Generative AI - Large Language Model

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A comprehensive solution for the Industrial Property Information Policy Division at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, leveraging Generative AI technology to enhance IP administration processes.

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  1. Generative AI for IP Administration Industrial Property Information Policy Division | Korean Intellectual Property Office | LEE Jumi

  2. Generative AI Large Language Model Large Parameter Large Training Data LLM Computing Infra 1

  3. Generative AI LLM vs. BERT 8B~165B A100 * 1024 2B sentence V100 * 8 0.1B sentence 0.1B Discriminative AI(BERT) Discriminative AI(BERT) LLM LLM Discriminative AI(BERT) LLM GPUs Parameters Training Data 2

  4. Generative AI Application AS-IS TO-BE All Kinds of Data Text/Image Files Patent Documents Foreign Language Generative AI(LLM) Translation Model Search Model Classification Model Search Service Classification Service Translation Service Translation Service Classification Service Search Service 3 3

  5. Future Challenges LLM Pilot Development (2023~) LLM Model in Patent Domain Lots of Korean, English Patent Documents LLM Fine-Tuning Fine-Tuning per Service Model Patent Search Patent Classification Service Model 4

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