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Highlights the implementation of SDGs in the Bulilima district, focusing on areas of priority actions such as clean water and sanitation, health and well-being, education, gender equality, infrastructure development, and public-private partnerships. It showcases the planning and prioritization of projects, integration of SDGs into local/regional budgets, and key success stories of community projects in partnership with the council and development partners. The presentation also addresses challenges and solutions, including the use of the VLR tool for enhancing SDGs.

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  2. AREAS OF PRIORITY ACTIONS Clean water and sanitation (SDG6) Health and well being (SDG3) Education (SDG 4) Gender equality (SDG 5) Infrastructure development (SDG 9) Public Private Patnerships (SDG 17)

  3. PLANNINNG/PRIORITIZATION OF PROJECTS/SDGs IMPLEMENTATION As a Local Authority we adopted a Bottom-up approach to planning: starting at Village level with consultations of the communities. The Village development plans are then brought to the Ward level where they are consolidated and prioritized for that particular ward. From the wards they are then brought to the district where they are consolidated together with those for the sector departments/ministries and consolidated into the District Strategic Plan

  4. Integration of SDGs into Local/Regional Budget We use the Program Based budgeting approach, where projects are drawn from the District Strategic Plan priorities. Furthermore the Council performance contract that is signed with the Ministry of Local Government which is a monitoring tool to the projects budgeted for and implemented in a particular year.

  5. KEY SUCCESS STORIES Community projects in partnership with Council , development partners, locals in the diaspora These projects were revived and rejuvenated by the MDG acceleration programme in 2012 and post MDGs a lot of strides have been covered to date. Council s service delivery stance with special emphasis on access to social service infrastructure has also gone a long way in motivating communities to work towards the attainment of health and education related SDGs. HEALTH (SDG 3,9) Ten clinics have been constructed with three having been commissioned since 2019. Namely: Gambu clinic- commissioned in December 2022 Mbimba Clinic- commissioned in August 2023 Malalume Clinic- commissioned in August 2023 Somnene , Ngwana, Mambo , Diba, Gwambe and Nyabane are at various stages of construction

  6. Education(SDG 4,9) Five new schools have been identified and established. They are at various stages of development with Ntunungwe, Tjemahale and Mazwaligwe secondary schools having been opened to the community. Zompata and Mafa are still under construction.

  7. Infrastructure Development(SDG 9,15) Moza Irrigation scheme and Mabhongane dam rehabilitation The irrigation scheme had its silted overnight storage desilted, pump house refurbished and drip irrigation system installed. A Public Private Partnership was done for the exporting of Paprika from that irrigation scheme. Mabhongane Dam had breached sections for more than 10years that were repaired in the year 2022 and during the 2022 rainy season, the dam retained water to its full capacity which has attracted wild animals in that area thereby promoting tourism

  8. During Dam Rehabilitation Dam at its maximum capacity Dental chair for Gambu Clinic Completed Functional Gambu Clinic

  9. Mbimba Clinic Mbimba Clinic Ngwana Clinic Under Construction

  10. Bottle necks/challenges Covid 19 Finances- general from own local sources of Council and from government in the case of Devolution and Zinara Drought

  11. VLR TOOL FOR ENHANCING SDGs All stakeholders are brought into the same circle and it becomes easier to implement projects when everyone is moving in the same wavelength Monitoring and completion of projects is made easier Sensitization on SDGs for all stakeholders so that projects and programs are effectively implemented. Prioritisation of SDGs in accordance to the needs of the District.



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