The MHCAG in 2023 and 2024

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MHCAG's most productive year in 2023 through publications on medication treatment for adults with GAD, antipsychotic medication algorithms for schizophrenia, and more. Plus, discover the group's increased consultations with the P&T Committee. Look ahead to 2024 with potential topics and planned reviews.

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  1. The MHCAG in 2023 and 2024 Place Your Logo Here - Align Center

  2. MHCAG Publications During 2023 This Was the Groups Most Productive Year! Medication Treatment for Adults with GAD document The GAD Medication Algorithm The Treatment Resistant GAD medication algorithm Starting a First-Generation Antipsychotic Medication in the Treatment of Schizophrenia Algorithm Starting a Second-Generation Antipsychotic Medication in the Treatment of Schizophrenia Algorithm Estimated Relative Adverse Effect Profiles Between Second-generation Antipsychotic Medications table Starting Antidepressant Medication Factors to Consider When Stopping Antidepressant Medication Place Your Logo Here - Align Center 2

  3. MHCAG and P&T Consults In addition to 2023 being the MHCAG s most productive publications year, the group also increased its consultations with the P & T Committee. The MHCAG provided recommendations and feedback to the P & T Committee on: The use of pregabalin in the treatment of GAD PA criteria for quetiapine as an adjunct treatment for GAD Prospective safety edits to ensure appropriate use of antipsychotic medications in children LAI antipsychotic medication VMAT 2 inhibitors The new antidepressant drug zuranolone Place Your Logo Here - Align Center 3

  4. A Peek Forward to 2024 During the year, the MHCAG put some possible topics in the parking lot to consider at another time. Please take this time to consider which of these potential topics, or other topics, would be good for the MHCAG to dive more deeply into during 2024: Agitation in dementia Additional schizophrenia review Review bipolar documents/algorithms for clarity to incorporate any new evidence? The algorithms were created in 2019. What is currently planned for 2024: Review a draft of the movement disorders narrative Review a draft narrative that justifies the newly updated schizophrenia medication algorithms Place Your Logo Here - Align Center 4