Sustainable Fisheries Management Project in CARICOM

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Establishment of framework for local fisherfolks, authorities, and organizations to manage fishery resources around coral reefs. Project phases include baseline survey, pilot activities, and wrap-up. Key concepts focus on sustainable development, community involvement, and resource enhancement. Project policy aims to strengthen administrative capacity and incorporate gender perspective in coastal resource management.

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  1. Project for Strengthening Sustainable Use and Management of Coastal Fisheries Resources in the CARICOM Countries COASTFISH

  2. Recent Technical Cooperation Projects of JICA in the Caribbean fisheries 2009 - 2012 Study on the formulation of a master plan on the sustainable use of fisheries resources for coastal community development in the Caribbean 2013 2018 Caribbean Fisheries Co-Management (CARIFICO) Project Reinforcement of community- based FAD fisheries management

  3. 2020 2024 Project for Strengthening Sustainable Use and Management of Coastal Fisheries Resources in the CARICOM Countries (CARIFICO II) Reinforcement of community-based coastal fisheries management

  4. Purpose of this project: Establishment of a framework in which local fisherfolks and its organizations and fisheries authorities will work together to manage fishery resources around coral reefs Tentative Schedule of the Project Phase I: Mar. 2021 Dec. 2021* - Baseline survey and planning * under consideration of schedule modification Phase II: Jan. 2022 Dec. 2023** - Implementation of pilot activities Phase III: Jan. 2024 Dec. 2024** - Wrap up and Dissemination ** Due to COVID-19 situation, the schedule has not been fixed yet.

  5. Key Concept of the project Sustainable Development of Local Fisheries Industry Community Development with the cooperation of local fishers and DOF Supporting Measures Enhancement of resource & Increase of fishery turn out Assist management activities (funds and labor)

  6. Basic policy for conducting the project 1. Strengthen and foster the administrative capacity of the fisheries sector and fisherfolks' organizations in necessity for co-management activities. 2. Refer knowledge, such as co-management activities with participatory approach, resource enhancement activities, and introduction of eco-friendly fisheries. Japanese experience and 3. For the evaluation of activities, analysis and evaluation will be combined to make a quantitative and qualitative evaluation in cooperation with the local fisherfolks and organisations. the fisherfolks' 4. Propose coastal resource management based on a gender perspective.



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