Schuylkill River Trail & The Cities tourism

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Proposed 2-mile downtown trail for 2,800 daily users. Existing crosswalks need improvement due to varied conditions. Importance of upgrades to attract over 30,000 yearly tourists. Detailed cost breakdown for project components.

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  1. Schuylkill River Trail & The Cities tourism

  2. Downtown Overview Proposed Trail: 2 miles in town 9 crosswalks total daily average of 2,800 users

  3. Existing Crosswalks

  4. Existing crosswalks continued

  5. Existing crosswalks continued All in various states of life Few ADA compliant One non existent

  6. Why does any of this matter? More then 30,000 tourists a year

  7. The sales pitch

  8. Before Vs After

  9. Break down COST BREAK DOWN material cost amount size asphalut $140.00 2 tons 8ftx15ft $310.00- $350.00 stencil 1 crosswalk paint variable 5 gal variable labor variable variable variable