Stuart Hulland - Background and Experience in Construction and Property Development

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Stuart Hulland is a dedicated individual with over 23 years of experience in construction and property development. Starting as a Bricklaying apprentice in 2002, he has grown to lead successful ventures such as Spartan Luxury Homes and Target Construction, focusing on new build developments and project management. With a strong background in trades and a track record of delivering sustainable and profitable projects, Stuart continues to drive innovation and excellence in the industry.

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  1. Click to edit Master title style Stuart Hulland Background and Experience.. 1

  2. Click to edit Master title style 2. Introduction 3. Background 4. Companies 5. History and experience 6 Experience 7. Looking forward 8. Project spotlight 9. Past experience 10. Past experience cont. 11. Contact details 2 2

  3. Click to edit Master title style 3. Background Stuart is a dedicated individual that strives for getting the best out of himself, and others. From a trades background he has a sound grasp of the complete construction process. After building units for investors and clients for over 23 years, he is in a great position to put forward his knowledge and contacts to build out developments with his business partners. Having an established construction outfit and a development outfit with experienced members, we are very much looking forward to aligning our values with our contacts along the path forward, building sustainable and suitable projects within the areas we are working. Stuart Hulland CV 3 3

  4. Click to edit Master title style 4. Companies in Construction and Property Current Positions New build development outfit Joint Director Est 2020 Main Contractor Sole Director Est 2012 4 4

  5. Click to edit Master title style 5. Experience Starting off as a Bricklaying apprentice in 2002, Stuart qualified then quickly moved up ranks to a foreman position before starting his own bricklaying business in 2009. This organically grew into a 5-star rated multi trade outfit, specializing in client extension and New Builds, and in 2012, Target Construction was created. Multiple units built out for clients and Investors through project management, great experience on full contract builds. Having invested comprehensively in his own education and development over the years, and having built numerous units for clients, in 2019, Stuart successfully completed his first full development as a Developer - a Joint Venture, building two detached residential units. Target Construction was the main contractor. Stuart was in control of the developer duties as well as the construction contracting duties. Both units were sold over asking price, raising the pound per square foot sale price in the area. An outstanding project taking it from bare land, through the planning stages, Design and Build right through to sale. Stuart continues to head up Target, which is positioned as a main contractor. Stuart has complete dedication and interest in delivering his knowledge, contacts and experience to projects and has a great record of success. Being Director of Main Contractor and Lead Developer positions, this setup is huge risk mitigation for our development activities as we hold so much more control. Stuart Hulland CV 5 5

  6. Click to edit Master title style 6. Experience Stuart set up Spartan Luxury Homes in 2020, alongside a business partner. They created a constructive land deal with a landowner. This resulted in the building of the most recent development Wildflower Orchard . Stuart headed up both Spartan Homes (developer) and built out with Target Construction (main contractor) resulting in the build of 9 detached country homes. Wildflower orchard was nominated for the ICW showcase award in the category of 1-50 units, in the southwest uk area (the biggest category). January 2024 saw the call being made from ICW to announce that they had won the award, out of over 130 sites and developers in the southwest. An outstanding achievement that is testament to the skill, quality, managment and experience of Stuart and his team. ICW Showcase Award winners 2023 6 6

  7. Click to edit Master title style 7. Looking Forward Going Into 2024, we have some very interesting projects on the table. With our contacts strengthening, our team in place and finances available, we are very much striding into 2024 ready to build out more stunning property. We always look to forge new contacts and relationships with professionals and investment partners alike, the future is bright and if you are interested in knowing any more from Stuart or his businesses, please find the detail via the contact page and feel free to drop us a line. 7 7

  8. Click to edit Master title style 8. Project spotlight Lower Thorn, Bromyard, Herefordshire Predicted GDV - 580,000 Purchase price - 186,000 Planning and legal - 5,400 Build cost - 263,000 Pre finance profit - 126,600 Realised GDV - 607,500 Profits 62,000 Time to plan & build - 9 months 8 8

  9. Click to edit Master title style 9. Past experience 2014 - Detached 3 bed bungalow, double garage 2015/16 8 unit 1&2 bed flat conversion 2015/16 5 unit conversion, houses mix 1&2 bed Pencombe, Herefordshire Private client PM role GDV 420,000 Timescale 8 months Droitwich road, Worcester Private client Junior PM role GDV 900,000 Timescale -14 months inc planning Collington, Herefordshire Private client PM role GDV 900,000 Timescsale 9 months 9 9

  10. Click to edit Master title style 10. Past experience 2017 demolition and rebuild of detached 4 bed house 2018 Detached new build, 4 bed country house 2019 2 no, 3 bed detached bungalow with attached garage Cradley, Worcestershire Private client PM role GDV 750,000 Timescale - 8 months Tedstone wafre, Worcestershire Private client PM role GDV 650,000 Timescale - 10 months Bromyard, Herefordshire Contracted to JV Sister company PM, developer role GDV 607,500 Timescale 9 months 10 10

  11. Click to edit Master title style 11. Past experience 2020 Earth sheltered ICF detached dwelling 2022 Wildflower Orchard, 9 Detached 3&4 bed houses Bransford, Worcester Built for client Main contractor/PM GDV 200k 9 month build Minsterworth, Gloucester Built for - Spartan Luxury Homes Developer/main contractor & PM role GDV 4,200,000 Timescale 20 months inc planning ICW Showcase Award winner 2023 11 11

  12. Click to edit Master title style 7. Contact If you would like to chat through a project or an investment, please contact via: If you prefer a call, please book a call at 1212