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Welcome to Lossiemouth High School! Our school is committed to striving for excellence and ensuring everyone feels safe, valued, and achieves their potential in a welcoming and engaging environment. Join us in working together to make ambitions a reality!

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  1. Lossiemouth High School 2023 / 24 Respect Responsibility Resilience Effort

  2. Welcome to Lossiemouth High School Message from the Head Teacher Mrs Simpson

  3. Welcome to Lossiemouth High School Mrs Simpson Head Teacher Mrs Petrie Depute Head Teacher Miss Weir Depute Head Teacher Mrs Bayliss Depute Head Teacher Head of S1 & 2 Head of S3 & 4 Head of S5 & 6

  4. Guidance and Support for Learning Team Mrs Elliot Principal Teacher of Support for Learning Mrs Russell Principal Teacher of Guidance Mrs Sparkes Principal Teacher of Guidance Mrs Williams Principal Teacher of Guidance Mr Mackie Principal Teacher of Guidance Poseidon Shackleton Typhoon Tornado

  5. Support Team Positive Engagement Worker Positive Engagement Worker Home School Link Worker Mrs McLeod Mrs Erker Jackie Bury

  6. Vision Lossiemouth High School is committed to striving for excellence, ensuring everyone feels safe and valued and achieves their potential in a welcoming and engaging environment Aims To build self-reliant, resilient, determined and aspirational young adults in a school to be proud of Mission Working together to make ambitions a reality

  7. SUPPORTING YOUR CHILD Through Teamwork Preparing your child for life and their future - responsibility of all Working in partnership with school to help our pupils to achieve the best they can - is what we ask of you There are many ways in which you can support your child in secondary school

  8. The Learning Partnership Supporting learning at home Teams and Glow Contacting Guidance Team Parents Evenings two per year Tracking & Monitoring reports Facebook, website and twitter Ensuring contact details are up-to-date and accurate Parent Partnership

  9. Uniform School Dress White shirt with the school tie Black school jumper, cardigan or hoodie Black skirt or trousers no jeans or sports leggings Black shoes or trainers Nails should be short and appropriate for practical classes and PE. False nails are not appropriate School uniform can be ordered via www.pbuniform- online.co.uk/lossiemouth Outdoor jackets, non-uniform hoodies and scarves must be removed in all classrooms

  10. Mobile Phones Must be switched off and in bags during lessons unless required for the lesson Any phone used in class without permission One warning Handed to teacher stored in the school safe Parent collect from school office at the end of the day or later Must be left in class if going to the toilet, or office, etc

  11. Break 10 25 10 40 For the first week let out of lessons five minutes early Must stay on school grounds no going to the shop! Lunch For the first week lunch 13 00 14 00 From week two onwards 13 10 14 00 For the first term S1s stay on school grounds From term 2 onwards, S1s can go home for lunch or can visit the shop

  12. Canteen Pre orders through the app Fusion Online Online payments or cash No child will go hungry Free fruit and salad pots available from the canteen Rising cost of living - support with completing the FSM (Free School Meals) application, just ask

  13. Transition so far. Visits from Guidance Teachers MHWB Day in November visit to LHS Visit from the Technical Department January Build That Bridge presentations at LHS Transition Day 1 Assembly with Mrs Simpson, Depute Heads and Guidance Teachers Team building activities in new practical classes Bus practice Transition Day 2 Buses to and from school Follow normal timetable (escorted by prefects)

  14. What happens now. This presention will be on the school website 3D walk through model of the school next week through Teams continue to check out the layout of the school Penultimate week of term - pupil timetable and new school tie will be delivered to primary schools If parents have any questions they can email admin.lossiehigh@moray-edunet.gov.uk and mark FAO Miss Weir and Mr Mackie Bus information comes from PTU directly to parents

  15. First Day Arrive at school for around 8.35 am Enter through the doors at the rear of the school press pads to enter Prefects on duty to help Pupils remain in the atrium until the bell sounds Follow timetable from Period 1 prefect escorts the first week Break and lunch atrium / outdoors

