THE OWL Programme

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The OWL Programme is an applied learning and development initiative for adults with intellectual disabilities, offering them a pathway to permanent employment in the civil service. It promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workforce.

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  1. THE OWL Programme

  2. The OWL Story- Video 2

  3. About the OWL Programme What is the OWL Programme? An applied learning, development and socialisation programme for adults with an intellectual disability Introduced by the Houses of the Oireachtas in collaboration with KARE and WALK and supported by the Public Appointments Service and DPER The first permanent employment pathway in the civil service for people with a disability The value of the OWL Programme? A Path to Diversity Comprehensive Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities 2015 2024 Commitment to increase the number of people with a disability in the public service to 6% Our Public Service Reform: Importance of achieving greater Diversity and Inclusion across the workforce Civil Service Renewal 2030: Fostering workforce equality, diversity, inclusion and well-being 3

  4. Structure of OWL Programme Outline of the OWL Programme Training element takes place over 9 months Made up of three work experience modules (each 10-12 weeks in duration) Weekly classroom-based training on site with the City of Dublin ETB On successful completion of training programme, OWL graduates are eligible to compete in a confined competition undertaken by PAS for a permanent role Temporary OWL Traineeship Permanent Employment 4

  5. Success of the OWL Programme Intake 1 10 Trainees - training onsite in Oireachtas All 10 Trainees successfully graduated 6 took up permanent civil service posts - 4 in Oireachtas and 2 in PAS 2 took up private sector employment 2 progress with further education Intake 2 10 Trainees - training onsite in Oireachtas, DAFM & DTCAGSM and online (blended working) All 10 trainees successfully graduated 6 working in permanent part-time civil service roles 1 in private sector employment 3 being supported to find employment 5

  6. How can your organisation help? September 2023: 10 OWL Graduates need 10 Permanent part-time roles (0.6 FTE) in Civil/Public Service as: Clerical Officers Service Officers 4-5 civil/public service employers to employ 1-2 graduates Location of roles can be: Dublin, Kildare, Offaly and Wicklow KARE and WALK will provide support through Job Coaches to develop role profiles for each position assist with induction/orientation to workplace support graduates and their new Line Managers Please express your interest by completing and returning an EOI Form 6

  7. Where can I get further info? contains more detailed information on all aspects of the OWL Programme including - Employer Resource Toolkit - Guide to Promoting Inclusive Employment - FAQs - Expression of Interest Form Contact Roisin Deery by email 7

  8. Join the OWL Programme Current Partners 8

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