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The Department Director's proposed budget presentation for the FY 23-24, highlighting the resources, expenditures, and changes in the Public Works division. Learn about the department overview, mission, and divisional details. Explore the budget details and the impact of the American Rescue Plan Act funding on water and sewer projects.

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  1. PUBLIC WORKS Presenters: Dan Hurley, Department Director Division Managers FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  2. Department Overview Mission: To maintain, protect, and enhance the livability and sustainability of Lane County s natural and built environments. Parks & Open Spaces (POS) Waste Management (WMD) Land Management (LMD) Roads & Bridge Maintenance (RBM) Engineering & Construction Services (ECS) Administrative Services (ADM) FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  3. FY 23-24 Budget Details 23-24 RESOURCES Property And Rentals $7,398,009 Federal Revenues $8,809,555 Fees & Charges WMD $21.8m Fleet $13.7m LMD $3.6m Fines, Forfeitures, Penalties $66,000 State Revenues $48,203,824 Licenses & Permits $2,840,958 Taxes & Assessments $10,013,158 Federal & State Revenues Hwy Allocation $31.0m Constr. Reimb. $5.8m Fund Transfers $10,199,551 Interest Earnings $2,412,635 General Fund Support Animal Svcs. $634k Interdept Reimburse $3,357,405 Administrative Charges $4,071,049 Local Revenues $663,760 Fees And Charges $40,954,157 FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  4. FY 23-24 Budget Details 23-24 EXPENDITURES Operational Expenses are up by 9% from FY 22-23 Adopted Budget. Personnel $3.7m $50,000,000 46,730,335 46,498,611 Mat. & Svcs. $6.0m Capital Exp. $1.9m 41,014,037 Capital Expense by Fund: Road Fund $29.8m Parks $4.0m Fleet Fund $6.0m Lane Events $735k Waste Mgmt. $456k $40,000,000 $30,000,000 Personnel Services Materials & Services Capital Expenses FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  5. Parks & Open Spaces Division Mission: We responsibly manage, sustain, and enhance our parks and natural resources through partnership, stewardship, and quality customer service. Campgrounds Marinas Natural Areas Day-Use Facilities Water Access FTE: 28.80 Proposed FY 23-24 Resources: $11,692,501 Expenses: $11,034,795 FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  6. FY 23-24 Changes Passage of 5-year, $31 million levy Levy provides funding for maintenance backlog and investments in enhanced safety, access, accessibility, habitat preservation and programming. Additional 10 FTE. Estimate of $5.9 million in additional revenue in FY 23-24. Levy Fund created to keep accounting of levy separate from existing operating funds. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  7. FY 23-24 Changes American Rescue Plan Act Funding (ARPA) $4.3 million to address water & sewer infrastructure at the following park: Armitage, Baker Bay, Orchard Point and Richardson. Increase capacity at Armitage Park ahead of planned expansion. Cost Recovery Model User fees for services that provide individual benefit (i.e. campgrounds, marinas, lessons). Community subsidizes services that benefit public at-large (i.e. day-use, natural areas, trails). FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  8. FY 23-24 Key Initiatives Financial Stability Preventive Maintenance Program Implement Master Plan Implement Local Option Levy FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  9. Waste Management Division Mission: Waste Management provides safe responsible and economical recycling and disposal services, respecting the environment and communities we serve. Hazardous Waste Fee Collection Nuisance Abatement Closed Landfills Environmental Services Transfer Operations Disposal Operations Landfill Development Recycling / Waste Reduction FTE: 94.60 Proposed FY 23-24 Resources: $30,806,396 Expenses: $22,923,649 FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  10. FY 23-24 Changes Additional two positions to create Environmental Services program Permits (Short Mountain Landfill, Transfer Station (TS), storm and wastewater) closed landfills, Quamash Prairie, monitoring and sampling, Hazardous Waste. Start buildup of Cell Development Reserve fund Fund was depleted with Cell 6 construction. Glenwood Transfer Station Design work and public outreach. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  11. FY 23-24 Key Initiatives Final determination on Integrated Material and Energy Recovery Facility Complete public outreach for Glenwood TS location Plan for new Extended Producer Responsibility recycling rules FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  12. Land Management Division Mission: To balance protection of natural resources and the built environment, to equitably implement land use and building regulations that protect the public s health, safety, and quality of life, and to support a strong, diverse, and sustainable regional economy. Building Safety Program Code Enforcement Coordinated Services Land Use Planning On-site Sanitation FTE: 47.00 Proposed FY 23-24 Resources: $8,576,105 Expenses: $9,956,725 FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  13. FY 23-24 Changes Land Management (LMD) Fund is structurally imbalanced for a second year in a row. Operating expenses are $1.37m more than operating revenues. LMD will use reserves to cover the operating budget deficit. To right-size the fund, the program needs to increase fees or reduce essential services or both. LMD will be conducting a large-scale study of its existing fee structure. LMD will be taking on additional stormwater permitting functions on January 1, 2024. