Interactive Learning Session on Family Unit for Class 3 Students

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Engage in a fun and educational classroom session focusing on the theme of family for third-grade students. The session includes activities like listening to stories, asking and answering questions, and reading paragraphs. Explore the vocabulary related to family members and work together to practice reading and writing skills. Enjoy a song, participate in pair work activities, and assess learning through true/false exercises. Immerse in an interactive learning environment to enhance language skills and understanding.

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  1. Good Morning student Good Afternoon Hello Class How are you? Goo Morning. We are fine Thank You sir

  2. Teacher Md. Misbahul Islam Asst. Teacher Uladanga GPS Bholahat Chapainawabgonj Lesson EFT Book Class-3 Unit-2 Lesson-3 My Family

  3. Learning Outcome Listening 4.3 enjoy and understand simple stories. Speaking 3.1.1 ask and answer Wh questions Reading 5.1.1 read simple paragraphs

  4. Lets enjoy a song

  5. Its a family

  6. Do we know the words Family- New Word Only- Member- Work-

  7. Class take out your book and open page 68

  8. Teachers Reading.

  9. Im Sabiha. I m a student. I m in class 3.

  10. My father Mr. Aminul Islam is a teacher.

  11. My mother is Mrs. Afroza Begum. She works in a bank.

  12. My brother is only one year old.

  13. Read the sentenses. Write T for True or F for False. (IW) F 1. The girls name is Sonia. 2. She is in class 3. 3. She is a student. 4. There are four members in her family. 5. Her brother is 3 years old. T T T F

  14. Pair Work Read to each other then ask and answer 1. What is the girl s name? 2. How many members are there in her family? 3. What does her mother do? 4. What does her father do? 5. How old is her brother?

  15. Home Work Home Work Write three sentences about Your Family