Region X HIV Programme

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Overview of the Region X HIV Programme, including data on population, PLHIV, and the HIV care cascade. Mobilizing, testing, linkage, ART initiation, treatment and retention, challenges among specific populations, and other challenges are discussed.

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  1. Region x HIV programme xxxxxxx, Region x Date City, Country

  2. Data Overview Population # of PLHIV HIV care cascade

  3. Mobilizing MOBILIZING WHEN When and how often is mobilizing done? WHERE Where does mobilizing happen? WHO What cadres are involved in mobilizing? WHAT What strategies are used for mobilizing? Success: Challenges:

  4. Testing Facility-based testing Community-based testing WHEN When are HIV testing services offered? WHERE Where are HTS offered? WHO Who can do HIV rapid tests? What % of testing is done by lay providers? WHAT What other services are offered alongside HIV testing? Success: Challenges:

  5. Linkage HIV+ (ART & HIV Care) HIV- (to prevention services) WHEN When are clients linked following testing? WHERE How does linkage work following testing in various locations? WHO Who is involved in linkage? WHAT What tools and systems are in place to support linkage? Success: Challenges:

  6. ART initiation WHEN How long after HIV testing is a client initiated onto ART? WHERE Where is ART initiated? WHO Who can initiate new clients? WHAT How is rapid ART initiation supported? (e.g. SOPs) Success: Challenges:

  7. Treatment and retention WHEN How often do clients who are established on ART see clinicians? WHERE Is ART distributed outside of health facilities? WHO Can ART be distributed by lay providers/peers? WHAT Has multi-month scripting been implemented? Have any DMoC models been implemented? Success: Challenges:

  8. Success & Challenges among specific populations Specific population Successes in providing HIV services Challenges in providing HIV services Pregnant and breastfeeding women Men Children and adolescents Key populations People living with TB

  9. Other challenges Supervision and monitoring: Stigma & discrimination: