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The Educational Support Team at EEB3 for 2023-2024 offers various support services for students, including primary-secondary differences, inclusive education, special arrangements, and different types of support. Learn how primary and secondary support systems differ and the holistic approach to preparing students for the baccalaureate. Discover the most common types of support available and who they are for. Join us to enhance your educational experience!

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  2. 2023-2024 THE EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT-TEAM WELCOMESYOU AT EEB3 Directors School psychologists Pedagogical Advisors Support teachers SEN Support coordinators assistants

  3. Ms Sciberras Mr Garry Ms D Haese Direction Ms Corriette Ms Guedj(S1-S2) Ms Nimax (S3 S7) See EEB3-website Ms Verdonckt Sen Assistants A big team (60 teachers) Assistant More then a footbal- team Support

  4. CONTENTOF TONIGHTS INFO-SESSION Differences in support between primaryandsecondary Different kinds of support offered Inclusive education Progressionversus promotion Special Arrangements

  5. DIFFERENCES PRIMARY-SECONDARY Primary Secondary When Duringclasses During free periods in students schedule o Thus sometimes during lunchtime Students follow 100% schedule (as in sms) andare not taken out of the class for support Students leave classgroupto workwith support teacher 1 perioda week, max 2 periodsa week (unless assisted student)

  6. DIFFERENCES PRIMARY-SECONDARY Primary Secondary Holistic approach: Become independent and ready forthe bac! Support fordifferent subjects Somethimes2 to5 periods a week Students mature, grow up want tobecome more independant feel easierstigmatised Studentsneed time to Relax Spendtime with friends

  7. DIFFERENT KINDSOF SUPPORT Most commontypes Intensive A Support (IsA) General support (GS) Other types of support Moderatesupport (MS) Intensive B Support (IsB) See Support guidelines on schoolwebsite for more details !

  8. DIFFERENT KINDSOF SUPPORT Intensive A Support (IsA) General support (MS and IsB) For who? Students with multidisciplinaryreport (< 4 New students, students with failures, students in difficulties yearsold, 2 years for bac-cycle request) o E.g. Dyslexia, dyscalculia, Pedagogicalsupport o Methodology o Technics to learn o Organisational (Sometimes orientated to maths or L1) Content Subject related support o Maths o L1, L2 o other J (or K or Y) sms-code X See Support guidelines on schoolwebsite for more details new guidelines coming soon !

  9. DIFFERENT KINDSOF SUPPORT Intensive A Support (IsA) General support, MS and IsB Individualsupport Support in small groups Organisation Exceptionallyindividual (Teacher Parents team ) teacher ESCO- Parents contact support team (with assessment) Whorequests? Does notstart before (mid) october (teachers needtoassessfirst) See Support guidelines on schoolwebsite for more details !

  10. COMMUNICATIONWITH PARENTS Intensive A Support (IsA) General support, MS and IsB Key figures Support teacher withsubject teacher Support teacher and/or Assistant Start Midoctober, earlynovember Midseptember Information 15 days afterstart: allteachers are informed Info about start andend Dec andMay/June: parents are informed aboutevolution Info about evolution: subject teacher andor support teacher May/June: evaluationmeeting withparents and(main)teachers See Support guidelines on schoolwebsite for more details!

  11. Inclussive education promotion - progression Student in progression Follows anindividualprogram (thismight be a minor change or complete individualprogram) Students in promotion Follows the full standard curriculum of ES 100% Assessed as other students (oralsi.s.o writtentests is notpossible) For severalcourses assesseddifferently Accompaniestheclassgrouptothe next year (no certification) Needs tobe promoted by theclass-council in Juin Cango back intopromotion afterfull assessment andpromotion by theclass-council See Support guidelines on schoolwebsite for more details !

  12. Inclussive education special arrangements Bac-cycle Request is done earlyS5 (deadline: 15 octobre) S1 S5 Report needed (max 4 yearsold) Parents of students in IsAare informedat the end of S4 Nottocompensatethe lackof ability Allowtoachiefpotentialsin fair conditions Specificfile must be filledin Discussedin theSAG-meeting with parents andsupport-team Full report is needed (max 2 yearsold) Full assessement of max 2 years oldneeded Decisionof theCentral office Onlyafter approvalof SAG Decissionof the school See Support guidelines on schoolwebsite for more details !

  13. FOR 2023-2024 Always welcomevia mail for questions, remarks, change of support, WE are one big team You:the parents and We: the ESCO-team and the support teachers of the school! Togetherwe help the students to get to the summit! Be positive, see progression and compliment! Have a greatschoolyear!!! Do not stress too much Do not transmit your anxiety

  14. IndividualQuestions? Please, contact us via mail: (Anne D Haese) (specialmeasures - bac cycle) (sen Assitants) GENERICQUESTIONS? We re happy to answer now!