Updates of Schools Division Superintendent

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Stay informed with the latest updates and developments in the education sector from the Schools Division Superintendent.

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  1. Updates of Schools Division Superintendent

  2. Basic Education Development Plan 2030 (BEDP) 5 Pillars: Access, Equity, Quality, Learner s Resilience and Well-Being Governance

  3. BEDP 2030 GOAL All Filipinos are able to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully in building a cohesive nation. 3

  4. SECTOR OUTCOME Basic Education Filipino learners have the physical, cognitive, socio-emotional and moral preparations for civil participation and engagement in post secondary opportunities in local, national local and global communities. 4


  6. MATATAG 4 CRITICAL COMPONENTS MAke the Curriculum relevant to produce competent and job-ready, active and responsible citizen; TAke steps to accelerate delivery of basic education facilities and services; TAke good care of learners by promoting learner well-being, inclusive education, and a positive learning environment; GIve support to teachers to teach better; 6

  7. MAKE THE CURRICULUM RELEVANT TO PRODUCE COMPETENT AND JOB-READY, ACTIVE AND RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN; oRevise the K to 12 Curriculum to make them responsive to our aspirations as a nation. oReduce the number of learning areas to focus on foundational skills oStrengthen our literacy and numeracy programs oRevitalize our Reading, Science and Technology and Math Programs oImprove English proficiency while recognizing significant linguistic diversity oReview the implementation of the Mother tongue- based multilingual education policy 20XX PRESENTATION TITLE 7

  8. TAKE STEPS TO ACCELERATE DELIVERY OF BASIC EDUCATION FACILITIES AND SERVICES; o Create the School Infrastructure and Facilities stand o Build more resilient school and classrooms o Close the remaining gaps in school uniform with policies to eliminate corruption o Establish fully-functional library hubs o Provide schools with electricity o Provide e-classroom package for T&L o Digitize our essential process including a National assessments o Launch our National Education Portal o Strengthen the complimentarily bet. Public and private school o Work lovely with congress in pushing for expensive of GATSPE o Support BARMM school building program o Creation of procurement strand 8

  9. TAKE GOOD CARE OF LEARNERS BY PROMOTING LEARNER WELL-BEING, INCLUSIVE EDUCATION, AND A POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT; oProvide education to children and youth in situations of disadvantage oStrengthen and institutionalize re-integration program for adolescent mothers, children at risk (CAR) and children in conflict with the law (CICL) oStrengthen the mechanism in safeguarding our learners against all forms of miscommunication and dangers oSeek out mental wellness experts to form interventions at the school level oStrengthen inclusive education programs, including ALS, last mile school, IP learners and learners with disability oEstablishment of inclusive learning resource center 9

  10. oProvide assessment assistive mechanism to students with disability oEradicate illiteracy through relevant policy issuances and community literacy program interventions oEnvolve our parents and guardians in the education of our children 10

  11. GIVE SUPPORT TO TEACHERS TO TEACH BETTER; oProvide professional development programs oProvide support in terms of innovative, responsive and inclusive teaching approaches following the PPST oCapacitate our teachers and learners in utilizing technology in remote learning to maximize the benefits of digital learning oProvide training and other learning and development interventions for school leaders oFast track the implementation of career progression policy oImplement the merit selection plan oMake the new Teacher Education Council and Secretariat fully functional 11

  12. oAdvocate for additional benefits for new teachers oImplement the policy on the teacher workload and payment of teaching overload oExpand the coverage for the grant of special hardship allowance oAddress issues affecting the net-take home pay of teachers oWork with DOH for free annual physical examinations for teacher oCoordinate with the GSIS for an improved and superior benefit package for all DepEd personnel oProvide s free legal assistance facility for teachers on matters concerning loan contract and obligations 12


  14. ICD PROGRAMS AIMS TO oCascade the agenda and goals of the BEDP 2030 and BER 2023 MATATAG BANSANG MAKABATA, BATANG MAKABANSA oPromote the ICD framework of VP Sec. Sarah Duterte as key for improved operations to the field oInitially align regional and Division Operations and Strategies to the MATATAG agenda oContribute to the realization of the BEDP 2030 and BER 2023 by empowering the officials and workforce of each government level to translate INTEGRITY, COMPETENCE, and DILIGENCE into their respective roles and functions 14

  15. INTEGRITY - Incorruptibility, honesty, impartiality and accountability (Dobel 1999, 2016) - Is the faithful and consistent application of accepted public practice of public sector institutions; The proper use of Powers and Authorities, Assets, Resources and Funds according to the official purpose for which they are intended with the end view of promoting public welfare generally in the daily values and norms - Concerns Behavior, Process and Procedures - Is about Moral Quality of behavior in the process governance of 15

  16. COMPETENCE - Refers to the ability to perform tasks Efficiently Effectively by exhibiting the necessary KSA and DepEd shall adopt four classes of competencies - Core behavior competencies -are competencies which cut across the organization - leadership competencies intended for managerial positions - Staff core skill intended for staff and teaching related personnel - Teaching competence for teachers 16

  17. DUE DILIGENCE - Is an investigation, audit or review performed to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration. In the financial world due diligence requires an examination of financial records before entering a proposed transaction with another party - Is a precautionary measure conducted before conducted before concluding business with another simply refer to investigating the background of a person or company to ensure that such entities are trustworthy - In hiring employees, the employer investigates on the background of the applicant. Before signing contract both parties conduct due diligence on the each other 17

  18. HR DUE DILIGENCE /INVESTIGATION AIMS TOO UNDERSTAND The organizational structure Compensation and benefits Vacancies Any types of harassment dispute or wrongful terminations

  19. Operational due diligence involves an examination of all elements of an organization's operation. The objective is to evaluate the conditions of teaching assets and facilities and unearth any hidden risks and liabilities. 19