  16. Plasma screens in atrium, read daily Basic Equipment - pen / pencil / ruler / rubber / sharpener / calculator Lockers are available Toilets and accessible toilets Pupils only use doors at back of school never Community Centre or fire doors Parents always use Main Reception for entering the school

  17. Period 1 Period 2 0845 till 0935 0935 till 1025 Break 1025 till 1040 School Day Period 3 1040 till 1130 Period 4 1130 till 1220 Lunch Period 5 1220 till 1310 1310 till 1400 Period 6 1400 till 1450 Period 7 1450 till 1540

  18. School Week Four periods of English and Mathematics Three periods of Science and Modern Languages One period each of Geography, History, Modern Studies, Music, Drama, Art, Business, Enterprise, Technology, Awards One period each of Literacy, Numeracy, PSE, RE, Tutor Time and Elective Two periods of Core PE

  19. School Clubs 2023-2024 Year group Activity Location Time Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday S1-S3 S1-S6 S1-S6 S1/2 S1-S6 S1-S6 S1/2 S1 (U13s) S1-S6 S1-S6 S4-S6 S4-S6 S1-S6 S1-S6 S1/2 S1-S6 S1-S6 S4-S6 S4-S6 S1-S6 Lossie High Page Tuners Youth Work Drop-In Physics Revision Sessions Drama Mindful Monday Art Rugby Club Girls football training Boys Football Badminton Maths Homework Club Physics Revision Sessions Nat 5 Geography Supported Study Eco Club Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award Ukelele/Guitar Club Netball Chess Club Physics Revision Sessions Nat 5 Chemistry Sessions Pride in LHS (Next on 14 December) Library Library Project Room Room 221 Drama Studio Rm 243 Astro Pitch Small Hall Astroturf Games Hall Maths Break Out Area Rm 223 Geography Department Rm 221 Rm 147 Room 19 Games Hall Rm 229 Rm 223 Rm 217 Positive Engagement Hub 13.30 13:10-14:00 13:20 13.30 13:10 13:25 15.40 15:40-16:40 15.40 13.30 13:30 13:30 13:30 13:30 13:30 15.40 13:25 13:30 13:25 13:20 Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Mon-Fri (1 per month) S1/2 S1-S6 S1-S6 S1-S3 S1-S6 S1-S6 S4-S6 S1/2 S1-S6 S3-S6 S4-S6 S1-S6 S1-S6 K-Nex Choir Science Club Rugby Badminton English Homework Catch-up Physics Revision Sessions Nat 5 Games Club Violin Group Art Club PE Supported Study (N5/Higher) Girls Football Armed Forces Group Room 217 Room 19 Rm 215 PE Department Games Hall Room 125 Rm 223 Room 151 Room 19 Room 241 Rm 169 Games Hall TBA 13.20 13.30 13.30 15.40 15:40-16:40 13:30 13:30 13.30 13.30 13.20 13:30 13:10 TBA

  20. Further Information and Policies On the School Website https://www.lossiehigh.co.uk/index.html you will find further information: School handbook School Improvement Plan 2023/24 Policies on Teaching & Learning, Homework, Promoting Positive Behaviour and Raising Attainment School day timings Term dates Reporting absence Canteen prices and exemplar menus Emergency school closure Please ensure to read the fortnightly Head Teachers letter that is sent out by email

  21. This evening A Team 6.30 till 7.00 tour of the school 7.00 till 7.30 stalls in the atrium B Team 6.30 till 7.00 stalls in the atrium 7.00 till 7.30 tour of the school Tours are led by our Guidance and SLT Teams - meet in the Drama Classroom Stalls in the atrium Numeracy Ms McIntyre Literacy Mrs MacKinnon SCQF Ambassadors Mrs McLachlan Well Being Mrs Musgrave Teams and Glow Mrs Lancaster Skills Development Scotland SDS Jayne Porter Developing Young Workforce DYW Emily Masson Support for Learning Mrs Elliot Exchange Counselling Michelle and Jacqui Parent Partnership Kirsten Pyett

  22. Thank you for your time today and we very much look forward to working in partnership with you Any questions?


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