Innovationsfonden: Funding Opportunities and Investment Programs

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Explore funding opportunities and investment programs offered by Innovationsfonden for innovative projects in Denmark.

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Innovationsfonden: Funding Opportunities and Investment Programs

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  1. Welcome Who are we: Niels Beck Lukassen Monica Milter Ehlers Martin S ndergaard Anne Sofie Dahlmann Investment Officer SSH Investment Officer Health Investment Officer Tech Relations Officer Universities

  2. Welcome to the webinar Write your questions in Questions/Chat You will get a recording via mail You will get slides via mail

  3. Agenda 01 Welcome and introduction 02 Presentation of the Grand Solutions programme in general 03 Tips for writing the application 04 Q&A Session

  4. 2023 expectations Financial act Budget Application deadlines Application process Themes News: website or newsletter Pr sentation af Innovationsfonden

  5. 1. Presentation of the Grand Solutions programme in - general terms 5

  6. Innovation Fund Denmark in numbers 3.700 Applications yearly 1 Agile and simple access 980 mio. USD Active portfolio 2,400 active projects 224 mio. USD in 2021 Presentation of Innovationsfonden

  7. We cover all of Denmark We invest in people and in relevant projects no matter where in the country they are conceived, and we invest in both small solutions that will improve everyday life, and large breakthroughs that will change the world. Main office in Aarhus Offices in Aalborg and Copenhagen Physical presence in Business Centers in the North, Center and South of Jutland, Fyn, Zealand and the Capital Region. Representatives at all Danish universities Presentation of Innovationsfonden

  8. Three politically set focus areas (for 2022!) The agreement for the Research Reserve 2022 has three politically designated themes that provide the frame for the investments of Innovation Fund Denmark: Technology and innovation that create value and growth Climate, environment and green transition Life science, health and welfare technology Presentation of Innovationsfonden

  9. Grand Solutions Who Any legal entity can apply, that is a company, a research institution, a public instituion etc. What Major investments from 700,000 USD (702,250.00 EUR) and up. Projects last 1-5 years How The projects should create financial and/or societal value for Denmark. . Presentation of Innovationsfonden

  10. The Grand Solutions programme Purpose The Grand Solutions programme invests in ambitious, and preferably, interdisciplinary research and innovation projects that can create new, specific solutions to important, politically prioritized societal challenges and create value throughout Denmark. Grand Solutions projects typically have a high risk profile and focus on ambitious results with high value creation, whether in the form of new knowledge, improved and/or new processes, systems, products or solutions to politically prioritized societal challenges. Link to the Grand Solutions guidelines for this call: solutions#accordion6803 Grand Solutions

  11. Interdisciplinary Grand Solutions projects good idea! Consider how different disciplines can complement each other in order to: Think out of the box higher degree of innovation Boost value for the society optimize the impact of the solution in the long run Improve implementation the solution considers the end-user from the beginning Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) are essential when it comes to: Human/social decisions (e.g. behavior) Technology acceptance (e.g. beliefs, information) Ethical considerations Market understanding (e.g. regulations, commercial trends) Business models Impact measurement Design and much more! Grand Solutions

  12. Grand Solutions decision criteria Innovation Fund Denmark s three decision criteria Quality of execution Quality of idea Impact Aim State of the Art Competitors Unmet need Societal and/or economic impact Progress towards implementation Plan for implementation Intellectual property rights Technology readiness level (TRL) Societal rediness level (SRL) Strategic relevance Internationalization Overall workplan Risk mitigations Link between project plan and budget Governance Legal, ethical or regulatory demands Financial gearing Each decision criterion weighs 1/3 in the assessment of the application and has a number of sub criteria that describe how a Grand Solutions application is assessed. The sub criteria are currently being revised. Grand Solutions

  13. CHALLENGE New treatment VR helps patients with schizophrenia The research project CHALLENGE is testing a new form of treatment where virtual reality and avatars help patients with schizophrenia gain control of auditory hallucinations. The current results from the treatment of 30 patients with auditory hallucinations have shown an overwhelming effect: The voices have decreased and become less cruel. This form of treatment is now being tested on 266 selected patients. Project partners Psykiatrisk Center K benhavn, Kings College, University College London, Khora ApS Investment from Innovation Fund Denmark (DKK) 2019-2024 13 mio. kr. (1.745.550 EUR) Presentation Innovation Fund Denmark

  14. 2. Tips for writing the application 14

  15. Points of attention Do Don t Start well in advance!!! Make sure you understand the three decision criteria and the sub criteria. Your challenge and solution must be specific. Clarify how you challenge state of the art. Address ethical considerations. Address risks. Make sure your project is result oriented and specific (concrete milestones and quantifiable deliverables). Make your budget match your scope and project activities. Have someone else to review and critique your proposal. Make your application understandable for foreign persons, - international peers also assess the application. Don t forget why the project is important for Denmark. Don t forget how the project create impact beyond project lifetime. Don t be over-ambitious and over-selling. Don t use buzzwords as a selling point Don t fill the whole application form with history and/or past activities Don t submit an incomplete application form (remember to answer all questions) Don t use superficial or generic descriptions of risk mitigations Don t forget to include ALL partners! Grand Solutions Call: Realization of the four green missions Do s/don ts

  16. 4. Q&A Session 16


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