Buying a Car From a Dealer

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Find out who the FTC is, how to spot deceptive car ads, negotiate financing and price, and report fraud. Get free resources and stay informed!

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  1. Buying a Car From a Dealer First name Last name | Date

  2. Who the FTC Is and What It Does Enforcement Consumer and Business Education Building Partnerships and Coalitions

  3. Buying a Car: What to Know Before You Go Deceptive Car Ads Negotiating Before You Sign a Contract Report a Problem

  4. How to Spot Deceptive Car Ads Examples of ad claims that may be deceptive and why Deceptive Claim #1: Low, low prices or special discounts Deceptive Claim #2: Low monthly payments Deceptive Claim #3: Zero or low interest rate loans

  5. Negotiating Financing and Price Financing: direct lending or dealership financing Negotiating the price, including add- ons

  6. Before You Sign a Contract Get all promises in writing Read the contract before you sign it Be alert to yo-yo financing

  7. Report Fraud to the FTC English: Spanish:

  8. Get and Share FREE Resources Learn about cars: Learn about scams: Keep in touch: Get print materials:

  9. Questions

  10. Thank you

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