The TLC and Excellent Teaching

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Explore diverse topics in teaching and learning. Join our engaging sessions for valuable insights and strategies. Enhance your teaching skills and create an inclusive classroom environment. Elevate your impact as an educator!

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  1. @don_saucier #ITeachAtKState The TLC and Excellent Teaching Don Saucier Professor of Psychological Sciences Faculty Associate Director of the Teaching & Learning Center Math Graduate Professional Development Seminar

  2. #ITeachAtKState Thank you! For inviting me For being here For all you do!

  3. #ITeachAtKState Why Was I Invited to Visit Today? What would you like me to share with you? What would you like to share with me?

  4. #ITeachAtKState The TLC Mission Support Teaching in All Forms: Teaching, Mentoring, Advising Promote Best Practices in Teaching and Learning Support Inclusive and Accessible Teaching Practices Appreciate and Promote DEIB and Social Justice Carry out our mission with energy and optimism!

  5. #ITeachAtKState But We Have Faced Recent Challenges!

  6. #ITeachAtKState TLC Offerings Orientations (New Faculty, New GTAs, New DHs) New Faculty Institute National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) EDCI 943: Principles of College Teaching Spotlight (2020 Theme = FAILURE) SoTL Showcase TLC Professional Development Series

  7. #ITeachAtKState The TLC Professional Development Series Every Wednesday from 12 noon to 1PM Zoom link: All events recorded and archived on TLC webpage Monthly Teaching Chats TLC Professional Development Certificates (GTA and Faculty/Staff) TLC Fellows

  8. #ITeachAtKState TLC PD Series: Some Recent Events Sustainable Excellence in Teaching (Saucier) How We Follow Through on the Promise of Support (Thompson) What Job Design Can Tell Us About Online Teaching and Learning (Maneotis) Assessment at K-State (Burrack & Regier) Bringing Integrity Back to Basics (Roberts) Improving Teaching & Learning About, For, and With American Indians (Red Corn) Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: A Primer (Steele) Equity in Assessment: (Re)evaluating How We Evaluate Students (Faber) TEVALS 101 (Saucier) Supporting Students and Ourselves: What Makes This Hard and How Do We Do It? (Staley) Building Spaces of Belonging: Supporting First-Year Students (Vaughan & Weaver) Creating an Accessible & Welcoming Learning Environment (Brunk)

  9. #ITeachAtKState TLC PD Series: Still to Come this Spring Community Engagement and Service Learning (Bauer, Gott, & Steffensmeier) Supporting Student Worker (Glaser) Open Educational Resources and Open Pedagogy (Moorberg) Supporting International Students (Thurston) Enhancing Student Engagement and Visible Thinking (Pesnell) Microaggressions (Carroll) Stories in Action (Priest)

  10. #ITeachAtKState Mindful Returns

  11. #ITeachAtKState TLC Highlighted Teachers

  12. #ITeachAtKState Engage the Sage YouTube Channel Short videos (usually < 10min) on teaching philosophy and practices Teaching/Personal Statements, Demonstrating Teaching Excellence CVs, Letters of Recommendations, Interviews, Elevator Talks Engaging Instructors and Students, Building Rapport Email Etiquette, How to Succeed in Classes, Teaching Evaluations Rocking the First and Last Days Managing Anxiety, Self Care

  13. #ITeachAtKState Empathetic Course Design Video Series The Empathetic Course Design Perspective (6:42) Empathetic Syllabus Statements (7:05) Empathetic Zoom Approach (6:04) Empathetic Course Structure and Policies (12:29) Empathetic Assignments & Assessments (7:58) The Problem with Academic Rigor (7:29)

  14. #ITeachAtKState Remote Teaching Fails Video Series Tamara Bauer (Leadership Studies): Daniel Kuester (Economics): Kathleen Hoss-Cruz (Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, & Health): Mark Haub (Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, & Health): Tara Coleman (Libraries): Don Saucier (Psychological Sciences): Sara Luly (Modern Languages): Brian McCornack (Entomology): Ruth Gurgel (Music): Tim Shaffer (Communication Studies): Mariya Vaughan (Student Success): Traci Brimhall (English):

  15. #ITeachAtKState Teachers Thriving Remotely Video Series 1. Don Saucier Don is still kicking, cooking, and teaching, but NOT testing 2. Tamara Bauer "Student Tips for Using Zoom" 3. Kelly Briggs "Don't Panic! More Ways to Have Fun Zoom Teaching" 4. David Wood "Cutting some slack, creating the sense of grace, allowing some extra time" 5. Linda Yarrow "Combination of distance and face-to-face classes" 6. Mike Finnegan "Switching up office locations and message board to dinner conversations" 7. Daniel Kuester "Students applying their learning to the current situation remotely" 8. Anne Longmuir "The right note of humanity and practical advice" 9. Tucker Jones "Focused on what I can control, that is type of better learning experience for my students" 10. Stuart Miller "Discussion board assignment, setting the norms, getting students to engage" 11. Olivia Law-DelRosso "How not using zoom is helping my class engage and learn about diversity & inclusion topics"

  16. #ITeachAtKState TEVAL* Administration and Support We coordinate and oversee the administration of TEVALs All TEVALs are now online Resources are available *TEVALs should NOT be the only metric for evaluating teaching!

  17. #ITeachAtKState Meeting You Where You Are Department Workshops/Webinars Individual Consultations

  18. #ITeachAtKState How You Can Help the TLC Mission Promote Our Events and Resources Participate in and Contribute to Our Events and Resources Share Your Ideas with Us (what next, who next?) Bring PEACE to Our Students

  19. #ITeachAtKState Bring PEACE to Our Students P E = A = C = E = = Preparation Expertise Authenticity Caring Engagement How?

  20. #ITeachAtKState Let s talk about what you want to talk about! What are your teaching-related thoughts, questions, and/or challenges???

  21. #ITeachAtKState Returning to My Initial Questions What ELSE would you like me to share with you? What would you like to share with me?

  22. @don_saucier #ITeachAtKState What Questions Do You Have? Further ideas, questions, and/or a copy of this presentation: Email Don Saucier at Thank you!


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