on PAF: Supervisor- If they supervise any full-time employees, this box can be checked. Appointment- If this is a new hire, then you would mark that this is an appointment. Emergency Hire- This is typically a last minute hire to replace someone in your department. Benefits eligible- Any full-time staff and faculty members are benefits eligible. Extra Help- This is an hourly employee that works less than 30 hours a week and is not benefits eligible. To be considered benefits eligible, you must be a full-time employee or adjunct faculty that teaches 3 or more 3-credit hour courses (75% load).

  5. What does termination mean? A termination is when an employee leaves the university completely. This can be for a variety of reasons: Transfer to another state agency. Resignation End of Assignment Retirement We only complete a termination PAF when someone leaves the university completely.

  6. Concurrent Approval What is it and when is approval needed? What is it? When is approval needed? Concurrent employment exists when a state employee receives compensation from (1) two different state agencies/institutions or (2) from the same institution/agency for additional duties over and above those of the employee s primary position and regular work schedule and where such duties are clearly not a part of the employee s primary job. Concurrent approval is needed any time an employee is doing work for a state agency that is in addition to their primary state agency position. The employee's request gets sent to ADHE which can take 10-14 business days for approval. Concurrent approval is not needed for salary replacement or stipends. Find the concurrent employment form here!

  7. When are rehire PAFs needed? A rehire PAF is needed at the end of each appointment for the following types of employees: student workers, part-time/adjunct/visiting faculty, GA s, extra help, & provisional employees. Examples- Part-Time/Adjunct/Visiting Faculty: Need a rehire PAF for each semester/FY worked. Extra Help: Need a rehire PAF for each appointment period/FY. GA s:Need a rehire PAF for each FY that is worked (GTA/ GRA) or each semester (GAA specifically). Provisionals: Provisionals are grant funded positions that have to be rehired each FY. A rehire PAF is needed effective 7/1-6/30 of each FY.

  8. Benefits- Eligible? Course Load Percentage Rate Job Code ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR COURSE LOAD BREAK DOWN: 1 3-credit hour course 25% $2,718 05 No 2 3-credit hour courses 50% $5,436 05 No 3 3-credit hour courses 75% $8,154 04 Yes 4 3-credit hour courses 100% $10,872 04 Yes EACH CREDIT HOUR IS EQUIVALENT TO $906.


  10. STUDENT WORKER INFORMATION Student Worker PAFs can be completed here. If a student is being hired for the first time at UCA (in any department), they must be hired through the Applicant Tracking System first. Any rehire paperwork thereafter can be completed as a PAF through Docusign. Account codes Description 650100 Non-Federal Work Study 650200 Federal Work Study 650205 FCS Funds 650900 Grant Funds

  11. Student Worker Information (cont.) Types of SW: A student worker can work 2 separate jobs so long as both department VP s approve beforehand. They can work no more than 20 hours per week while in classes. In the summer, when not taking classes, they can work up to 40 hours/week. Federal Work Study- PAF routes to Financial Aid Non-Federal Work Study Residential Assistants Grant Funded- PAF routes to Grants International- PAF routes to global engagement


  13. Transferring Positions on Campus You never want to do a termination PAF if an individual is staying employed with the university. You have 2 options: Work with the new department to complete a change in status/revision PAF (as seen on the left). OR The new department will complete a hiring proposal through Applicant Tracking and a transfer notification will be sent out notifying the change in departments. **Don't complete BOTH a PAF and hiring proposal for the same position. Work with the other department to determine which route you want to go.

  14. SALARY REPLACEMENT/BUYING OUT TIME Type of PAF- Future/new status- Include the employees' current index & account code followed by the index and account code they will be paid out of temporarily. Current status- the employee's current index and account code. Labor % will be how much of the employees salary will be paid out of each index. Ensure that you list the amount to be paid out from each index & account code in the "payroll office only" section.

  15. Update in Salary Future/New Status: Type of PAF: Future/new status section- Include new salary For full-time employees, make sure no end date s included as employment is continuous. Current status section- list the employees current salary. Current Status:

  16. PAF for Revision to original course load: FUTURE/NEW STATUS Type of PAF: Future/new status- include the new salary amount they're to receive. Update the labor percentage to the correct amount (if part- time/adjunct faculty) Current status- include the original salary amount they were assigned. Make sure in section 5, the explanation box, you explain the change in course load. CURRENT STATUS

  17. Scenario: Course gets canceled If an overload course gets canceled, please do a change in status/revision PAF. In the future/new status section, the salary will be $0, as shown below. Ensure that in the explanation box you explain that the course was canceled. In the current status section, you will include the same information they were originally hired for.


  19. Types of Employees: Emergency Hires: These are employees who are hired temporarily to fill an immediate and unanticipated need with President approval. Extra Help: These are hourly employees that track their hours through a timesheet each pay period. Graduate Assistants: These individuals work for different departments while in graduate school. Learn more here. Student Workers: these are students working hourly in a department on campus. They track their hours via a timesheet. Find more info here. We no longer have classified employees, so all full-time employees are non-classified, effective 7/1/2023.

  20. How to check the status of a PAF Once you ve created the PAF, an envelope ID will be initiated. This can be the most accurate way of tracking a PAF. You can find it under the name of the PAF. If you click on Envelope ID , it will populate a unique ID (different for each PAF) that can help you track the progress of a PAF. I would recommend copying these and saving these somewhere (Google Doc/Sheets) until the PAF is completed in order to help track the status. {Employee Name Here}

  21. How to go back to a PAF after you've marked 'Finish Later': Docusign should send a link to your email. This will give you the opportunity to come back to a PAF and finish it later. The email should be titled PAF:{Employee s Name} and will look like the following:


  23. DIRECTORY Docusign Help/ FT, GA, Extra Help PAFs: Aleighla Webb- awebb@uca.edu Taylor May- tmay5@uca.edu Student worker PAFs: Clementine Garrett- cgarrett12@uca.edu Mechelle Cargile- mcargile@uca.edu Adjunct Faculty Course Rates: Lori Hudspeth- lorih@uca.edu Payroll/ Reallocation Questions: Erica Evans- eevans3@uca.edu Mechelle Cargile- mcargile@uca.edu Applicant Tracking/EPAFs: Debra Baker- dbaker@uca.edu Sarah Tuttle- stuttle@uca.edu Account Codes: Budget Office- budgetoffice@uca.edu Grant Office- grantaccounting@uca.edu


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