Making invisible skills visible and valued

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CLOCK is an international professional development framework that enables creative individuals to showcase their professional capabilities. The CLOCK Programme uncovers and recognizes invisible skills, mapping them to international professional and higher education levels.

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Making invisible skills visible and valued

PowerPoint presentation about 'Making invisible skills visible and valued'. This presentation describes the topic on CLOCK is an international professional development framework that enables creative individuals to showcase their professional capabilities. The CLOCK Programme uncovers and recognizes invisible skills, mapping them to international professional and higher education levels.. Download this presentation absolutely free.

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  1. Making invisible skills visible and valued

  2. CLOCK is CLOCK is An international professional development framework to enable creative people to show their professional capabilities. These capabilities develop through knowledge, skills, and experience gained by doing a variety of creative work. The CLOCK Programme Makes The CLOCK Programme Makes Invisible skills visible and valued. Creative professionals are often unaware of how many hard and soft skills they have learned and integrated into their work. These skills are invisible. CLOCK makes them visible and maps them to international professional and higher education levels, recognising and communicating their level of expertise.

  3. Our Products Our Products Our professional development products are rooted in professional practice and workforce development through social and peer to peer learning, mentoring, and critical reflective practice within an international creative community. Skills Discovery Workshops Develop staff and team confidence, morale, and self-belief and identify strengths and development needs. This three-hour workshop is structured to reveal creative sector, interpersonal, and transferable skills and move people onto the appropriate CLOCK programme. Industry Peer Review Awards CLOCK Industry Awards work for trainees, interns, mid-career, and leaders in senior positions. Choose from creative enterprise, or creative practice (or do both) and the relevant award that recognises professional expertise. Our three awards are briefly outlined below.

  4. Our Products Our Products CLOCK Advanced Trainee Talented new entrants can transform their entry-level creative projects or creative work into qualifications that demonstrate their work readiness and commitment to professional development. CLOCK Competent Practitioner Established professionals can recognise their competences in different contexts and understand how to develop these further. This transformational programme recognises their strengths and development needs and enables reflection on their values and contribution. The programme supports people to clarify strategic goals and map out future opportunities for continuing professional development and leadership. CLOCK Sector Expert Leaders in senior positions in creative or cultural organisations or those leading complex interdisciplinary projects can transform their high-level skills and leadership into an accredited master s level award in the creative and cultural industries. Professional Development Framework for Businesses, Freelancers and Professional Associations Our industry awards with accreditation support everyone with career progression, from entrants to competent professional, and sector expert level. We can work with HR departments to develop a team of in-house CLOCK industry mentors.

  5. 2023 CLOCK LEVEL 8: INDUSTRY CHAMPION 2023 CLOCK LEVEL 8: INDUSTRY CHAMPION Work at the frontier of a sector with own specific practice Establish an interdisciplinary intersection of new practice Original concepts, ideas and creative insights into complex problems Significant contribution to social development in a sector or an industry Leading novel approaches to enterprise or management

  6. CLOCK L8 Industry Champions evidence: CLOCK L8 Industry Champions evidence: Interdisciplinary practice Intersectionality Impact of your leadership and lessons learned Impact on social development and transferability of values Redefining and extending knowledge for specific purposes Defining and delivering success within a specific framework e.g community values, professional accountability or formal governance.

  7. Our Mentors Our Mentors CLOCK is delivered by experts from the creative industries who understand the diverse work patterns, different creative settings, the changing business environment, and the challenges of working in the creative industries. We can provide you with a CLOCK team who will: Deliver a customised programme to develop your workforce Facilitate a values-based and inclusive recruitment strategy that prepares candidates to demonstrate their full potential during the assessment process and to support unsuccessful candidates with potential next steps Partnerwith you to develop your own staff to run the CLOCK programme Our Community Our Community CLOCK is a growing and evolving international creative community of practice. We provide access to a network of networks. Creative people from different creative sectors connect to share their ideas, explore potential projects, or discover opportunities to collaborate. We keep up with the latest global trends in creative sectors and gather intelligence about opportunities and challenges in the wider creative industries.

  8. Costs Costs We have a flexible cost model with reductions on these prices for organisation who want to use CLOCK as their professional development framework with the option of a payment plan. Skills Discovery Workshops 100 per person CLOCK Advanced Trainee Award 1000 per person CLOCK Competent Practitioner Award 1500 per person CLOCK Sector Expert Award 2000 per person CLOCK Industry Champion/Community Champion 5000 per person CLOCK Industry Awards have Optional Formal Certification 1000 for Postgraduate Certificate in Creative Industries Futures Vocational and undergraduate degree certifications costs on application.

  9. 6 6 Steps to set up the CLOCK Programme in your organisation Steps to set up the CLOCK Programme in your organisation 1. Consult the Board and wider staff 2. Run a Skills Discovery Workshop taster to gain insight into the CLOCK process 3. Apply CLOCK programmes to in-house development or recruitment priorities 4. Provide the CLOCK programme for delivery of awards and certification through our boot camp model 5. Staff gain CLOCK Awards and train to be CLOCK Peer Mentors and Reviewers 6. CLOCK becomes an in-house accredited continuing professional development framework

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