Six-month training Assignments 2023-24

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Six-month training opportunity with assignments and specializations in various fields. It aims to provide practical experience and research opportunities.

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  1. Six-month training Assignments 2023-24 Stef n lfarsson GR -FTP

  2. The programme Introduction Specialisation Research

  3. Assignments You will be asked to hand in a lot of assignments why?

  4. Combine building blocks Seminars Practicals Field trips Assignments

  5. Progress from easy to more challenging Introduction Social Assignment Nov 24 Individual Assignment I Dec 1 Individual Assignment II Dec 8 Individual assignment III Dec 15 Application Specialis- ation Progress meeting I March 18 Approved proposal Feb 16 Proposal presentation Feb 9 Status of proposal Jan 26 Prof goals /Policy analyses Dec 27 Research Final hand in of paper May 14 Progress meeting II April 15 Research presentation May 6 Academic poster show May 13 Report back home

  6. Due Friday, November 24th THE SOCIAL ASSIGNMENT

  7. Main goal The main goal is to acquaint newly arrived fellows with their neighbourhood. This is done through group work ... investigating social opportunities in the capital area which can be useful over the next six months. Fellows share their results and experiences with the others and are expected to use pictures and maps.

  8. Four groups /four topics... Group 1: Getting around in the capital area and countryside, public transport, taxis, car rental Group 2: Shopping convenience stores, shopping malls, speciality stores Group 3: Tourist attraction Group 4: Sports, swimming pools, cinemas, theatres, concerts, museums, art galleries

  9. Hints You want positive feedback? Find the places Use Google, Wikipedia ... Tell us how to get there What are the opening times? Visit them, try them out Prices, quality, give stars Photos, videos be creative

  10. Delivery of assignment PowerPoint presentation Deadline: Nov-24 6-10 slides 20 min Send to

  11. Looking ahead Due Friday Dec 1st: Capture fisheries OR Fishing technology in home country Due Friday Dec 8th: Fish processing OR Aquaculture in home country Due Friday Dec 15th: Fisheries management in home country

  12. Group 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Cuba Sierra Leone Sri Lanka Jamaica Kenya Papua New Guinea Tanzania Amalia Llorente Amara M. Johnson Aruna Maheepala Brian Le ron Murray Patrick Otuo Philip Sokou Cesilia D. Mataba

  13. Group 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 Papua New Guinea Sri Lanka Jamaica Nicaragua Sierra Leone Solomon Islands Rickson Lis Moksha S. Usgoda Krystal Facey Maria J. Ibarra Arana Ibrahim Bah James Ngwaerobo

  14. Group 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 Sierra Leone Malawi Uganda Sri Lanka Fiji Tanzania Daniella Fatmata Sesay Yamikani E. Balaka Jimmy Byaruhanga Ramejeyam Gobiraj Ropate B. Natadra Sikudhani Y. Mponda

  15. Group 4 1 2 3 4 St. Kitts & Nevis Malawi Uganda Indonesia Andrea T. M. Browne Tiwonge Soko-Nyirenda Charles Oberu Christina E. Martha Eric Theophilus Sieh Patten Fonda Jane Awuor 5 6 Liberia Kenya

  16. More information in Fellows 2023-24 Gateway Thank you


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