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Melton, formed in 1979 and acquired by the current owner in 2006, is a renowned company offering a diverse range of kids' socks and winter gear. With a focus on quality and expansion into international markets, Melton has become a leading brand in Denmark and exports to countries including Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Finland. Join our team and contribute to the company's growth!

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  1. 1. When was the company formed? The company was formed in 1979 and then passed on to the current owner in 2006. The company was at a standstill and needed new ownership to expand. The company now has 4 different brands in their house.

  2. 2. How many people work there? Normally there are 23 employees but in peek times the company hires extra help in which case they will be about 32 employees They are: 5 salesmen 1 boss 1 export salesman 2 designers 2 store managers 1 Finance director And a number of employees working in the warehouse

  3. 3. What are your main products and markets? The main products are clothes to kids but primarily socks. To develop our business we have bought other companies to keep the name Melton only for socks. Mikk-line as an example carries winter gear, boots, shoes etc. The biggest countries they export to are Norway, Germany, Sweden and Finland.

  4. 4. When, why and how did you start to export? They started to export to increase the turnover. They were the leading brand in Denmark and to expand their activities, they had to start exporting. It s eight years ago they started export.

  5. 5. What do you focus on when you are hiring employees They focus almost entirely on your skill set but also your personality skill set. They want you to ask questions about the job so they can develop the company. When you are at the job interview, they will specifically ask you how the company can perform better.

  6. 6. What Percentage of foreign workers have you currently employed? They have some foreign workers, but they only work in the warehouse. But it is not because, they don t want to have them. They want to have some more foreign workers, especially when taking in to account that future markets are globally.

  7. 7. How important is the knowledge of foreign language? It s very important to learn foreign languages, because almost all of our international communication is in English, and some in German. Melton expect you to be able to speak English as a minimum and preferable some German, Norwegian and Swedish.

  8. 8. When you have a job, is it then easier to get a job? Maybe it s not everyone who has the best education, but have some great experience. At Melton they are looking at where you are coming from, if you have been out of work for a while, but all you have done is laying on the couch, then it s hard to get a job. But if you have been out of work, but taken courses or seminars or worked in a bakery or something else, then you seem to be more committed.

  9. 9. Does your company offer further training, what kind? You can take the Graphic designer education and then get to do more specific tasks. Apart from that, we try to hire people with the specific qualifications that we need. This means that you should make sure that your qualifications are up to date.

  10. 10. Are you willing to invest and hire workers for other countries, and why. They don t actually have any workers from other countries, but sometimes they sent their employees to different courses in different countries to learn new ways of doing their job. But they don t have foreign staff involved at the moment. It is, though, not important where you are from, but how qualified you are.

  11. 11. Have you ever availed of EU funding to help develop your business? They were involved in some projects and one of them was where they went to another country to a company were they worked with each other. They got a good partnership and they got some funds so they can develop their growth on a European basis.

  12. 12. Is there an availability of sufficiently skilled workers in your region? Melton has many opportunities to hire employees in the region and the applicants are normally well-skilled in the application process. The company is very open to hire applicants from other countries -especially when taken in to account that you could possess skills valuable to the company's future growth.

  13. 13. What are the most important soft skills that you look for in an employee? We are looking of course primarily on what education you have, but also what kind of person you are. You have to take chances and ask questions, don't take anything for granted. It s almost a rule that you need to question everything we do because without asking questions, you cannot help developing the company. You have to be open to other people, it has to be a great place to work.

  14. 14. Do you currently collaborate with any schools? Yes, they are collaborating with the design school in Kolding. Since Melton's design department is based in Denmark very close to Designskolen in Kolding it has been natural for them to create a partnership with the school to develop various ideas.


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