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  14. FY 23-24 Key Initiatives 24/7 Online Permit Submittal Tool Code Enforcement Enhancements Florence Satellite Office Affordable Housing Audit Accessory Dwelling Units Continue Land Use Code Modernization Project Comprehensive User Fee Study Website Redesign FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  15. Road Fund Second Largest Special Revenue Fund of the County Services provided include: Maintain and preserve existing roads and bridges. Enhance transportation network (decrease congestion and improve mobility). Improve traffic safety (reduce fatalities and severe crashes). Develop multi-modal transportation options (bicycling and walking). Protect natural and built environments (fish passage culverts). 9% of all County (or 45% of all PW) FTE is paid for by the Road Fund. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  16. Road Fund Total Expenses: $69,269,323 23.34% increase in FY 23-24 proposed budget from FY 22-23 adopted budget. Personnel Costs, $21m Capital Expenses, $30m 177.50 FTE 0.50 FTE increase through FY 22-23 Supplemental # 2 adjustment (increasing Program Specialist from 0.50 FTE to 1.0 FTE). Materials & Services, $18m FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  17. Road Fund 75m 80m RESOURCES COMPARISON BY TYPE (IN MILLIONS) FY 22-23 Adopted Budget FY 23-24 Proposed Budget 70m 60m 51m 50m 40m 31m 30m 27m 30m 17m 20m 999,131 972,505 472,954 451,263 282,096 145,000 115,000 7m 6m 6m 4,000 10m 4m 3m 3m 1m 1m 1m - 0 In terms of revenues, Highway Allocation (Fuel Tax + Car Registration Fees etc.) is the primary source of funding. The fund is heavily reliant on one-time design and construction grants to fund parts of its program and capital project needs. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  18. Road Fund 65m 70m FY 22-23 Adopted Budget REQUIREMENTS COMPARISON BY TYPE (IN MILLIONS) 62m FY 23-24 Proposed Budget 60m 50m 40m 30m 30m 21m 20m 19m 18m 17m 20m 9m 10m 6m 0 Personnel Costs Materials & Services Capital Expenses Fund Transfers Contingency & Reserves In a typical year, personnel costs are the highest expense. In FY 23-24, Public Works aims to work on an extensive amount of capital projects. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  19. Road Fund Road Fund Reserve Breakdown (in millions) As of January 2022, Lane Manual 4.005.010.D.2 states that Road Fund should keep reserves equivalent to 40% of its ongoing operating revenue. Road Fund Reserve Threshold $16M Restricted Reserves for Future Projects $19M Apart from Ongoing Transfers, Road Fund to transfer monies to Sheriff s Office for Rural Patrol until FY 25-26 (per B.O. 20-10-27-4 & 22-02-01-02). Territorial Highway Reserves $26M FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  20. Road Fund Highway Allocation Revenues (in millions) 35m 33m 31m 29m 27m 25m 23m 21m 19m Actuals Projections 17m 15m FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  21. Road Fund Operating Revenues and Expenditures Trend 50m 45m 40m Ongoing Operating Expenses Ongoing Operating Revenues 35m Long term expenditure growth is projected to outpace revenue growth. Highway Allocation is forecasted to remain stunted according to ODOT s November 2022 projection. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  22. Road Fund FY 23-24 Road Fund Proposed Budget is Structurally Balanced (+$162,024), but not for long. Causes: Major source of revenue (highway allocation) slowing down per ODOT Forecasts. Revenue stagnation likely to worsen in the future as we progress towards gasoline-powered vehicles sale ban in 2035. Growth in wages higher than previously anticipated (labor market). Increasing materials & services costs above the rise in revenues (inflation). Ongoing (pass-through) revenues from outside agencies decreasing as their internal administrative costs rise (ODOT Funds Exchange). Employee retention issues in ECS may lead to foregoing potential one-time future grant funding opportunities. Potential for Secure Rural School to not renew. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  23. Road Fund Plans are being developed to keep the structural balance Future Fund Stabilizing Solutions: Seek legislation to equitably charge Electric Vehicles for road preservation. County Level Review for alternative funding options. Local Option Levies or Bonds. Stormwater Fees. Formation of Utility Districts. FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  24. Lane County Strategic Plan Safe, Healthy County Establish a traffic safety presence in combination with engineering and education to reduce traffic fatalities: - Support and Implement the Transportation Safety Action Plan. Vibrant Communities Protect and enhance our natural and built environments: - Evaluate a multi-purpose facility for LEC - Fully vet a waste processing facility - Implement parks funding strategies - Develop programs and resources to improve stormwater management Robust Infrastructure Invest in our infrastructure and utilize our County-owned facilities to the highest and best use: - LEC Master Plan and Bicycle Master Plan Build a culture of preparedness and operational readiness: - Implement the All Hazards Mitigation Plan Our People & Organizational Health Implement opportunities to improve employee well-being. Advance an inclusive, diverse and equitable workforce. Continue our path to increase our financial stability, overall financial health and continuous quality improvement.

  25. Future Challenges & Opportunities Recruitment and Retention Supply Shortages (e.g. Fleet procurement) Material Price Escalation and Labor cost Increased workload and regulatory work requirements with reduced / eliminated funding sources (e.g. LMD) Stormwater and Wastewater (new requirements) Grants and Awards Opportunities (e.g. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation

  26. Questions? Up Next: Assessment & Taxation FY 23-24 Proposed Budget Presentation


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